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  1. I guess one of the issues here is we have a new approver out our way, and believe me I'm not saying ANYTHING bad about him. But I think he's being a little strict on this commercial content thing. I personally have done lots of caches with commercial content. None of them were about the business itself, that was secondary, but I think it added some great content to the cache page.


    Now I've seen a local cacher have 3 caches archived because of commercial content. Now I didn't see the original pages, but nothing to me about a gas station, fruit and nut stand that he's not involved with could be that bad. Also he's one of only a couple of cachers who place caches in this one area. So he was told to redo the page. From what I was told it went from a decent page to a one line cache description, so bad I emailed him saying the page was terrible and wouldn't draw anyone too it. That's when I was told about this story.


    Back to my original post, I just don't think the "guideline" is very clear depending on who's translating it.

  2. S or M or T or W, lately it's been almost everyday again. Either way this is ridiculous. Once they took on paying members they took on the obligation of giving us a site that works. It's taking me almost 45 seconds to get to any page I want to look at, and believe me I have a FAST connection! The only thing that seems to be OK is the forums.

  3. No matter what they say or do, the server connection sucks! One of the worst connections I've ever had to deal with consistently. It makes doing my work here painful.

  4. You need to hunt down the trash-cachers who took the good stuff and left the junk and beat them with your GPS! It floors me that people are so cheap to trade down. I went to a new cache the other day and this was it's contents:


    Container contents include:

    Log & Pencil




    Golf Tee


    $.50 worth of geoswag. Copied fake money and a golf tee. So I wrote:


    "The geoswag was so good I decided to leave it for the next person."


    I don't think the cache owner got my drift. I just kept thinking, I drove 25min for a cache who's coords were 70' off, it was a old wornout small margerine container and crap swag. Kinda peeved me, I guess I take pride in leaving somewhat decent geoswag in my caches. And if they end up full of junk, well that's on the cheap cachers who visited it prior. I won't restock my caches, but I have several times taken all the junk from a cache and replaced it all with cool stuff, only to have the junk rearrive in it within a few months. I give up!


    I had one person say: Took calculator, left little green army man. To say the least I went off on them!

  5. I know the rules, here it is below for everyone else:


    Geocaching is a quasi-family sport. I've always thought the sports has two main goals when placing a cache. To get the family together and get outdoors having some fun looking for hidden treasure (ok, so no one leaves cool things anymore) and to get you to areas you may never have gone to if it wasn't for a geocache.


    The problem I have is with this rule below, it seems it needs to be more grey than black & white. I have several caches that are at cool places that list the business or place and have links and tell you about what's there. I don't think I'm promoting the place as much as I'm wanting others to enjoy the location and the cache as much as I do.


    Recently some caches, not mine, have been archived because of this so-called commercial content. Basically just giving a little info about the business on the property where the caches resides.


    I guess I feel if you have no ties to the business and you post some info about it to excite other cachers to get them there in the first place what's the big hoopla about? Well all know this sport has become very commercial lately. Others thoughts?



    Commercial Caches / Caches that Solicit


    Commercial caches attempt to use the Geocaching.com web site cache reporting tool directly or indirectly (intentionally or non-intentionally) to solicit customers through a Geocaching.com listing. These are NOT permitted. Examples include for-profit locations that require an entrance fee, or locations that sell products or services.


    Solicitations are also off-limits. For example, caches perceived to be posted for religious, political, or social agendas may not be listed. Geocaching is supposed to be a light, fun activity, not a platform for an agenda.


    Some exceptions can be made. In these rare situations, permission can be given by the Geocaching.com web site. However, permission should be asked first before posting. If you are in doubt, ask first.


  6. I guess I just figure there's more important things in the world and this game to wory about. I worry more about driving an hour to find a cache and end up not finding it. I worry about if the kids are safe when they walk somewhere alone. But I don't wory about a promotional item that someone sells on Ebay, big deal!


    I believe the trueowner is the person who has possession of it.

