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  1. I have emailed Groundspeak and they said I need to post here. My suggestion was that in the map view of caches of an area you have the choice to hide various caches, your own or finds. I have asked if it is possible to have a check box to hide archived/unavalible caches. Would this be of help to you too??
  2. amongst the usual things I also have to carry spare trousers for the toddler
  3. I bought some the other day for lunches...but dh and ds1 thought they were for caches.......but will probably buy more later for caches....4 for £2:50 not bad (lock and lock small neat ones)
  4. cache in my garden.....more likely to be muggled. I hope as a newbie I have approached the trackables in the right mind.....have only collected a couple...and appealling to the children was one thing (and by mistake another)...I also try to note what was there when I left home, so to try and move older things, and also try to place in frequented caches where poss. I hope that it is ok to discover coins etc and not take as we try to have only 1 or poss 2 in our hands at a time?? We have a fair few micros close to us, so a cache big enough may take an outing, though a new tb hotel has been published fairly close to us and will help if we cannot get out. Also what happens/do I do when I visit a cache and there are no trackables but there are on the cache page, apart from noting this in my log. I once emailed an owner...who was grateful, but this cannot be prudent as one cache I visted was empty and the coin taken a while ago and not logged (as in picked up from the cache page)......is this the owners responsibility??? Enough waffle...hope that this makes sense.
  5. Linky (ties in nicely with the current Garmin - Visit England promotion too) We took advantage of this last year and visited a couple of excellent sites while out caching. Made for a nice cheap day out, what with he credit crunch an' all this year! Have fun. thank you .. off to look
  6. Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You That did it.........simple when you know how.......learning something new all the time. Many thanks all for the help
  7. WOW WOW Big Congrats to you We were chuffed doing 11 in one day....that is nothing now
  8. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...52-c49b566ff696 this is the coin
  9. will get the details I have copied and pasted the id no from the webpage
  10. I have 'in error' picked up a geocoin the other day. I have tried and tried to pick it up from geocaching.com, but without success.....any help to solve this is appreciated. Many thanks
  11. Sunny here hope it stays that way as out for a series of caches this pm
  12. Thanks....we have vouchers for halfords so may go there for a car sat nav...would love a pda, but the one that would be best is out of our reach....so will have to stick to the garmin, printouts (that get recycled) and the map. Thank You all for your help, most appreciated
  13. Will consider....need to look at costs etc....bit far for my brother to tow the caravan and come home again ....btw...as a newbie what does a ME entail?
  14. OK....so what does a PDA do and what is Memory Map, Cachemate Sorry - technically challenged here
  15. Thanks...Yoda ...Mr S would love that (Starwars nut you see)
  16. Interesting.....I have been told that the Garmin maps are better than Tom Tom Wonder if we can get Simpsons on the navigation.....be saying 'Doh!' a lot
  17. aka Sat Nav Sorry if asked many times before, but here goes. Any Recommendations/Should Avoid for an in car gps which will take co ords?? Staff in one shop looked at me rather puzzled when they knew what I was talking about....then a member of staff knew about geocaching...YAY... Mr S and I feel this would be a good investment as we often drive around and around streets looking for the gz using the handheld Garmin. Right now you have sat back down after laughing yourself silly at that Can you help, point us in the right direction (no pun intended honest ) Budget is tight so sadly cannot afford a lot! Thanks
  18. Hello and welcome as said to this addiction. We also see it as a way to get out walking with a reason for doing it....ds age 3 loves treasure hunting !!
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