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  1. Just some mutterings: Step 1: Someone tries to explain geocaching to you, you don't understand, but they sound so excited so you let me take you into the woods. You hear the word 'cash' and figure it can't be all that bad if you are getting paid. What? I have to leave something? Step 2: You find your first cache and immediately take the WG$ and the coins (even if they are foreign)... you are happy and excited and must by a GPS. Step 2a: Depending on your income level this intermediate step involves begging your friend who has a GPS to go caching... or even borrowing it for a while. (ranges from 1 day to 1 year) Step 3: Armed with your own GPS you now discover the nearest 1/1 suburban park cache all by yourself. You write 4 pages in the log book (which gets wet a day later because you didn't seal the cache lid properly) and gets stolen a week later. This is also the time discover: Travel Bugs. Immediately forking out $42.50 for six bugs! Still haven't figured out what GZ or TNLN SL means. Step 4: Now at your most experimental time of your caching life, you decide to go benchmarking and manage to find 4-12 before you realize that there is no log to sign and no one else on the site pays too much attention to them. Back to caching... You tell everyone you know about this new sport... Step 5: First to Find Challenge! You have now bagged 10-25 caches in the area (50% are virtuals the others are suburban 1/1s). You are determined to get an FTF and can't figure out why StayFloopy or BassoonPilot keep beating you to the caches... conspiracy theories form: Maybe they tip off NJ AdMin, maybe they have a PDA in the field and are constantly driving around waiting. Hmmm! Many possibilities... Step 6: Placing your first cache. You decide you have the perfect spot. You fill out the online form in 30 minutes (the wording, grammar and spelling have to be perfect!), submit the cache and the computer has timed out! DOH!!! You quickly reenter eveything and NJ Admin lets you know the 46 geocaching guidelines you broke... it's on private property, in the middle of a freeway, no you can't place it 364 feet from another cache... the cache has no logbook... etc. You argue and lose. Step 7: Your first DNF. Not sure whether to log it as a DNF or just a note, or not at all, skip that you were ever there searching fruitlessly for an hour (you tell people two hours of course) ... the decision that you make now shapes the rest of your geocaching career. Puts a crimp in your: #10 of 11 caches today log. Step 8: You have read other cacher logs and you now decide to go for a ***/**** madness cache... in your log you write the equivalent to a set of encyclopedia pitting yourself verses the beast of a cache... A true Herculean effort... etc. Step 9: You now think you are ready to help others with their caches and offer suggestions anytime you finish a cache. You carry your GPS everywhere you go, vacations etc. to bag caches in other states and countries. You also discover locationless caches and binge on those for a month... anything to boost your numbers! You stop trying to convince your friends that geocaching is trendy and all the cool people are doing (even though they are) Step 10: You discover a whole new world when you log onto the forums for the first time and find 20 people you have never met congratulating you on your 100th find!?! You now check the forums daily for new news and developments in the NorthEast Daytime TV Caching Soap Opera. You also painfully realize that you are never going to place more cool caches than BrianSnat, find more caches than StayFloopy, find more caches first than BassoonPilot, place cool puzzle caches as Kber, place plain hard caches as HartClimbs, write witty comments like JMBella and write cool logs like Planet. Your forum post number comes dangerously close to your total cache finds. But you love it anyways! You scan all areas looking the best way to snag more than one cache in a general area... Numbers obsese you, (but of course it's not about the numbers). Step 11: You attend a geocaching event and finally meet the people and faces behind the many e-mail exchanges, logs and forum posts. You share stories and bond until the wee hours of the morning. Other cachers notice quirks about you... funny you look fatter than your pictures, you have an accent? How come you don't type with an accent? Your find list moves above 200 and you are now clear on caches you prefer (I hate micros!). Your immediate area is clear of all easy caches and now, one by one you have to wade thru the tougher ones... you prefer to hunt in packs rather then in solitary. (preferably when the moon is full ) Step 12: You are now firmly engrained in the culture of geocaching. Whether you like it or not. You mention great caches you did to others and people look at you weird ?!? They say, that cache has been archived for 6 months! You archive your first cache since you do realize it was in a stupid location, and work on placing caches in really cool spots more than grabbing new 1/1s unless you can bag 6 on a hill. You pick and choose and don't feel the GOTTA GET IT NOW! Addiction you had before... My name is Avroair and I am a geocacher...
  2. Are you talking about Cicadas or Geocachers? Cause i know a couple of cachers who do bite
  3. Awesome time! Awesome turnout! (said with an accent! ) The Frantic Cachers, TeamDEMP, dhenning25, bldebabe, StayFloopy, Quoddy, Kar of Team Shibby, Batonka, haggaeus, lunaruby and Kathy, SERG312, ergo46 and our Host: HartClimbs!!! 15 Cachers! - Piece of cake, we will be done in 10 minutes, back to the car and off for wings and beer - of course it wasn't so easy But had a great time sloshing about looking for decoy markers! Thanks to all of you who turned up! Had a blast! And to Dr Evil HartClimbs for placing the cache. See you on the trails...
  4. I am planning to meet at 8:00 as scheduled, probably be totally dark by then considering the weather... it hasn't stopped raining hard in NYC for 3 hours!!!
  5. PARKING Parking can be tricky since there are a number of residential back streets, if you would like directions use the following link: Night Sweats Directions Good luck getting there!
