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  1. Call me Slooooooow, but is there a way. Let's start over. I have a Garmin 60CS is there a way that the hint can be automatically be placed into the notes section. I mean I really don't need to know the caches name and owner when I'm caching. I see this %hint stuff, but it's way over my head!!!! Can someone help me out? Thanks,
  2. Is it possible to get a serial cable for the Garmin 60CS? If so where can I find one? Thanks,
  3. I've sent it your way. BTW I'm using the GUI version of GPSbabel.
  4. I've got a little problem and I can't figure the answer to it. I use the Garmin 60CS so I'm forced to use MapSource for uploads and downloads. So I spend a day geocaching, come home, download my waypoints, routes and track log into MapSource, but since I don't like MapSource (no aerial map) I want to convert this file into GPX and use it with QuakeMap. So I save the file, use GPSBabel and convert the MPS file to a GPX file. But when I open the new GPX file there isn't any routes or track logs, only the waypoints. Can someone help me out? Thanks,
  5. Is there a way to get the "Hints" autmatically to show on my notes section of my Garmin 60CS? I see something that has a terrain/difficulty code, but I'm not seeing that info show up either.
  6. More than 10000 track points. I did a 13hr caching marathon the other day and when I got home the first 3hrs of the trip were gone. So I couldn't accurately map the distances I had traveled!
  7. Mine are by Fellowes called "writeRight" #861574. They're clear and like I said each sheet is enough to get two coverings out of it.
  8. I just had the same issue. but I had a BestBuy warranty, sent it in and I should get a voucher to buy a new unit.
  9. Geez I just went to BestBuy, bought some PDA covers, done deal. Every sheet will cover my 60CS twice. Something like 30 covers for $18. Cut to fit, good to go.
  10. A group of us are doing around 21 caches tomorrow in Sycamore Canyon in Riverside. CA. We're meeting at the parking area on Central Ave west of Lochmoor. 7:30am, that's new time 7:30am! GPX file, waypoints and route MPS file, waypoints and route
  11. I'm using GSAK, MapSource and QuakeMap. In GSAK I filter the caches I want to d/l to my Garmin 60CS. I then export it to MapSource. In MapSource I make a route that I'm going to use from cache to cache (off road area) and I save it in MPS format. But now I want to export it as a GPX file and be able to see the caches and route in QuakeMap, so I use GPSbabel, but when I open it in QuakeMap I only get the waypoints no route. Is there a resolve for this, can I do it? Thanks,
  12. Firehouse16


    I just set my on the seat next to me and it still reads and tracks fine!
  13. I had the same worries. I used to use QuakeMap for everything. But without USB support I was forced to alter my methods. So here's what I do now. I take my queries and open them all in GSAK. From there I can use Babble to convert the files in GPX/LOC or MPS. I really like using QuakeMap so that i can see an aerial photo of the caches physical location. After I filter what I want on GSAK I export it to MapSource in MPS format. I use the cache name not the waypoint for listing in the GPS. If I need to I can d/l info from the GPS into MpaSource then from there convert it to the format I need and open any program and use it. I'm getting more comfortable everyday using this new method.
  14. Yesterday found my 200th cache and I hid my 50th cache! 4 to 1 ratio! Meet Me Halfway! - 50th hide E.V.A.D. #1 - my 200th find!
  15. I'm lost here, 2 types of compasses? How do you get the electronic compass to kick in? Right now I'm using the auto-route to get me to the area, then when I get real close I select geocache, the cache I want, go to, off road mode. Is there an easier better way?
  16. I notice that with mine when I first turn it on it takes a few minutes to get settled down. But I've noticed compared to my Legend that I can have it on the seat next to me and still get very good readings. I also noticed it tracks a whole lot better than the Legend does.
  17. Well I'm waiting for some answers too, but today I think I was getting a sequence down of how to use it and it was remarkably accurate! The auto route......WOW! Each day I learn a bit more and more, but it still confuses the hell out of me. The first cache I did today was a nightmare, found it by luck, but by the 3rd cache things were flowing a bit smoother. Once I feel a tad more comfortable I'll post again. It's about 5 times more complex than my Legend, but about 10 times better so far!
  18. I've got the new Garmin 60CS. I figured out a way to get my waypoints from quakemap to GSAK to Mapsource. Now how to do I get my info from Mapqource back to a GPX/LOC file? This is all too stressful! LOL The Garmin, GSAK and using Mapsource is all new to me, driving me nuts! Thanks,
  19. TYeYeah I guess they uploaded, I saw them upload! Still trying to figure everything out though. Between the new Garmin 60CS, the new maps, new software I'm going bonkers!
  20. We'll see, like I said I got to the end where it asked for a registration code on a piece of paper in the box and there wasn't a piece of paper in the box!
  21. Anyone use this new City Select maps? I'm loading it now and the unlock feature is about the worst registration/unlocking of software I've ever seen. I don't even know if I got it unlocked or if it's working right. But from the pictures in the book compared to what I'm seeing something seems off base here. Any help? One problem I'm finding is even after I get thru the registration it asks me for one last registration code located on a piece of paper inside the software box. Well I don't see any paper or 7 digit code. Thanks Garmin! Ridiculous for a $100 piece of software.
  22. I love to hide as much or more than finding caches. I've got 186 fids and 48 hides. Probably be adding 9 more hides this weekend!
  23. I just got the Garmin 60cs, incredible unit! I've only begun to figure out what it can do.
  24. Well then explain the moratorium on moving caches where you do need a GPS?
  25. One thing I liked about the old page was the ability to see all my find and all my hides on one page with the basic info and a clickable link. Something else I noticed is where is the "Click here to see your profile as others see it" link? Maybe tonight I'll look at this a bit closer.
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