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  1. Well I got some good ideas here. The cache is coming together in my head. I've been scouting places for hiding and thinking of containers to use. This is going to be a pretty good one. My twisted mind is at work now! Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  2. Well I'll see what happens tonight, thanks for the help! Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  3. Anyone interested in having a end of summer BBQ and Geocachers get together? I'd be happy to host at my house in Riverside and there's lots of nearby caches to keep people entertained if they feel the need! If there's an interest we can seriously look at doing this. Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  4. Here's what I have. I basically want it to give me a list of the caches I have found and the one's I couldn't find. -Give me 100 caches or all types. -or that I have found and have not been found -where, states, california -from zipcode 92507 within 500 mile radius -placed during the last year -this accounts email address -LOC format, all days Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  5. For the life of me I can't get the pocket query to produce any results for me no matter what I do. It's getting frustrating, can anyone help? Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  6. What's the biggest cache that's been placed for caching? I want to make a big one, 55gal drum size. Well maybe 5gal! Just wondering what some of the biggest caches have been. Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  7. Pretty simple, go type in McFarlands zipcode, 93250. There isn't anything within 11 miles of there. Hope this helps. Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  8. I'm looking at putting together a good multi-cache, can someone give me some advice, do's and don'ts or any other helpful info? Thanks! Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  9. I'm here in Riverside, I'm new and hooked! Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  10. 1. How long have you been actively using a GPS? Three weeks! 2. What got you started? A co-worker from work got one, if he had one I had to have one. So I bought a better one 1 hr later! I'm sick BTW! 3.What keeps you currently using it? Obsessive compulsive disorder, what else? I just wish there were more cache and EasyGPS was a tad better. So I plan on adding a lot of caches, once I figure how to be cool like some people that hide them with some serious though behind what they do. Also being a firefighter I can use it at work, lots of uses and the possibilities are endless! Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  11. Some things I always carry with me no matter what I'm doing are: A Altoids tin with a signal mirror, matches, advil, tylenol#3, 25' of good string. A good knife First Aid kit Snake/bug bite kit Pepper Spray REI windbreaker Light sticks That's good start! Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  12. Patience I was told. Mine was submitted on Sunday and it's still waiting. Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  13. Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf, after sunset 8pm. Little Sur River south of Big Sur, Pacific Coast Hwy. 1 in California. Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  14. Thanks for the into. Well the coordinates are finally right! The map pinpoints it puurfectly. Too accurate actually Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  15. Thanks. Is there a way to download more waypoints than is listed on a given page? I'd like to download all of the waypoints within 30 miles of me. I noticed with EasyGPS you can open one .loc file, but when you poen another it overwrites the one open, not ammending it. All of this stuff is driving me nut, guess I need to get out and hunt some today! Any help once again? Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  16. "Yes, the coords point to the same place. You need to set-up EasyGPS to use dd mm.mmm format:" Yeah I just found those setting. Back to some normalcy now! Still waiting for my first approval though! Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  17. I changed it to dd.ddddd because the EasyGPS software said too. I'm new so now I'm getting confused! So I changed it back to what you said and now the coordinates read; N33.56.823 instead of N33.94705 W117.18.513 instead of W117.30855 so now I'm really confused! ok I see now I should have changed the box to decimal degrees. So tell me do both of these coordinates point to the same place? Should I be using decimal degrees or degrees & minutes? I see cache listings are in the later, but I'd like to use the software EasyGPS, HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  18. How long does it usually take to get a new cache approved before it's listed? Also for some reason it will not let me post the correct coordinates, any ideas? It won't let me post the 94705 part so I had to default to "0"s. N33.94705 W117.30855 Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  19. I need to get some detailed California streets maps to put into my Garmin Legend. Which is the best software and is it upgraded often, online or by some other method? Thanks, Firehouse16 & Code3 "Dave, Teresa & the 2 kids"
  20. Thanks Pig! Mine's 3.20. I'll upgrade soon, one thing at a time I figure. This is all Greek to me, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it. I'm a GeoCaching Fool now! Firehouse16
  21. I noticed this problem with mine sitting on the dash while driving. I'd look and it would be off. It might be the connection, it's only done it 3-4 times in 40+ hrs of use. Anyone know how to check which version I have? Is the upgrade easy? I haven't even thought about hooking it up to my Win2K machine yet. I've only had it 5 days now. Thanks, Firehouse16 (Dave)
  22. How does one post a link to a photo when logging a visit to a GeoCache? I see some of the virtual caches wioth a little camera icon and a quick description for it. Thanks, Firehouse16
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