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  1. The Evil Mastermind is still out free and threatening the world! No one has completed The Promethian League yet! (Kber... I mean rebK, doesn't count because he helped me beta test it ) Stage 1 of Mission 6 is back online! (Remember to complete 1 thru 4 in order to finish 6 and capture the evil mastermind!) CMHQ
  2. The Admin's assessment was fair. They have to think of the ramifications further down the road. Well, there is nothing stopping us from still doing it, just doesn't count as an event. But as the oh, so, trendy BrianSnat remarked: FlashMobs are so last year!
  3. The Admins had a group huddle and decided this isn't a good idea since we cachers could use it as a sidestep to just doing group hunts. This was not my original intention, but I see their point.
  4. Great Meeting You at McSorley's, Night Cache group hunt and Beer and Wings night. I have had the pleasure of caching in your hometown (and used the public transportation there!) and Prague will be gaining an excellent cacher! Hope to return there soon.
  5. Step 21 You help out a fellow geocacher who has lost their Blue Dog!
  6. We could have a Cache Flash mob event where all cachers arrive for exactly 10 minutes, talk about caching, exchange travel bugs then disperse... to go caching alone somewhere else. What do you think?
  7. Couldn't agree with you more Why have all the geocaches got to be at the top of the Mountain? You could put it at the bottom and add 'for a lovely view be sure to visit the top!'
  8. Harriman Pirates & Picnic Event Hey people, I have 10 planned caches I need help placing in Harriman before the event. I am planning on being in Harriman on Sunday 29th in the afternoon. If anyone would like to join me that would be great! I will be starting from the parking lot at Lake Kanawaukie e-mail me for a list of cache types and names
  9. Sunday the 27th - I have to drop off my cousin at the bus station then it off to place some caches. People can join me or just host them for me (I will place them). There are a bunch of caches to be had in the area already
  10. OH YEAH!!! I still have your Blue dog hostage, you had better be nice to me or the travel bug gets it! Don't make me cache on LI and paint your a** purple! Hey, BTW how do you log these yellow jeep travel bugs?
  11. i am planning on placing some this Sunday any takers?
  12. Oh yeah, and congrats to: piont for finding 100!
  13. I just noticed last week that this hike is in the shape of Africa! I was going to place 6 caches along here with a South America theme (since my 6 caches on the Africa loop in Harriman looks more like S.A.!!!) Tango, Samba, Amazon, Andes, Inca, Copacobana But now I have a multi to look forward to. Thanks!
  14. Have you seen this dog???
  15. Awesome time and I have a new travel bug out of it: Squealy's Blue Dog, please help him find his master
  16. I tried to fit Squealy's Blue Dog travel bug in the cache but it just didn't quite fit!
  17. Hey Sqealy! Got a new travel bug for you: Squealy's Blue Dog
  18. Congrats! On such a difficult cache. No one had found Buck Mtn Summit Micro Chalenge in 8 months!!! A micro is such a terrible waste... or was that a mine? Great caching with you!
  19. I thoroughly enjoyed today! The hiking was rough, all told about 9.6 miles for me, but well worth it. Great company and I was able to bag 7 traditional caches and 2 locationless Congrats to Squealy for making 500!!! Glad we found the dreaded micro, should be easy for people now. Yeah right!
  20. I'm always hungry so I'll eat your sandwich if you don't want it. Bring lotsa water and some snacks. I don't know the area well but we will probably be on our own with regards to food.
  21. There is a P for parking there. Is it okay to for public parking? Looked like a ranger road in. Here is the plan: Parking at Boy Scout Camp 1. The View 2. Assiniwikam Mountain Cache On to: 3. Mine is a terrible waste 4. Wyanokie High Point 5. Wanaque Overlook 6. Chikahoki Falls 7. Osio Rock Ramble 8. Sierra Bravo 9. Buck Mtn 10. Buck Mtn Micro Then we don't waste time at the Buck Mtn micro if we are short on time? We can also leave a car at Glenwild Ave. Directions: 287 N to Ringwood Ave. Exit follow Ringwood Ave North and turn left onto Westbrook Road Go along westbrook turn left on Snake Den Rd west Parking is at the end by the lake: N41 04.444’ W 74 20.861
  22. So what day of the week does your weekend start? You have driven over 100 miles on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Frid, Sat and Sun!!!
  23. That's me! BTW: Yes, you might have guessed, I grew up in Cali! It's a purse! It's a purse! It's a purse!
  24. Avroair is illegal for this event, but probably will turn up anyways...
  25. Do you have an event page with the details
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