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  1. I hadn't seen that cache Chris, I suppose because when I come to Brighton it is better for us to have quick caches My favourite I think is my Oooh Matron Downside and St. Mary's as I have had some great feedback and also as it uncovers some local history.
  2. Some here from our early days of caching if they are a help http://s61.photobucket.com/albums/h42/sarah-slaughter/Pics%20for%20K9/ they are from our early days of caching. I know one has not got a cache in it....he was on his way to it (barely 3 years old ) I have a blog too if that is a help? http://the-slaughter-family.blogspot.co.uk/ (and I now realise how little we have cached this year ..... summer hols soon and the Lake District beckons p.s. let us know when the blog post is live
  3. Mark has got in touch with you via the cache page
  4. Will ask around Sorry I personally cannot adopt
  5. Thanks every one, lots to look at now....like the sound of the one where breakfast is included Slaughter means someone who lives in a muddy place SP I had a long chat with you re the events we could make this year at the Mega Wales event So sadly we cannot make them all....perhaps one day (note to self I need to win the lottery and get a motorhome lol)
  6. Which one? Cartmel. Sadly Piratemania/Geoolympix are the wrong date to get to as school only breaks up here the day before.
  7. Thanks....yes, that is what I had in mind re the parking....needs to be close by and not a mile away iyswim....as we will have the camping kit onboard Will have a look at Premier Inn
  8. Hello fellow cachers. Planning a road trip to get to the Mega this year. Looking to stop part way enroute for an overnight stay. Looking at around Birmingham area as we will be approaching on the motorway from the south. Any recommendations, or must avoids would be helpful. We are a family of 4, limited budget, need secure parking, B&B with facilities close by for a cooked meal - doubt they will let us get the burner etc out lol. Think that is it. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi. Think #1 has been answered. I use blogger to write my caching adventure on.
  10. Hi Dan. Sorry I am not in Kent.....but check here where you will find links to the Kent monthly meets so you could find someone there?
  11. Can you contact your local reviewer? Depends I would think on the area and their discretion?
  12. At least you are not in Whetherby (Sp) don't think any of my caches have been that close
  13. I have a yellow Etrex.....very basic one. I bought a cable, but I have not had much luck with making the connection work.
  14. ooo our anniversary weekend, hope we can make it with work commitments etc
  15. The Cuckoo Trail - Heathfield to Eastbourne. A lot of caches along there. http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...3f-17f0b3ced8f8 http://www.eastsussex.gov.uk/leisureandtou...il/download.htm
  16. we visited Edinburgh and loved The Royal Mile cache.....your own personal tour guide
  17. me neither, cannot afford one. Shame as it makes this bit of fun (as I see it) for the elite only. Was really chuffed to get my one yesterday and it is proudly on my blog
  18. ooo glad it is still going, will have to look into that one, as will be visiting hospitals in the capital again soon
  19. We enjoyed Edinburgh's Royal Mile recently.......our our personal tour guide
  20. Did I get that right? You mean you DON'T want it in the school holidays? I think it would be difficult to persuade lots of people to go to Ireland if the kids are at school Whilst I do appreciate that many people who cache are retired etc. , there are a large number of us who have kids. I'd say 50/50. 'Caching is certainly a family sport (as we find when we go to the many events that we do). I agree families also make the numbers up more than single cachers. One family username can have several people that all count towards the official number. Yes we have 4 to count with our username, and if an event with travel is outside of the hols, we would not be able to get there...sorry
  21. we have a trackable in the car, and will be doing one on our flag this year. Go for it........I know the cachers around here would discover him at an event.....it is all a good bit of fun at the end of the day
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