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  1. Congrats on making your 6th century
  2. This week (6th) or next (13th)... either is fine by me
  3. And you GeoKender! It was great to meet you! Hope to see you on the trails or at an event soon! Thanks for making Hiker Series 5a such an easy find! Avroair
  4. Hey Serg, If you insist on your pet tick coming along, at least keep it on a leash!
  5. he he he! We had no ticks at the Hiker series must love you... if you do insist on bringing them along at least find a leash for them!
  6. Specific dates: anyday is good for me. we should propose a date? anyone? Looks like Friday is bad, so is every other weekend? This whole week it will be raining so maybe next week? Saturday?
  7. Congrats to Brian Snat for a well-placed series of caches! Thanks!
  8. How was it? Awesome! Totally had a blast, I hiked with Dhenning, wife and a hiker who wanted to join us. We hit all 9 caches and hiked 9.58 miles total! The best part were the vistas where we had a view of all about 30 feet in the mist!!! So we just sat down and imagined what it must look like! Anyways, cool time. Bring lots of water, at least two slim bottles and some snack bars. We started at 10 am and finished around 5:30 (including Oakland Overlook which is a mile roundtrip in another direction!) A must for anyone wanting to grab 9 caches in one day! (I know you are out there! Pretty much 99% of the caching world!)
  9. It rained here over night but is holding off... Does it rain over by your cache? No Sir. I just got back I am soaked! You said it didnot rain by your cache. Sir, that was not my cache.
  10. I was at a recent CITO event and many cachers commented on wanting to try Night Sweats by HartClimbs. Night Sweats Anyone interested in forming a group to go out hunting for it? No date set yet, just looking for volunteers.
  11. Forecast has improved! 66 degrees - mostly cloudy Only chance of light showers later in the day. We will be done by then, right? right? Meeting at coordinates posted by Team Shibby ` 9:30 am - 10 am. (That's tomorrow May 2nd)
  12. Serg's new name is Tick Boy! Since they sure liked him...
  13. 10 caches and a CITO event... more than most. Thanks for a well planned day!
  14. Does anyone have official geocaching stickers (large and small) for the CITO memorial cache... last time I placed this ammo box the bomb squad found it!
  15. Congrats! Four hours for two cache finds. Hmmmm. At least both were FTF's! 2/10 average on FTF's only Stay Floopy and BassoonPilot have better ratios!
  16. After visiting sepentor site numerous times armed with a spoiler. I believe the cache is gone. 1. seRpenTOr caCHe - 1 find in 39 months
  17. The serpentor cache is gone. I have been up there twice since a spoiler hint from cache ninja and it wasn't in the spot he said 4qua5 - is still there though
  18. I hope to make it out there, haven't been out there before so should be fun. I will know nearer to the date.
  19. Thanks Kar and Brian, so there you have the parking coordinates. Latest meteorological report: Sun - May 02 - Showers - 73°/50° - 40% chance of scattered showers Let hope it's duff met.
  20. Give her a rake and bring her along . That's what my mum did to me for 30 years. I hope to make it.
  21. I meant 10% chance of rain! Anyways, we should probably meet up about 9:30-10:00. Brian any suggestions on the location? Bring insect repellant
  22. The weather is going to be partly cloudy, 10 chance of rain. 68 degrees... seems like nice weather. I am going to ask Brian the most opportune place to park and get coordinates posted for people.
  23. Would people prefer I pick a new date for Hiker series?
  24. No Way! Ticks suck (literally!), I got bitten 120 times in Peru in 3 minutes by Black Flies, mossies are a dream in comparison, but ticks... uck! I hate them! I hate them! I hate them! Mossies just bother you and bite, ticks sit in you. Cover yourselves!
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