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  1. Two important notes: With the spectacular help from Dave of TeamDEMP all 10 Pirates of Harriman caches have been placed. (1/2 have been submitted). They will be activated 24th July and I will also have cache sheets at the event. Hope to see all you land lubbers there!
  2. Modified need list: Here is a list of what we need: Please post a note or email me if you can take care of one or more of the things on this list. FOOD: Hot Dogs: Team Shibby Hamburgers: Hot dog buns: Team Shibby Hamburger buns: Condiments(ketchup, relish mustard etc): Potato Salad: SemperS Pasta Salad: SemperS Lettuce & Tomato Salad: Chips and dip 1: SemperS Chips and dip 2: DRINKS: Water1: Bldebabe Water2: Gatorade: Bldebabe Soda: Cooler with Ice1: Team BamBam Cooler with Ice2: Team Shibby Cooler with Ice3: Rum: Avroair, Just kidding! DESSERTS: Cookies: Team BamBam Cupcakes: SUPPLIES: Plastic utensils: TeamDEMP Charcoal and Lighter fluid, matches: BBQ tools: Avroair Table Cloth: Avroair Paper products (cups, plates): Avroair Paper towel roll, napkins: TeamDEMP
  3. Ooo... I know, I know... pick me, pick me! I have all kinds of experience with the media! Or was that the police dept... hmm... still coming along. I have 8 bugs for trade and a jeep
  4. Here is a list of what we need: Please post a note or email me if you can take care of one or more of the things on this list. FOOD: Hot Dogs: Hamburgers: Hot dog and Hamburger buns: Condiments (ketchup, relish mustard etc): Potato Salad: Pasta Salad: Lettuce & Tomato Salad: Chips, dips etc: DRINKS: Water: Soda: Cooler with ice: cooler with ice: Rum: Avroair, Just kidding! DESSERTS: Cookies: Cupcakes: SUPPLIES: Plastic utensils: teamDEMP Charcoal and Lighter fluid, matches: BBQ tools: Avroair Pirate Table Cloth: Avroair Pirate cups, plates etc.: Avroair Paper towel roll, napkins: teamDEMP Pirates Hats: Pirate Patches: Pirate Buttons: teamDEMP
  5. If it's well hidden coyote none of us see it. If it's not well hidden it's gone. Let's pretend 10's of thousands of caches are out there with no means to remove them. What percentage of litter is that in the world? What percentage is it compared to how much litter has been hauled out through CITO. This issue reminds me of something Ted Danson the actor said. He was speaking in front of members of the Green party and he declared that if we don't stop polluting the oceans at the rate we are polluting them today all ocean life will be dead in less than 5 years. He had facts to back up his statements. He said that over 10 years ago. You guys can act as hysterical as you want. I don't see the problem here. If you want to patrol the woods picking up caches that don't belong to you then go ahead. Plunder away. Onto some musings... GC.com promotes itself as a listing service, but that intrinsically sets up a situation where it shares the responsibility for caches, active and archived. There can be no set policy as to how archived caches should be cleared up, since each archiving happens under its own set of parameters and situation. I cleared up an archived cache the owner had abandoned. Others do the same. But maybe the admins should be given measures with which to effectively moniter what is being archived and the general status of each archiving: still in the field, cleared up, available but unlisted etc. I for one, would welcome the 'mine' cache page to be separated into active and archived! I hate having to figure out where to click to update cache pages.
