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  1. Nygo my Eggo! Just booked our hotel, so Avroair and Mrs Avroair will be in attendence. We are bringing hotdog buns, chips and some travel bugs from down south.
  2. Heeeey... I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of... (that's all of know of that song) Y M C A!!!! It's fun to stay at the Y M C A!!!! Friggin' David Cassidy!!!
  3. Isn't a brownie just a smaller version of a girl scout? That's a geocaching mini-skirt Now back to my medication...
  4. The cache missions ARE still lame, I just made you have to work for the lameness
  5. It would be the first or second weekend in September since I am off to Italy after that Can you say 2 new cache countries to my list!
  6. Cool, the British are coming, the British are coming, but don't worry, we're drinking the beer! Can you make it kinda close to NYC, if it's a school night, wife set me on a curfew after I got home at 4 a.m. from the last Beer and Wings night
  7. Moved to the main forum
  8. Cool two events in one day... a picnic and a beer and wings night! Make sure they are more than 522 feet apart, don't want to inundate the area with event caches.
  9. Congrats! Dhenning saves the world!!! Black Ops Team SplicingDan and Crouching Hiker complete 1-5! I will be at Mission 1, Stage 1 around 5:30 if anyone needs a little coaching on converting to UTM CMHQ out!
  10. Anyone who completed the loop before the buttons were there, and STILL hasn't gotten one, please let me know, I have a couple left. Floopy?
  11. I would have to nominate the snake handler Helmet of Skully & Mulder. I would be walking alongside him chatting when suddenly he would dive into the scrub, gone! There would be a lough scuffle, a couple of whacks with his walking stick, and his head would pop up above the scrub brush... he would dive back in and emerge with a 18 foot black anaconda!!! Kreiky! Not sure if he was handling it or it was handling him... anyhoo, I was sitting near by when he rolled over a log and grabbed a 1 foot baby... When asked if he saw the snake retreat under the log, Helmet replied, "Nope, just looked like a good place to find a snake!" I then very slowly inched off the log I had been sitting on... Here's to the Snake Charmer!
  12. I really enjoyed all of your caches and thoroughly enjoyed the group hike. I think Jonboy was refering to the parking lot activity, not your caches. Excellent placement. Each cache is now VERY full of goodies!!!
  13. Groundspeak sets the guidelines not me! I have a Geo sticker on the back of my car window, does that count as a geowindow? I got a yellow jeep for trade too. I will be at cache Mission 1, Stage 1 around 5:30 to coach people along
  14. I'm in, just name the date. As long as it doesn't conflict with the Silver Mine group hike, I mean event...
  15. I'm in, just name the date. As long as it doesn't conflict with the Silver Mine group hike, I mean event...
  16. Just a couple of notes: That would be me! And the cache was fine! When hiking at Bear Mountain Squealy some advice! Donot: "Give em the finger!" and "The ends DONOT justify the means!" JMBELLA: Two roads diverge And i took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference because now I'm screwed! See ya both tomorrow. Call me when you get stuck!
  17. For sometime, I have wanted to express my thanks to the all cache containers great and small. They do this at considerable personal expense (never complaining about it); a lot of time is spent just sitting in the woods waiting for the next cacher to come along and find them...sometimes even being criticized for their efforts and found by muggles or wild animals... often only receiving a simple “thanks” in the log entry and dumped back into their hiding spot. There are lots and lots of caches containers out there from the largest dumpster to the smallest micro and each plays such an integral part of this game we love... they are placed at the risk of offending by leaving some container out which I do not intend to do on purpose... I particularly would like to recognize ammo cans, altoids tins, tupperware boxes, decon boxes, magnetic hide-a-keys, pvc piping, bison capsules I have found examples of each of you and consider all of you great caches. My Geo-thanks to each and every cache container... PS- This is a joke.
  18. Cool Joe, bet that is the first cache you have hidden where had to do with a rock and not a stump or some other part of a tree!
  19. Ha, bloody ha! I disposed of the mag, despite the wife's best intentions... so back to my question why is it only the males that congregate...
  20. QUOTE] Darn. *puts ceremonial headdress and knife away* [ Be careful Pete! Floopy bushwhacks everywhere!
  21. I could make it a picnic event with a Star Wars theme... But then you guys would be chasing eachother around in the woods with red and blue painted mops... We shall have to see, the last picnic I organized went off pretty well... have to consult the Mrs. It would involve lots more gathering and not a group hike. Ancient Civilizations theme could be cool... the Aztec Adventure... but no showing up in ceremonial headdresses! And definately no sacrifices! They get messy! Hi Ho Silver Away!!!
  22. Still bruised from the Turkey Lake caches... ? Well, is anyone interested in another group hike and caching nearby: Silver Mine caches... No date set yet, either late August or early September... and interest?
  23. Yeah, perfect for singles to sit on lonely rocks and reflect... and for nude sunbathing... and for snakes to sun themselves... and for a snake handler to dive into the scrub and wrestle all local flora and fauna to the ground... Kreiky! That's a beauty! Did you guys ever find that Diary Queen? (other than the one on the rock?)
  24. Why don't you ask him, he already did another 500!
  25. Congrats! Do you need a hint for Caber Tossing? Are you certain you do?
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