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  1. Hi guys, what do you think to reduce the number of email received? to reduce the footprint? Instead receiving an email for each finds the owner could received one email by week which resume by cache or by finders for the last week? let me know your pro&con! happy caching rca85
  2. Sorry to lose sense of priorities and reminding me nicely. Take care.
  3. sorry I missed something? is there any issue with my geocaching activity? please describe I did not understand what it's wrong?
  4. Hi, I tough how someone could acquire the Blue switch souvenir 2020 it the health authorities do not authorize to go out? I guess a skype event could allow that? The HQ will update the way to acquire this souvenir? let us know... Regards, rca85
  5. Tu utilises quelle application sur ton smartphone? cgeo sous Android est très complet et tu peux ajouter une photo a ton log.
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