  7. Some of you people need to get a life and stop worrying about something so petty, go caching for god's sake! Stop acting like you're all the geocaching.com special police. Morals or not, it's none of our business! Either buy it or don't. He's not twisting anyone's arm to buy it either. What next dictatorship in America? Loosen up people, everyone's a bit too serious and stressed around here..... :blink:

  8. GSAK is great, but when trying to log or list caches the server needs to be fail safe. Here it is Monday morning and the theme of the day is?


    "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding."

  9. Anyone else notice the last two days the gc.com servers have been terrible, just as bad as they were weeks ago before the supposed upgrades? I've been tryin to bring up caches pages and log caches and I keep getting errors and server timeouts, frustrating as hell..............again. ;)

  10. Since I'm too lazy to read every post. Something I'd like to see:


    - A way to toggle a cache manually to show you've found it.

    - How about being able to click on the 4 square box being able to sort caches no found by number of red marked boxes?


    Still a kick a** program! What does registering get you, besides thanks from Clyde?



  11. It's all about the.................fun of the game! To each their own! I got 420 finds and 103 hides, I enjoy hiding more than finding. I have one quasi-powercaching trail. 11 caches in 2 miles roughly. All different and all interesting.


    Firehouse I know I could do 100 urban caches in a day in a city I haven't visited before without much problem. If a person carefully planned out a route I'm sure it could easily be done. I've done 50+ in a day and cached only 10 hours.

    At your caclculation though you'd only make 125 or so, which I think is possible, but 242? Not unless you did the way I mentioned. Either way it's not really geocaching.

  13. I don't buy it, one every 6 minutes! And what about bathroom breaks, food, etc? Just even stopping, jumping out of a car, pasting a label in the log, back in and to the next cache if it was exactly 528' away would take 5+ minutes. That's if you knew where every cache was, no searching required, premapped out, not using a GPS or a compass and someone who had been to everyone being your guide. So basically you're not geocaching!


    Persoanlly I don't think anyone could honestly do more than say 80 in a day if they truly had to use their GPS and search for the cache and plan their own route. I planned out a day for someone, it would have been 125 caches, but they wanted to do it at their pace and use the GPS, I think they hit 60 caches, still impressive.

  14. Download MIRC, probably at mirc.com. Then open MIRC and click on file/options. Then select "add" server. For IRC server info enter "irc.freenode.net" for port enter "6667". No other data is needed. Connect to the server then select commands/join server and enter "scgeocachers". That should be it!

  15. No kidding! I believe Rich is back from vacation (today)....SOMETHING'S gotta give!

    And what about picnic plans for the 10th???? I have a sneaking suspicion it is going to be postponed yet again.... :blink:

    I was just thinking the sme thing. It's 9 days away and nothing has been organized so far, but that's just my point of view.

  16. I don't know, I have almost 100 hides and I don't find it a problem to email people, but I don't get that many dnf's either. But I still think it's courtesy to email them and see what's up. Sometime you can just tell by their posting of what type of response they need. Here's two examples:



    One I need to check on for sure:


    Log Date: 6/25/2004

    I couldn't find this one. It might be gone. I found a paper from the

    log, a pen and one of FishPoet's geocoins scattered around,



    This one was found the same day by someone else, so I emailed them asking what I can do to help them out somemore.


    "Log Date: 6/28/2004

    Thought this one would be a cache & dash... boy was I wrong. Almost missed my cross country plane because I stayed too long looking. Guess I need a subtle hint on the camo if it hasn't been muggled by a homeless person??



    Or this one, being such a small area and they didn't find it I basically told them where it should be, but most likely where it is.


    Log Date: 6/26/2004

    WAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! gosh darn it! yeah, I saw evidence that the king had been there, but Elvis had either left the building, or I am just blind today. sigh. thanks though, I will be back if it is there, and even if it isn't! :D

  17. As a cache owner, if you get a notification from one of your caches stating a DNF do email the owner and offer advice for helping them find it next time? Or do you not email them and don't really care?


    I guess the reason I ask is, myself I try and answer every DNF. As well as building bonds between cachers and being a responsible cache owner, I want to see everyone find the cache eventually. But this last week I had about 10 DNF's, and only two cache owners have emailed me back regarding the caches. I guess it frustrates me other owners don't care.


    So what's your opinion?

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