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  1. Yeah but then I can't play REM at my event! I am working on a new slogan for that. And need to do some backside artwork. Any ideas for that? I have a few but can look at other options?
  2. No it's not too late. We are still in the preliminary phases.
  3. Are these still available? I went to the website but couldn't find them.
  4. There's a selective element. Buying 30 coins a month isn't sustainable... you end up with thousands of $$$ worth of coins and bills to pay... I agree with Kealia that the issues surrounding coins can probably be distilled into 10 different issues that resurface every couple of years. Coins declining = no Selective buying = yes There's no such thing as a bad geocoin, some are just better than others. And all have a use after their shininess wears off... they can still be travelers!
  5. It's not supposed to look like a compass rose. The Mayan calendar it has 'points' on it. A rotational symmetric design is easier to follow with color by numbers.
  6. Here is some rough artwork I had worked on a while back. It's not final, I need to add some detail to it and make sure points line up etc. The idea was that the out area would be bare metal and semi raised where as the inner area with thicker\darker lines would be fully raised with translucent coloring in those areas. Two possible titles: 12-12-12 The End of the World Event 12-12-12 The Event to End All Events
  7. :laughing: The new owner owns the coin, not much can be done if they want to scrub the coin clean of logs.
  8. Ok. Deadlines have been met at work, I'm done with GWX, so I have free time again! I will try to have some artwork up by the end of the week for people to critique.
  9. Those look awesome! At $20 a piece it wouldn't leave my collection though. Have you seen the fossil geocoins by Tethy's C, he has some pretty cool ones too. When will there be pricing and order information?
  10. I picked up a Louisville Belle riverboat, 3 dragonflies and a whole bunch of trades at the swap event.
  11. They look like a multi event coin. Nice! I like the top left. And bottom middle the most.
  12. I haven't read through this thread, but if there are new versions of the Birka coin being worked on: then Yes Please!
  13. Sorry you are wrong. I can understand why you are hurt by people stealing your coins, it has happened to most of us. But people who buy coins for their own collection aren't the ones who steal from caches.
  14. I agree, it's the same listings over and over. At high fixed prices.
  15. I guess you would call that depreciation... just like if you sold a car 5 years later you wouldn't expect to get the sticker price. When selling in bulk I would never expect to get my initial investment. If I were buying coins as an investment then see point 2 below for buying habits. Five points: 1. there are less coiners than 7 years ago but the number have been stable for the past 4-5 years 2. people are more selective and the market drives that --- quality over quantity, and tags have taken the place as trackable travelers 3. there has been a glut of coin on ebay for 3-4 years now 4. non-trackable doesn't mean anything anymore because the sentimental or nostalgic ways we traded or were given them as gifts has been lost 5. I think there is just a sheer number of coins out there is overwhelming, and people are on a budget these days. The price has tripled since I started collecting. So vendors can either charge more or maintain costs and put out a crappier product... 6. With some of the secondary prices being so low. It's a great time to buy coins and put them into the wild!
  16. Nope. I am swamped with deadlines until end of May. But I do have a design from a few months back.
  17. Would love to trade for one.
  18. Cirque du soleil is fun if it's still playing there. The Orlando airport travel bug hotel is also cool... I did that one in 2004 though so it might not still be there. Cape Canaveral is a must see if you like space stuff. Animal Kingdom sucks. Epcot is fine without smaller kids.
  19. I take social security checks, paychecks, gold bullion too.
  20. Yes people like to trade. Yes, more people buy than trade. As long as you stick to the one coin = one thread rule you can post your artwork at any and all stages. I usually post when I have artwork drawn up from the mint or I have samples.
  21. I have the following coins for sale, first come first served. Weening out some extras. Shipping is $3.00 domestic and $4.00 foreign for the first coin. Add $1.00 per coin after that. Email me what you are interested in any, paypal or check. All are unactivated and trackable. $10 Original Master of the Cache dragon Deadman's Party (antique gold v1) Geocoin Pendant (opening antique door) AS Egyptian Heart Vessel LE Checkmate two-tone North Carolina benchmark spinner 11-11-11 North Carolina Voyage of Discovery Sea (gold) Cache Carefully Las Vegas sign Goonies Event Skull Migrations (AG) British Bulldog AG Everglades National Park gold Crop circle gold Celtic Peacock (gilded) AG Poraroca Endless Wave dolphins Fantasy butterfly Trade fairly or walk the plank (+ treasure map pin) $12 Cache Wars II: Dark Side GCC club + pathtag January GCC club + pathtag March GCC club + pathtag February Geocoinfest South Carolina + matching proxy Migrations LE (AS) Washington State benchmark spinner Palenque, Aztec spinner $15 Arabian Nights AE Deadman's Party LE (antique silver) Abacus counting caches AE Compass Rose 2007 bronze Compass Rose 2007 satin gold Cache Wars + 8 tags Lubeck Astronomical Clock AE Strasborg Astronomical Clock AE Space Shuttle nickel Geocoinfest Europe Cologne Spinner (attendee edition) $75 Pink glow tranquility
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