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  1. Great documentry on White Mountain. White Mountain
  2. I saw this on my Hotmail account main page...... This is one of the dates that Mark Miller says NO man would ever want to do...... this guy needs to go check into a spa remove his dress and get a body wax.... Dates NO man would ever want to go on
  3. This sounds like fun! But you hike too fast for me. I think the guy in the wheelchair could beat me. I think, however, that I'll add it to my list of ones to do by myself. Good Luck! Keep in mind that I will be coming along as well =) we can bring up the rear
  4. Big Will Holden, there is a little clicky link as Flagman stated. Thanks! As soon as the boy can walk he will be out with me caching. Going to take him to the rock climbing gym ASAP so he can be ready for the polar bear madness.
  5. This just in! On April 20th at 1:30am, my son, William Francis Holden was born! He weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 20" long. Big Will Holden
  6. Mom, Chelsea, and I will be meeting you at the P&R at 7:15. We (Paul & Michael) may be able to show up at the trail head.. don't wait for us though. I may just decide to sleep in for once! TA I can't tell for sure reading the previous posts, but is this trail best done in a 4-by or will 2wd do ok? Hi Jerry- I know this is kind of a late post for this morning, but there will be 2WD vehicles going on this trip. There are a few caches that may require a little bit of a hike due to the condition of the road. The Simpson Clan and grnzoom did it in a Prius. I haven't been on this road myself, so we're in for some fun! Robyn I did everything in my Honda Civic. Twasn't a problem at all.
  7. Oh, and here is what 24 hours of straight none-stop caching can do to you.....
  8. Someone recently posted a website that you can buy them for very cheap from. Dig back through some of the old posts and you should find it.... eventually.
  9. Safe? Who needs safe? Spiderman up the wall and then balance act across it. Or you could do what ThePolarBear and I did at I Like Magnets 2 and have one person stand on the shoulders of the other person....
  10. He said he would take buy the entire FTF team beer and pizza, so I say wait till you get about a dozen people and then all find it at once. =)
  11. Hum.... I guess that explains a lot for me then...
  12. HONK! Oops - wrong answer! Holy Crap! Blow that thing up quick!
  13. Congratulations CONGRATZ! I will be joining you shortly, my new baby boy is due is 2 weeks! I'm scared Sarge!
  14. The creepy picture of ThePolarBear is banished from the top of the page! dadgum... I was hoping to get this post and copy that picture again
  15. I use Cachestats from www.logicweave.com
  16. Are you saying that Unknown to U is the Chaotic Cacher???? Do you have any evidence of this accusation? Pictures? Video? Eyewitness? I don't understand what you are suggesting? I agree/I mean they don't even type alike.....ever......SoMeTiMeS I think.....it might be a setup/So me thinks/
  17. Are you saying that Unknown to U is the Chaotic Cacher???? Do you have any evidence of this accusation? Pictures? Video? Eyewitness? I don't understand what you are suggesting? My interpretation isn't clear about the cacher(s) but it is clear about the types of caches rjbloom & co. is referring to. Horrible placements with little regard for the finder to inconspicuously make the find. Often these caches are knowingly placed within view of muggles, hence the request to 'use stealth'. But many of these caches that ask for stealth also don't contain any meaningful hints. These placements are also insensitive to the safety of the nearby employess, business owners, and residents. When your cache gets blown up by the police it should be a colossal wake up call that you're doing something wrong. It could seriously affect the future of our hobby. Many times these poor placements are by cachers who have an imbalance between the number of hides (too many) to finds (not enough). Early on in caching there was an unwritten rule that you had to get a few hides under your belt so that you could learn what makes a proper placement. Experienced cachers should also be more honest in our logs about caches that could be problematic. GC.com should seriously consider instituting a rating system to let hiders know their cache may suck. My sentiments exactly. Urban Caches of that type are stating to be no fun at all. Alot of them I feel really uncomfortable doing and being uncomfortable is not what this game is about. Ditto! Well said! When it was just a few of these obnoxious hides around, it wasn't too bad and even could be entertaining. When some people began hiding these kind of hides in numbers--thinking it was cute to try to embarrass cachers, it ceased to be fun or funny. We usually put them on the ignore list, but not everyone can or will do that. Maybe the bomb incident will make these hiders think twice? More hides in the wilderness please! No more of these hiding them in a Taco Bell Trash can.
  18. Next event, I will buy you a few beers as well!
  19. No sympathy here. I came down with a horrible case of the stuff after doing your Spherical Coordinates cache. My entire face was swollen, itchy and red, and my right eye would not open at all. I had to get a steroid shot in the butt, 2-weeks of prednasone, and now I have to testify before Congress. If you read my log entry on that cache, you will see that I knew I had been infected and took all necessary precautions but still came down with the stuff. Probably got reinfected somehow after I had lathered up in the technu and discarded the clothing, etc... Yea ThePolarBear told me all about your unfortunate experience. My guess is it's Karma coming back at me from that particular cache. I also have it in other places, that normally do not see the light of day. This is the first time in many many years of hiking that I have ever gotten it.
  20. POISON OAK!! It looks like the Geo-Gods are angry about one of my Polar Bear Caches. I have gotten Poison oak covering my entire right arm and both of my calves... I blame Thunder-4 for making me trudge blindly though the bushes! Anyone have any good treatments? I have been using Techu, washing everything frequently, and rubbing my arm all over ThePolarBear's car door handle.
  21. Dude, I would go down Diablo Drop-off on a tricycle in a heart beat, and I would leave Both trucks in my dust.
  22. I just notice something very interesting. ThePolarBear really does look like a Polar Bear.... After a few drinks that is =
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