  6. Congrats! Great meeting you guys, (after signing the confidentiallity agreement of course!)
  7. Maybe if you go for a cache over terrain 1.5 then you might have better luck? I find them easier to find.
  8. How many DNFs to go with those 22 finds?
  9. This was posted in the Northeast forum couple of months back, but I wanted to share it with others not from that forum. Enjoy. Just some mutterings: Step 1: Someone tries to explain geocaching to you, you don't understand, but they sound so excited so you let me take you into the woods. You hear the word 'cash' and figure it can't be all that bad if you are getting paid. What? I have to leave something? Step 2: You find your first cache and immediately take the WG$ and the coins (even if they are foreign)... you are happy and excited and must by a GPS. Step 2a: Depending on your income level this intermediate step involves begging your friend who has a GPS to go caching... or even borrowing it for a while. (ranges from 1 day to 1 year) Step 3: Armed with your own GPS you now discover the nearest 1/1 suburban park cache all by yourself. You write 4 pages in the log book (which gets wet a day later because you didn't seal the cache lid properly) and gets stolen a week later. This is also the time discover: Travel Bugs. Immediately forking out $42.50 for six bugs! Still haven't figured out what GZ or TNLN SL means. Step 4: Now at your most experimental time of your caching life, you decide to go benchmarking and manage to find 4-12 before you realize that there is no log to sign and no one else on the site pays too much attention to them. Back to caching... You tell everyone you know about this new sport... You start using the jargon TFTC, you use a huge 4" binder and spent 6 hours printing every cache within 30 miles of your house. Filing them into 'to do' lists and sections. You carry the binder in your car and lug it up mountainsides. You lament you forgot to decrypt the clues beforehand! Step 5: First to Find Challenge! You have now bagged 10-25 caches in the area (50% are virtuals the others are suburban 1/1s). You are determined to get an FTF and can't figure out why very experienced cachers with over 1000 finds keep beating you to the caches... conspiracy theories form: Do they tip off the AdMin? Do they have a PDA in the field? Do they cruise the highways with up-to-the-second telemetry telling them the quickest route to a new cache? Do they listen to woodland animals who spotted the cacher placing the cache? ... What inside information do they have? Hmmm! Many possibilities... Step 6: Placing your first cache. You decide you have the perfect spot. You fill out the online form in 30 minutes (the wording, grammar and spelling have to be perfect!), submit the cache and the computer has timed out! DOH!!! You quickly reenter eveything and the Admin lets you know the 46 geocaching guidelines you broke... it's on private property, in the middle of a freeway, no you can't place it 364 feet from another cache... the cache has no logbook... etc. You argue and lose. Step 7: Your first DNF. Not sure whether to log it as a DNF or just a note, or not at all, skip that you were ever there searching fruitlessly for an hour (you tell people two hours of course) ... the decision that you make now shapes the rest of your geocaching career. Puts a crimp in your: #10 of 11 caches today log. Your binder has now become a browned mess of soggy, illegible papers as you have dropped it in various puddles, streams, ant nests and other geographic features not mentioned in polite company. Step 8: You have read other cacher logs and you now decide to go for a ***/**** madness cache... in your log you write the equivalent to a set of encyclopedia pitting yourself verses the beast of a cache... A true Herculean effort... etc. Step 9: You now think you are ready to 'help' others with their caches and offer 'suggestions' anytime you finish a cache. You carry your GPS everywhere you go, vacations etc. to bag caches in other states and countries. You also discover locationless caches and binge on those for a month... anything to boost your numbers! You stop trying to convince your friends that geocaching is trendy and all the cool people are doing it (even though they are). Your daily routes to the office and or the shops become varied as you scoop up caches before, during and after work. 'Detour' is no longer in your vocabulary, the route was planned. You spouse looks at you strangely when you volunteer to goto the store or disappear after dinner. He/she suspects you are have an affair... with a girl called Magellan or a guy called Garmin. Step 10: You discover a whole new world when you log onto the forums for the first time and find 20 people you have never met congratulating you on your 100th find!?! You now check the forums daily for new news and developments in the Daytime TV Caching Soap Opera. You also painfully realize that there will be others who have more time to cache than you and seem to average 10 a day! (but it is not about the numbers). Your forum post number comes dangerously close to your total cache finds. But you love it anyways! You scan all areas looking the best way to snag more than one cache in a general area... Numbers obsese you, (but of course it's all about those smiley faces). Your lunch hours are spent printing cache sheets (you have learnt not to carry around the huge binder of all 500 caches nearest to your house as 14% are not available, 9% are achived, 2% are puzzle caches and 3% are missing when you get to them!). You spend more time logging your heroic DNF's than the caches and have given up placing a 'signature' item in everycache you find because it is just too darn expensive! Step 11: You attend a geocaching event and finally meet the people and faces behind the many e-mail exchanges, logs and forum posts and frustrating caches. You share stories and bond until the wee hours of the morning. Other cachers notice quirks about you... funny you look fatter than your pictures, you have an accent? How come you don't type with an accent? Your find list moves above 200 and you are now clear on caches you prefer (I hate micros!). Your immediate area is clear of all easy caches and now, one by one you have to wade thru the tougher ones... you prefer to hunt in packs rather then in solitary. (preferably when the moon is full ) You spent more and more time roaming the forums and notice your cache finds are getting dangerously close to your forum posts! Better type more stuff! Step 12: You are now firmly engrained in the culture of geocaching. Whether you like it or not. You mention great caches you did to others and people look at you weird ?!? They say, that cache has been archived for 6 months! You archive your first cache since you do realize it was in a stupid location, and work on placing caches in really cool spots more than grabbing new 1/1s unless you can bag 6 on a hill. You pick and choose and don't feel the GOTTA GET IT NOW! Addiction you had before... but trips, vacations and meeting friends in other parts of the country are now planned around geocaching. My name is Avroair and I am a geocacher...
