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  1. Do I talk alot when I get tired? -No, I talk alot when I've had a few beers - bring a keg! pft and you don't even ask me.... The man with 10 kegs full of beer at home....
  2. Picked up a rock and found this guy instead of a cache!
  3. --> QUOTE(Chuck B @ Feb 1 2008, 11:57 AM) 3293508[/snapback] Generally that's the law when it comes to abandoned property. Caches are not abandoned but that particular law is broad enough to cover caches in most jurisdictions. Litter is the wrong law (again the specific wording for this jurisdiction is key, but in general caches don't fit most litter laws) based on discussions with an Assistant US District Attorney that I've had on another matter related to caching. Just as there is no higher purpose for caches to annoy park staff over the issue, there is no higher purpose to park staff annoying their caching public. I'm curious why Renegade Knight and Team Cotati who I assume live in Idaho and Northern California have become experts on ABDSP? I guess I'ts their right to use the forums, but this is more of a local issue for cachers who use the Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Would you two please explain this for me. I find RK comments to be helpful in the discussion of the park, all of TC's are just snide and condescending and do not add anything.
  4. Can cachers pick up their cache containers and log books? That would be a very nice gesture on your part. These items have significant historical value to our group. Cachers should go. It's a chance to ask questions and learn. While it's not exactly what you may have been asking about. it is an olive branch of sorts and lets you put a face to the park. That by itself will make for a lot of progress in communicating. Yeah, like that's gonna happen. There's none of these kind caching folk gonna be showing their faces at ABDSP for a whle, that's for sure. And the few who might go there, are going to be next to invisible as they grab their remaining Tupperware and depart. The last thing that they want is to meet those thoughtless, cache removing, history ignorant bullies....face to face. And trust me, that is a good thing for the game of geocaching. I do suppose that you have seen the photos of their party loving volunteer staff. A dangerous crew if there ever was one. Cachers should absolutely not go. Unless they clear it with MissJenn in advance. Has there ever been a comment that you have made on these boards that is not negative? Just curious, because I don't like to judge people I have never met, but you seem like a total a-hole. Especially to have so strong opinions about something that doesn't even effect you. IMHO.....
  5. Thanks for all the thanks! My brother is army and I will let him know how you all feel! Thanks for the locations, a lot of them have been on my to-do list but I want to go to a nice place with good hike and ya'll given me some good ideas. Thanks again.
  6. My little brother just came back from Iraq after a 4 year tour. He is safe and sound and doesn't have to go back. He is in town for a couple of weeks and I am going to take him out hiking/geocaching this Sunday and I need a good place to go. It needs to be dog friendly and I am looking for a really cool place to hike, preferably with canyons ect..... Any place withing about 100miles of san diego/temecula will do nicely. Any suggestions?
  7. Well I can give you this hint, "Numbers" has nothing to do with The Fifth Element. I was able to coax that out of ThePolarBear while I had him drunk on HomeBrew! The puzzle is just "weird and strange"
  8. No Hints! These caches are out of my 140 mile radius and I like watching the drama, it is also fun to watch The Polar Bear sweat as he zig zags from work to his car, cautious of any Geocacher that may have been pushed over the breaking point.
  9. Actual Live Ammo is very bad in caches! If they are empty bullet shell casings then its not a problem. FYI, here are the Geocaching guidelines. Cache Contents Use your common sense in most cases. Explosives, fireworks, ammo, lighters, knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools), drugs, alcohol or other illicit material shouldn't be placed in a cache. As always respect the local laws. Geocaching is a family activity and cache contents should be suitable for all ages.
  10. Actual Live Ammo is very bad in caches! If they are empty bullet shell casings then its not a problem.
  11. I read your posting a few times...... huh?!?!
  12. I did some research too and it sound like objects only have to be 50 years old to be considered historic. So what needs to be done for caching is to hide caches but not to reveal their secret location for 50 years. Then they will be historic and cannot be removed!
  13. So I sent an email to the parks about the cans, and apparently..... They really may be a Historical Site... See the response below from Mr. Jorgensen. So if you see rusted cans in the desert, please be considerate and leave them alone. Mr. Holden: *SNIP* With the increased incidence of caches being placed in many sensitive areas such as archeological sites, fossil areas, bighorn watering sites, etc. it was clear that the issue needed to be addressed. The idea of depositing ammo cans and Tupperware boxes within the Park and State Wilderness Areas of Anza-Borrego is the subject of philosophical discussion. Our discussions with the geocaching.com administrators have involved the transition of physical caches to virtual ones. I do not have knowledge of who removed a cache from the trash dump site depicted in the photograph in your email. I will say that my staff and I all participate in the clean-up of tons of trash from this park and surrounding areas every season, and from what I have witnessed in my work here since 1972, the public is also doing a tremendous job of cleaning up litter left in the desert by others, less thoughtful. Old dump sites, of possible historic value are not routinely cleaned up, and the photo shows obviously old rusty cans which might fall into this category. To assume a State Park Ranger may have taken the time to search out the cache and remove it, without cleaning up the associated litter is still an assumption. *END SNIP*
  14. I first heard this one when I was stationed at MCAS Beaufort, SC in 1987. (It involved the SC State Police and State Highway 17, which runs past the base). And that's real story
  15. You must be talking about those two guys that aren't even from this area, but sure like to add their 2 cents and have no idea what is going on here. the initals.TC and RK ring a bell?? They should try Caching instead of just posting. Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!
  16. I Knew somthing seemed up with this whole ABDSP thing. I think I just figured out what it is Jorgensen
  17. I hate people that have nothing better to do but make snide and stupid comments on the forums that add nothing the the conversation, but instead upset people. Go post on Youtube and start your flame wars there, keep the trash from the CITO events.
  18. The inmates are running the asylum... At least now we know where to "recycle" our cans... I honestly think we should organize a CITO for the park and take as many truck loads of trash as we can and dump them on their door steps and let them know what litter really is......
  19. I never though about it, but yea, This is a perfect example of how these people have absolutly no basis for their claims and they only want to stop other people from enjoying "Their" park. This now really pisses me off.....
  20. The case for Borrego Vista went missing 2 years ago. It was replaced with an ammo can. We did have a case disappear this year, but it was clear across the desert by Blair Valley! I can't wait to see if the one I found was one if yours! It could also be a Puzzle cache, or last stage of a Multipoint. You wouldn't be able to find it on the website as it will have different location possibly up to a few miles away.
  21. Oh yes, and anyone in the San Diego area, I am willing to trade a lifetime supply of beer for one.
  22. I think we should do the CITO and then drop off all of the trash in his office and let him know what trash really is.
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