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  1. ThePolarBear and myself will be doing many of the Mt. Woodson Caches up in the Poway area on Saturday. Anyone who wishes to join in is more the welcome. We will be meeting at Woody Trailhead ll GC1565Y at 7:00am. We will then Carpool over to Lake Poway and grab GCHZZR to begin the hike. We will grab the caches around Lake Poway and then hike up the Mt. Woodson Trail and down the service road on the other side to the location of the car(s). If anyone is interested please let me know otherwise we will be leaving at 7:00am sharp.
  2. I couldn't agree more. I hate the stuff and it always trys to shred me to pieces. DIE PAMPAS GRASS!!! But it is so pretty....... Death I say! Its Pretty in the same way an A-Bomb is pretty. Sure I like to watch it, but do I want to go near it? No way!! which reminds me of the horrors of a certain cache. Not For the Delicate
  3. I couldn't agree more. I hate the stuff and it always trys to shred me to pieces. DIE PAMPAS GRASS!!!
  4. Hit CTRL + PRTSCN (print screen) That will save a picture of the screen to the clipboard, then you can copy paste to what ever picture editing program you wish.
  5. I think that site needs a CITO run! Just imagine 15 caches haulin' that thing back!
  6. I love those pictures, the eyes look great! The Raccoon has always been one of my favorite animals.
  7. Hum... I should have wrapped the duct tape around the sock as well!
  8. I was hiking in MTRP the other day when my boot broke..... I was horrified as I still had most of the day ahead of me. Luckily I was able to do a quick fix on her =)
  9. Yeah, you just need an adapter than you can get anywhere (Target, dept. stores, travel stores, etc.) Or do what I do and just bring 4 pieces of wire and Mickey Mouse wire the connection up.
  10. MTRP = Mission Trails Regional Park. It is probebly the best spot in San Diego to do some memerable caches as well as getting a lot of finds. There are about 200 caches in the park. I am still working on clearing the entire thing. Its a wonderful place. TJ is pretty bad, I have been over there about 6 times in my life and it only gets worse each time. The worst part is police are corrupt, my little brother got all his cash and jewlery taken from one of the police officers over there for "public intoxication"
  11. Hide a Cache in TJ?!?!? Man that is scary. There are a few close to the boarder but you will have to go out a ways an enter from another crossing. Besides you don't want to go to TJ, bad mojo.
  12. I saw that too. Hopefully it will open with the temps dropping. I think most of the Cleveland NF is closed. Fire hazard is listed as EXTREME. So does that mean it is going to up the Difficulty rating on the cache?
  13. I spent Sunday morning caching through MTRP till it hit 100. Then I went over to Gnome Park off the 76 and finished my caching day there till it too got above 100..... Please make it stop!
  14. While caching in MTRP this weekend I spoted the Elusive Polar Bear. Thought only to inhabit the icy north, he can occationally be found guarding caches as this one was. I knew I was close to the cache but I had to lure The Polar Bear away with some seal meat first before I could get to it.
  15. I get to have some fun in the heat tommorrow as I attempt on clearing much of the MTRP caches I have left out there. I am going to carry a cache on me incase some one finds my dried out bones, at least they can log it.
  16. Congratz to ThePolarBear for breaking 1600 while I was out n about
  17. That is really cool, just think of all the work that goes into getting all that information.
  18. GL guys, We finally got ThePolarBear back into some cold weather. I have a surprise waiting for you once you reach the summit! Just got a call from ThePolarBear from the summit! Looks like they made it and didn't die! Well the trip is only half way over. Someone was playing a Flute in the background.... I think the altitude sickness got to him Congratulations!!!
  19. GL guys, We finally got ThePolarBear back into some cold weather. I have a surprise waiting for you once you reach the summit!
  20. I am doing the Bikencache series in Irvine tomorow on my bicycle. I am planning on being at the Irvine Park Cache GCJRV7 at 6am on 7/14/07. I made a bookmark listing that is viewable on my profile. If anyone is interested in biking along with me you can give me a call on the cell 858.386.6059. Eric
  21. Wooo Hoooo, by the year 2010 I plan to have 400!
  22. That's crazy, I just looked it up and they Blue Angels have flown in the air show for 51 years straight. Working right next to the air base its nice to just watch out the window and see the free show.
  23. Don't forget we are also going to try and hit up "atoll-ya-so" as well, if our arms and legs are not eaten by barracudas by then. But this one would have to be swimmers only as we will be swimming to the island.
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