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  1. there are some by the canal...we walked from the camp site close by....


    We did the Caen Flight Multi while there too, final location not pushchair friendly tho


    K&A - Lock 18 , 20, 21 were ok if I recall :)


    Hope that is of help. The other cache circuit we did while staying are now archived.

  2. Enjoy the circuits :P We have just done Harvey and Ziggy's trail, and will certainly put the 'cacher's eye' to the test :ph34r:

    All the best for Bristol too.....there are some nice caches around there I am told, managed to do a few while at the Mega Event which was close by......favourite I think was Ashton Windmill :o

  3. I may be a nutcase/idiot etc etc re mega 2012 to offer. But I may be able to offer advice if of help???? I 'run' a carnival and also have run for many years a large ish event in the Eastbourne area, so may have a little info of help. Would not think Eastbourne a brill place for a mega as Brighton has so much to offer in comparison. Other than advice I doubt my sanity/'spare' time can stretch to being on the committee sadly at this present time. Though my brain can be picked if anybody can find the cache I left it it :blink:

  4. We've knocked up a first plan on the forums and posted an image.


    please have a look and let us know what you think :ph34r:



    Can't access, Ido not have the privelege :mad:


    Same for me. I can access the forums OK, but don't have permissions from this link


    you need to be members, easily done and costs nothing, honest :anibad:


    thought i was, obviously not.....that is GAGB?

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