  10. Here is a list of what we need: Please post a note or email me if you can take care of one or more of the things on this list. FOOD: Hot Dogs: Hamburgers: Hot dog and Hamburger buns: Condiments (ketchup, relish mustard etc): Potato Salad: Pasta Salad: Lettuce & Tomato Salad: Chips, dips etc: DRINKS: Water: Soda: Rum: Avroair, Just kidding! DESSERTS: Cookies: Cupcakes: SUPPLIES: Plastic utensils: Charcoal and Lighter fluid, matches: BBQ tools: Avroair Table Cloth: Avroair Paper products (cups, plates): Avroair Paper towel roll, napkins:
  11. Does that include swimming?
  12. I will be Harriman places caches for the event if anyone would like to join me
  13. Congrats! It was great to meet two of your members at the Beer & Wings night... I won't tell which two!
  14. Hey buddy. Congrats on a great milestone Ken! I will have to start placing more caches to keep pace with your finds!
  15. Thursday is fine. If you will have me along of course
  16. I would suggest to anyone to park in the parking lot off Mountain Ave if you don't want to walk up the hill on Fairview Ave. Either way is interesting.
  17. Come on this thread is ridiculous and going nowhere. Cache Ninja placed the caches and can therefore archive them whenever he/she wants, for whatever reason. Why are we debating if he/she should have archived them or not... as finders it is not our decision.
  18. I like to place caches so people say you Sneaky B@st@rd! I like caches with some flavor so people enjoy the cache hunt and have a chance to do something a little different. Or puzzle caches where they teach people how to use the GPS (Cache Mission) My Verona Park caches were placed with two goals in mind: 1. Get people to walk around a newly renovated park 2. Place two fairly easy caches for people to learn and for families to do Here is Brian's report which had me in tears. February 24 by briansnat (240 found) I was doing errands in the area and decided I was going to go for Avro's Green Man cache. Good thing I checked the website before I left, or I'd have been out on a wild goose chase. That's quite a story! Anyway, I decided to go after the Verona Park caches, figuring they'd be quick and easy finds. This one was pretty easy...at first. Got to ground zero and found the cache almost immediately. The only problem was that my hand was too big to fit in the hiding place to retreive it. I actually felt it with the tips of my fingers, but couldn't get a grip on it to remove it. Close, yet far! I then fashioned a tool using sticks, but they didn't do the job and in fact, they pushed the container deeper into its hiding place. It had been floating on water in its hiding spot and I think I may have breached the container and caused it to sink. Sorry! . I was determined to get it, so next I tried to build some stairs out of nearby materials to give myself a better angle. That didn't work, so I went to my car to find something. Well there was a lawn chair in the back (I had used it for ice fishing the day before), so I grabbed that. I got some odd looks from passersby as I walked through the park carrying a lawn chair, on this dreary, snowy day. Using the chair, I was able to get a look into the hiding spot, but the container was no longer visible. I guess I really screwed things up. After close to an hour of trying to retreive this thing, I gave up and headed over to the VP II cache. My apologies to Avroair messing this one up. I returned to check on the cache the next weekend. It was fine. And the remnents of his 'stair building materials' strewn everywhere.
  19. Terrain 4 as well!!! Some of the area is slated for development so get them while you can.
  20. I have no idea what you are talking about!
  21. My experience with the Admins had been that they have been very sensitive to the cache owners' needs. On my secret agent caches there was an old cache that hadn't been maintained for 4 months. The owner was AWOl and would not return my e-mails. Despite this, NJ Admin gave the owner 2 weeks to respond to his\her e-mails, and thus ample time to maintenance the cache. This was very fair all around.
  22. Congrats! What a milestone!
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