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  1. Just had to let people know for cache mission 3, you are projecting a waypoint of 300 meters, not 300 kilometers! If you want to know the rest, hey, buy the rights... check the logs!!!
  2. Burn the witch!!! Burn the witch!!! Do newts float? I have been in California and seen some really cool Banana slugs!
  3. I'm game I have 4 travel bugs from California... oh wait, that isn't too far from Washington, nevermind!
  4. Batonka and BrianSnat had inquired about staying the night close to one of the shelters, I am game
  5. Hey Harrald, if you go to geocaching maps you can view all the archived caches in the area of your search (the default has them turned off).
  6. Taking Rte 17 north to 106 is the easiest and will take about 20 minutes (with no traffic of course)
  7. Hey JMBella, I clicked to congratulate you and got: Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Flood control is enabled on this board, please wait 30 seconds before replying or posting a new topic Guess the forum doesn't want me congratulating you!!! Congrats!
  8. avroair


    Some of your DNFs are also my favorite! Let me clarify, if I log a DNF I actually set out to look for it and made a concerted effort... otherwise I log a note. Explaining your circumstances carefully in a note or DNF usually prevents others from staying away... If someone hasn't found it, 90% of the time the cache is still there... if three DNF appear in a row, there my be a problem, but recently I was part of group that found the Buck Mtn Summit Micro Challenge. Hadn't been found in 8 months with lots of DNF. For me I like to know when people have searched for my caches. I like to know if the hints or the directions are misleading.
  9. I can do that too! But only when I've been drinking!
  10. I was hiking and caching in Harriman this past weekend and came across a whole bunch of Orange Salamanders. I counted about 15 along the path... they were out in full force!
  11. avroair


    Just curious... I spent my copious freetime at work this afternoon reading through past find and DNF logs for my caches. I periodically do this to see if I need to update the cache pages to clarify misleading directions or add a hint. From time to time cachers e-mail me for additional hints but have not left notes or DNF logs indicating they were at the cache GZ. How do you decide whether to write a Did Not Find log? For me, if I spent time at the GZ and couldn't find the cache, even if I am there only 5 minutes I log a DNF. If I can't open the container (frozen shut) I used to log a DNF, but now log it and state that in the log. If I make looking for a cache a specific goal and I can't even find the parking lot, I write a note. If I started the hike, but didn't reach the cache I log a DNF How do you log?
  12. To see Squealy moan about his lost blue dog... sure! I can still make it!
  13. With I could attend but I am away in Europe that week. Have fun and make sure Kber doesn't win again this year, I will never hear the end of it!
  14. I received my scheduled dropoff of buttons for the Africa Loop Series, so anyone who has completed it, e-mail me and I will send you one. Problem is, I will be in California for a week so I can't place them in the caches. Is anyone planning to do the loop July 4th weekend? And would volunteer to stash the buttons Avro
  15. Goal #1: Completed! 365 +1 caches in my first year. August 26. Done with two months to spare.
  16. Forum post reminder: Harriman Pirates & Picnic Ahoy there Land Lubbers! Don't forget to circle yer Captain's Log Calendars for July 24th. The event starts at 9:00 am with caching in da morning. Picnic & Lunch at noon. And a pirate team-group hunting event is planned for the afternoon. E-mail Captain Avroair with what yer be bringing for food. Caching buttons Pirate Caches Treasure chests and more...
  17. Sorry for your loss Sincerely, Avro
  18. Hello, My name is Avroair. I live in New Jersey, USA. I am trying to finish a locationless cache. I need to find a geocacher in Budapest. He or she must take a photo of their GPSr at the E-W coordinate: 18 33.1XX (X = any number). This is the cache. We can both log it. Where is a name? Geocache Please e-mail me at my username. Thanks, Avroair
  19. He did, and we pointed and laughed at him! He can see his dog on Saturday
  20. Agents of Team Shibby in for a little stealth hunting... Cache them if you can!
  21. The dog is going to Harriman! I won the wrestling match, I get to say where it goes! And it is going to Harriman! Or should I spraypaint it purple first?
  22. Congrats! Great meeting you at the Washington Park CITO event. Cheers to 100 more...
  23. I'll be there! But the wife can't make it, shucky darn . I was SO looking forward to us both being there.
  24. I can't make it due to being on vacation in Europe, but I will forward the note to my Scientific American buddies, maybe they can form a team.
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