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  1. A good article.....and later in the magazine my son's photo also appeared
  2. there are some by the canal...we walked from the camp site close by.... We did the Caen Flight Multi while there too, final location not pushchair friendly tho K&A - Lock 18 , 20, 21 were ok if I recall Hope that is of help. The other cache circuit we did while staying are now archived.
  3. just wish it would recognise my home cords.....always used to
  4. That is what I was thinking ......I need time to play and see what I can come up with out of my stash....also thinking shrink plastic
  5. Don't think my pic came anywhere.can't seem to find it anyhow
  6. Here is our blog. Don't know if it is interesting . There are other blogs in the right hand side bar
  7. We have a keyring from Bella's Pack on the zip of our tom tom case. Want to make something for us too.
  8. Enjoy the circuits We have just done Harvey and Ziggy's trail, and will certainly put the 'cacher's eye' to the test All the best for Bristol too.....there are some nice caches around there I am told, managed to do a few while at the Mega Event which was close by......favourite I think was Ashton Windmill
  9. I use Picasa a free download from Google to edit etc and resize pics. Fab it is too
  10. same here mouse. if i have a really fab pic ie landscape etc and I have time i do share. i know that one of our local caches, the owner loved one of my pics and was really pleased when I made it into a birthday card (as it was the reason for the event). He said that it saved him asking for a copy
  11. too public a place to put them. yes my blog is public, but not as well known iyswim
  12. I don't to be honest as I blog my photos. So rather than upload x2, I put a link to my blog page for that cache. There is also the children to consider too, who feature in many pics
  13. I know of cachers who have another account and O am thinking of doing this too, but it would be fab if it could be a 1 tag thing for events
  14. I may be a nutcase/idiot etc etc re mega 2012 to offer. But I may be able to offer advice if of help???? I 'run' a carnival and also have run for many years a large ish event in the Eastbourne area, so may have a little info of help. Would not think Eastbourne a brill place for a mega as Brighton has so much to offer in comparison. Other than advice I doubt my sanity/'spare' time can stretch to being on the committee sadly at this present time. Though my brain can be picked if anybody can find the cache I left it it
  15. would also make it clearer when dropping off coins that are travelling......you know when you log the cache....to have the travellers separate to your collection
  16. fab idea. I always don't log my coins for fear of clogging the page.
  17. Can't access, Ido not have the privelege Same for me. I can access the forums OK, but don't have permissions from this link you need to be members, easily done and costs nothing, honest thought i was, obviously not.....that is GAGB?
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