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  1. Wow...can't wait to get down there now Off there tomorrow armed with a mega pile of caches too do...
  2. hello uk geochat ??? do you have a web addy?? Hi you can use Chat or with Chatzilla , mIRC or similar irc.nixhelp.org the channel is #geocaching Many thanks NickPick....love the signature line
  3. Many Many thanks people....will print this out and go and look *wave* to Ski too
  4. Sorry posted after I knew popuppirate had answered
  5. Hello, please bear with me as I am diving into the forum head first . Can people with knowledge of the New Forest area give me a heads up on caches that we may be able to do when we are there on hols later this month. To complicate matters we have to consider a couple of things to decide what caches are likely to be achievable. We have a toddler with us so cannot do mega hikes, he will walk but only when he wants . The terrain/distance is important to me (Mrs S) as I will have had an operation (nothing major, but enough not to be able to do much iyswim). So caches needed to be close ish to car parking and no mega climbs. Will consider all caches, though the boys do prefer ones with 'treasure'. Oh and finally we are staying at a caravan site in Bransgore, though we have a car with us. In advance ~ Many thanks everyone for you help
  6. Hi...congrats...recognise your name from local caches (I believe) Seems such a log way off to me.... (and here I am looking through the forum here, and this is my 1st post)
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