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  1. I am not currently a gun owner but have been. It seems to me you need something that would allow you to practice usefull gun controland Hit what you aim at. In your many hours of practice you must have used seberal different wepons. My advice would be chooses the one that you can use to the best affect. Good luck and have fun.
  2. 5 Brats: Please understand value is not always measured in money. Childrens' pictures are priceless and certinaly not in the catagory of AOL CDs. Anyone not wanting one can feel free not to take it. The treasures in the cach are there to serve as a reminder of the hunt and the place. My rule of thumb is take what seems approprate for this trip. Leave somthing of yourself and a toy or two for the kids.
  3. My apologies to those of you not wanting to find junk in the caches. My signature item for the past two years or so has been Canadian one dollar coins. I think today they are worth less then the broken McD’s toys ?
  4. I explained the degrees minutes and seconds to my son this way: Using a globe I pointed out the Latitude and Longitude lines and that explained the degrees part. It took a little explaining but using a pealed orange to show a ball is divided up helped a lot. The rest is just a vinear scale making smaller divisions like centimeters and millimeters on a meter stick. I hope this helps
  5. I stand corrected Easy GPS is still supported. I must have been thinking about an older program. The Topo-Graphix (sp) web site was very helpfull.
  6. I have just upgraded my computer to one with XP pro. We had Easy GPS working on the old macine but I can't for the ilf of me remember how we did it and of course Easy GPS is no longer supported. If yo ucan help pleas let me know. Thanks -Alex- Looneyman
  7. Thanks Hoover, but I would still like to figure out how to convert WGS84 datum into Lat and Long so I can cache using orientering skills too.
  8. I have never been able to figure out the diference between WGS84, UMT and Lattatude/Longitutd. Is there a way to convert these? Which is used these days on the USGS topo maps? Thnaks.
  9. Hey Og, whatever gives you the most enjoyment is ok with me. Geocaching is all about getting out discovering things (not only the casches) and buliding memories. I don't log most of my finds and realy only jave about 10 or 12 to my credit but iin each and every case The journey has been the destination. As Simon and Grafunkel once said "Preserve your memories, there all that's left you."
  10. Ok, I'm not exactly technecaly chalanged but have been a little nervus with connecting my 12 to the laptop. (Just put a bid in on a cig/pc cable on e-bay) Will the easy GPS software take care of the communications issues between the GPS and the laptop or do I need ot find a driver out there somewhere (Win98). Any other hints/help would be helpfull. BTW I love the 12 (don't need mapping) Saw a news short on Geocaching went to goecaching.com immeadiatly, was at Wallmart less then half an hour later the 12 was the least expensive unit in stock (120 usd) Have been cachine with the family ever since. The 12 is our friend.
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