  6. Latest Weather Report: Wednesday, May 12 Scattered T-Storms 83°/73° Chance of Rain: 40 % It is probably doing to be very muddy and bring water since it will still be warm!
  7. NIGHT SWEATS DATE: Wednesday, May 12th TIME: 8 p.m. WHERE: Meet at the starting spot: N40 45.275 W 074 22.746 PARKING: N40 45.067 W074 23.158 NOTE: Parking is in a quiet residential dead-end so please be discrete. Follow the path into the woods. You cannot access the cache from Route 24, or park anywhere along Route 24, despite the cache's close proximity WHAT TO BRING: Bug repellant and a flashlight (a big one, a really, really big one). UNFINISHED BUSINESS TIME: 5:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m. The rest is the same as above... Good luck to you guys on UFB!
  8. If you park at the suggested coordinates and head into the woods you can meet at the starting coordinates. The space is open and easy to find others.
  9. Awesome! Bring it on! Congrats to the team!
  10. AND he has done Melvin's Multiple Madness in New Jersey... Now if he would just place some caches for the rest of us.... Just Kidding
  11. Hmmm... There goes the integrity of no merchandising or sponsorships... your next cache will be sponsored by... Maybe we can form Professional Teams! And be professional cachers with sponsors like other sports! Actual team outfits with numbers on our backs! Anybody want to join me in purchasing an old yellow school bus, convert it into natural gas powered, grab 10 sponsors at $15,000 a piece and drive around the country caching?
  12. NIGHT SWEATS DATE: Wednesday, May 12th TIME: 8 p.m. WHERE: Meet at the starting spot: N40 45.275 W 074 22.746 PARKING: N40 45.067 W074 23.158 NOTE: Parking is in a quiet residential dead-end so please be discrete. Follow the path into the woods. You cannot access the cache from Route 24, or park anywhere along Route 24, despite the cache's close proximity WHAT TO BRING: Bug repellant and a flashlight (a big one, a really, really big one). NOTE the parking coordinates have changed! I misinterpreted them (again). The correct ones are posted above.
  13. Note: On Unfinished Business: Cut the blue wire...the blue wire! Anyways... just in case you didn't already know the traveling cache: Shen Ku is no longer there (despite it probably appearing on your mapping software). The parking coordinates i posted were wrong. I have updated them.
  14. Congratulations to The Iron Brigade and the Suffering Angels for solving the cache! Now what are they going to do while they wait for their caches to get approved?
  15. Work on solving Blood and Guts Virginia Other than that... come up with other stupid ideas to place puzzle caches.
  16. So is Hart really bringing a Keg and some food! I like food too.
  17. Cool! Now how do I make it an event?
  18. What name!?! Is there one yet? Shouldn't we come up with a name before we sign the log?
  19. Okay looking at the weather and talking with some of the cachers about conflicting schedules etc. Night Sweats Group Jamboree NIGHT SWEATS DATE: Wednesday, May 12th TIME: 8 p.m. (be there at 5:30 if you want to complete Unfinished Business First. It should take you about 2 hours to complete. Meet at the starting spot: N40 45.275 W 074 22.746 Parking coordinates below: N40 45.607 W074 23.158 NOTE Parking is in a quiet residential dead-end so please be discrete. Follow the path into the woods. You cannot access the cache from Route 24, or park anywhere along Route 24, despite the close proximity to the cache site. WHAT TO BRING: Flashlights are ESSENTIAL! Snacks and water. Look forward to seeing you there, (if I can secure a ride by then!)
  21. Wed May 12 Mostly Cloudy 69°/53° 30 % Thu May 13 Showers 68°/54° 50 %
  22. I live about 3 miles from West Orange? What do you need?
  23. There is a bridge crossing from parking area to UFB and Night Sweats. Night Sweats starts to the right near Route 24 on a small overlook, whereas UFB is all over the area What if we meet at the overlook between 7:30 and 8:00 - Sunset is at 8:02 p.m. Let's wait on the date until 5 days out. The weather report is more reliable then. Right now rain is forcasted for the 13th... but since they are not very accurate that far out... 12th or 13th, put it to a vote. I am free both days.
  24. I would think that is the least of our worries, the last group to team together to find it, Hart scared the sweaty daylights out of, and I quote: "Hartclimbs: I felt like a kid on Christmas morning watching them approach GZ, then got concerned when some of the party headed the wrong way (toward where I'd left tracks!!!). I heard BrianSnat find the footprints and figured it was high time to say hello! The million candlepower portable lantern was awfully handy for pointing out reflectors!" "NAtureBoy: Suddenly we were blinded by an intense beam of light and heard "NJ fish and game warden, can I see some ID please?" Fortunately it was only Hartclimbs who decided to lay in wait in some nearby brush (good thing we didn't cancel the hunt otherwise he may still be out there). "Brian Snat's response cannot be posted due to viewer discretion" "Kber I heard some excitement up the hill. Then I saw a beam of light that any prison yard would be proud to have. It was HartsClimbs laying in wait with his portable sun of a flashlight." Night Sweats
  25. I am putting together a 'personalized' cache called 'X-files' Cache concept: Each cacher who would like to try the cache will have to complete a 5 stage virtual multi, partly tailored to where he/she lives. Haven't got the whole concept down yet, (got the idea from another cacher while on the hiker series)... Anyways, I am looking for candidates for good potential virtuals in your hometown or close by. If interested, please e-mail me
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