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  1. My 60CS has a problem. Started a few days ago, the buttons wouldn't respond, then they would, then they wouldn't. Then not at all anymore. So I email tech support and the tell me how to reset the unit, but I can';t use the buttons to reset it! :mad:


    So I ended up sending it back today. Has anyone ever dealt with there service dept? Are they good, fast, etc? I mean I got caches to find!

  2. OK I'll try again. Anything new on this? It's listed as becoming a premium member feature, and well I'm a premium member dadgum it! :lol:


    And being friends with the #4 cacher in the world, Ventura Kids, he's demanding I know where new caches are immediately so I can catch up to him! :mad:

  3. My 60CS is dying! OK here's the deal. During as mega caching spree the other day (144 find!) all of a sudden my 60CS's buttons wouldn't work. So I reboot, take the batteries out, beat it a bit. After about an hour it starts working again! Woohoo!


    So I'm caching on Tuesday, near the end of the day it's doing it again, but I get it reworking.


    So today, same thing. I mean what's making these buttons work intermittently? I don't have time to have a GPS out of service, there's caches to find!


    Anyone got any ideas, beside reloading the firware, tried that already.

  4. Hi all, this is my first post so please be gentle with me!


    I've got the registered version of GSAK with the Beta USB extension and have been trying to get the new USB interface to work with my Geko 201. When I try to send or receive waypoints I'm getting an error message.


    I've checked I've got the enable USB box checked, and I don't have hot sync or active sync installed which I understand can cause problems. The USB cable is plugged into com 4 and I@ve checked via Hyper Terminal that is working.


    I think I've set something up wrong - any advice?



    Look up about 4 posts asking the same question. Thanks for the help Clyde.

  5. Yeah but don't I lose data when i export to GPX then import it back into GSAK? See I need to be able to keep this in GSAK so i can continue to fine tune the list. Obviously in the meantime I have other cachign to do and need to use GSAK for other searches.

  6. ok another one of my dumb questions. I'm working on upcoming trip. I've used the filter with a GPX route to narrow down my search area. I've then gone thru and set user flags to remove other caches I don't wish to find. So here I started with a 8000 cache database and narrowed it down to 140 cache (one days worth of find!) :wacko:


    Is there a way to save this that when I open it only these 140 will show?

  7. How about a feature, say I have "X" database open and I'm planning a trip. As I fine tune the list I want to remove certain waypoints from the list, not delete them, just remove them. Is this possible without deleting them from the database?

  8. Well in my brilliant way I may have screwed you being able to see the problem. Once I found the bugs actual page I logged them as found. Now when I search on the main TB page they come up. If it happens again I'll contact you. But I do know a few others had the same problem this week.

  9. I don't seem to be getting an answer in the TB forum so I'll try here to get the gc.com's staffs attention. I grabbed two TB's over the weekend and when trying to log both TB's it says they aren't active. So I emailed the people who last had them and the showed me they were active by showing me their TB webpage. Plus they are shown being listed on the caches webpage where I grabbed them. The glitch seems to be on the main TB search page. If I go to the bugs own page I can log it.


    So obviously there is a glitch somewhere.


    This is one TB;


  10. LISTEN....


    Most if any of us don't have the senses like they did 150 yrs ago when people relied on them to stay alive. It can be developed but it must be done consciously every minute of every day.


    Don't get too focused on finding the cache. Take a moment and stop and listen to all the different sounds in the field.

    Several times I've been caching when I hear a loud buzzing getting louder only to have a swarm of bees fly over me. I pray they aren't killer bees, so far so good!


    No hospital trips for me. Smacked my head on a wall yesterday. I got the usual mosquito bits, tears on the legs from branches. I did see a fellow cacher fall 15' down a rock face once, but he lived! :huh:

  11. No you're right. I swear I tried it earlier this week and it wouldn't do it, now it does! I must have a concussion or something this week! Anyways your GSAK is the key to a master caching Sunday this weekend, numbers that will astound you, I hope! :o

  12. Clyde when are you going to make it so we can save a database and be able to send it to another person so they can open it. Or can we do that now and I'm just clueless?


    I also just learned how to use the arc/line filter, BADASS!



  13. It would be interesting to know the number of members/caches in January compared to now and what the difference in the servers are? That would real interesting info!


    Of course they're going offline right at the primetime in the west coast to log finds! :lol:


    Well let's see if these new disks help.

  14. I haven't had a good server day in weeks. Sure once in a while something seems almost the speed it should be, but not very often. I guess I'm just one of the people that gripes about this and prays for a better server. Jeremy has promised somethings, and somethings were temporarily done but we seem back at square one again. :lol:

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