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  1. :):D

    Sorry to keep you all in suspense!!


    Yes we do know each other though our 'other' hobby of scrapbooking and are chatting off forum now....sorry :)


    Nice to meet someone else though



    You both have time for another hobby? :P


    Shocking I know, but it links in nicely as I can journal about our finds, and also get some fabby pictures while out and about.....more on my blog ~ http://sarahs-scrap-book.blogspot.com/

  2. I enjoyed the virtual cache we did recently.....would never have visited te village without.

    WM are great to add more interest/education for my children too when out


    interestingly, having had a poke around to see what waymarks are near me, I can see more use, for me personally, in finding unusual places to take people for a cache (maybe as part of an offset multi). a VR post box fairly near me looks good, but its in a hotel foyer...


    :laughing: could always use a number from outside the hotel......and note on the cache page about the pbox

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