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  1. Just got approval for two more caches up at Hilltop: [/code]Thor's Thunder and Caber Tossing Cache (not to be confused with Kber tossing!)
  2. Congratulations Hart ~ You are one mean cacher!
  3. It would seem we are due for rain
  4. I take it that is the view from the Scenic Point parking area One of Kber's Rest stop caches? (JK Ken)
  5. Thannks for the input guys! We have virtually found them all by now! We are planning on a leisurely pace of about 7 hours with lunch
  6. The CITO event is here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...11-c2a754a5dbe0 I was there for a walk-about today. Beautiful area, but it does need help with the cleanup.
  7. Does the guy I found sleeping on the park bench count?
  8. Read the article and seems the ranger is mixing up geocaching with poaching. It's typical of a scientist who barely takes the time to look around and see things outside their narrow world. Why don't we have a CIFO event? Cache In, Fossils Out
  9. Congrats! Jody Anytime you are free, e-mail me
  10. My plan of attack would be to meet in the Skyline parking lot between 9:30-10 am and then head in, there are plenty of caches should be done mid-afternoon around 4 pm. Stopping for lunch on the way. Brian has shown me a secret short-cut! He will reveal it to anyone, just send him $50.00 I am a slow but steady hiker so I don't envision charging up and down hills (although people are welcome to do that too
  11. I am going out to try BrianSnat's Hiker series next Sunday (May 2nd?) 9 am if anyone is interested in joining me. I see many people have already done some, most, part or all of these caches. Total of 9 miles and 9 caches. Cache 1 - Schuber Cache 1a - Rocky Slide Gulch Cache 2 - Schuber/Yellow Cache 3 - Pipeline Cache 4 - The Old Guard Cache 5 - Cannonball Cache 6 - Hoeferlin And bonus: Oakland Overlook A Mine is a Terrible Thing
  12. Different strokes for different folks. Thank you for bringing the topic to attention Brian, there are plenty of caches out there that for whatever reason haven't been done: Aqua - by cache Ninja Sepentor - by cache Ninja Secaucus Panorama - by Marty621 Cauldrons of Courage - by Artful Dodger (until this week there was only one cache in this large park!) Rocky Mtn Mirco Challenge - by GeoGuru I cache on weekends, I have a day-job. I prefer caching with others so I can share the experience, i guess some don't have that luxury. I prefer laying out and solving puzzle caches. Not everybody's cup of tea.
  13. So does that mea n you? With 1300 odd posts....
  14. There is an article in Scientific American's May 2004 issue about the How GPS works, the future of GPS and all the nifty things it will be able to do. (Like get accurate readings under trees!). The story will become available online on Monday, April 26th.
  15. Man I Feel Like A Woman - Shania Twain I'm going out tonight, I'm feelin' alright Gonna let it all hang out Wanna make some noise, Really raise my voice Yeah, I wanna scream and shout No inhibitions, make no conditions Get a little outta line I ain't gonna act politically correct I only wanna have a good time
  16. He was standing behind me, how was I to know it was him! Nasty, mean big hobbitsy... Sneaky.
  17. Congrats~ when are we having another pub caching event! Forward to 500 with a 5 star effort!
  18. avroair

    Whoo Hoo!

    Breadth of view is one of the essentials of our profession. The interplay of ideas and the oblique uses of knowledge are often of extraordinary interest. (VALL) Sherlock Holmes I shutter to think, is my love still lost?!? Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.
  19. I propose Hart as NJAdmin. He told me he works for Roseland Police dept AND he actually explained correctly how WAAS works. And he told Snat he worked for the Fish and Game Dept. Only someone with such intricate knowledge and connections everywhere could approve so many caches... Hmmm... the ultimate in deflection! Thanks for such a fun cache hide at Washington Rock CITO.
  20. I grabbed both of them. But I think one of them has been retrieved by BP.
  21. Wow! Well what a marvelous day for an event! Thanks to Team Ekitt10 for organizing - our turnout was great, I think at one point we had over 50 cachers! I had a wonderful time meeting new people and to think we managed to clear up so many bags of trash. Great job guys! A day well spent.
  22. Congrats NatureBoy, great meeting you. Hope you had enough to eat at the CITO Great job at the BBQ.
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