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  1. Thanks to all who responded. I will usually just be Caching by myself, but when there are other friends that are interested in the activity I will include them in the hunt. I like the fact that they can also get their smilies.
  2. I am still fairly new to Caching, but I have a question reguarding Caching with other people. If I am out Caching with a group of people and a Cache is found, is it acceptable for everyone in the group to log a find, or is the person that actually found the Cache the only person that is supposed to log the find? My thinking is that everyone in the group did not "find" the cache, but everyone participated in the hunt. Is this something that is determined by the Cach owner? I would rather not have smilies removed for not logging finds correctly, but it seems like the norm. is that every one gets a find for that Cache. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. I hope this is posted in the correct spot. Thanks in advance for your response.
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