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  1. double check your answers and working out for the petes haven. One wrong number and you will be at sea :laughing: (like all multis). Pier on the nano is a fairly easy find, with a bit of cachers eye and minimal muggles.


    currykev is right too, if you can get to the downs and local area there is some fab walks and caches for the taking. Don't know how 'mobile' you are.

  2. Hope you enjoyed the cache :rolleyes:.......yes I suppose there are a fair few locally with my name in it.......


    Yes sadly there is often a collection of rubbish there. Perhaps you could CITO (cache in trash out) while there to stop the council men taking the cache by mistake? It is working well at the spot where the Newhaven travel bug hotel is. Markedly improved the area too.


    Thanks for the tip off to HoD :D Off to look at that one

  3. Hi and welcome to this addiction, sorry hobby :D


    I suspect you may have seen our name in the logs?


    Have you done wired in.....it is on the seafront - a different container for a log (I say no more).


    How far are you travelling for caches, or are you limited to the town?


    Oh and well done on that fab find rate since July :P

  4. I forgot to take co-ords from a trail start point when I laid a cache yesterday :unsure: (thought it was not needed at the time). Is there anyway online of pointing to a map and getting co-ords. They do not need to be 100% accurate as it would be a road junction. I have tried to fathom with google earth but not having much luck. :cool:


    Thanks :D

  5. we were caching in the New Forest last year, ok not with a buggy but with a walk 'allergic' toddler ...... There were a few caches in one area Summer Picnics..etc.......check our blog here if that is of help :P

    hi, thanks for that, very useful blog. ill look closer at those cache details




    Thank you, and happy to help :D.....good luck with the caching. I usually head for terrain 2.5 max when caching with DS2......and see if there are a collection in one spot....like the Summer Picnics etc...happy caching

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