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  1. Buy it does allow you the ability to look and see who has viewed your cache page, a very powerful tool when someone is messing with your caches.
  2. That explains how Monsieur sock Puppet attended the Ribs event!
  3. I was looking around the Northeast at caches and noticed a couple of Premium Member only caches. (the ones only open to premium members). There are barely any. What are your thoughts about premium caches? Also, are you a premium member why or why not? It's $29 a year for a subscription. Best $29 I've spent in the last year!
  4. I wrote about my group experience here: Today's Cacher
  5. I woudln't call it great in the class of the Hiker series, but there are enough caches placed in Rifle Camp preserve that a nice loop can be made out of them. Not as strenuous as most, and about 3 miles total. Harley's Hidden Cache Rolands Rifle Cache Sixth Sense - Reborn "343" There is also a final stage to a multi. No hide is above a 2 difficulty and the park affords a beautiful overlook view of New York City.
  6. Please note the keytags for the missions have changed color. If you find a colored keytag with a code on it, in the Final Caches changes are you have found the right one!!! (except for the red one in mission 2 which is a decoy!). Cache Mission HQ
  7. Ouch! That's a long way to drive. On another note: BlackBuck, dogs are welcome, you just need to have him on a leash until you get into the woods... the Rangers get all mad otherwise.
  8. The Evil Mastermind can be a slippery fiend! All keytags have been restored and the cache pages updated. Thanks to Kar of Team Shibby for helping me replace the stages gone lame.
  9. I generally feel that congratulating people individually is a nice quality that adds to my reading the forums. I think it should remain as individual threads, however I agree that the forum should probably be split into two parts. With DC area states becoming a different forum entirely. This is off topic, but it was brought up by a previous user. Milestones such as 100,200,300,400 should still be recognized until 1000, then 2000, 3000 etc. Just my e-pin-yun.
  10. The Cleveland event sounds like a blast. I would love a report. To answer someone's question: You WILL need a costume, you have to dress to look like a geocacher, I'm sure people have some sort of geocaching clothes lying around somewhere Format would be as each person arrives they will be able to select a 'character' (this will be a sheet with the traits and goals of the cacher, plus their cache. Every character will have sub-plots such as solving puzzle cachers, finding out who the Essex County ad-min is (another person at the event). Bribing other cachers, finding travel bugs, bribing admins and trying to get guidelines changed, getting caches approved etc. Ultimately, people will also try to discover who 'killed' the cache. There will be a cache pirate on the loose too. When you talk to or meet a person you can log their 'cache'. Travel bugs will feature with goals. (not sure if i want to make the children attending the travel bugs yet!). The currency will be WG$ which characters can use to blackmail, bribe, swindel and coerce other chacters to achieve goals. Not sure on the location yet. If anyone has ideas. There would also be a raffle for geocaching prizes.
  11. Fall Geocaching Murder Mystery Event I was thinking of putting together a Cache Murder Mystery picnic where people play a caching personality or character and have goals to complete while eating and chatting with others in the game. The ultimate goal would be to discover the cache pirate and who commited the cache murder! Any interest? Could host it at a park, rent a victorian hall etc. Would be for sometime in November or early December.
  12. Congrats! It was a delight to do a few of your caches!
  13. Well. The prankster is out there, just wanted to let people know. It isn't appreciated. This is a game and one person is ruining the experience for many. Cache Mission HQ signing off...
  14. Saturday it is! September 4th. We are meeting in the Silvermine parking lot. 9 a.m. The caches are in two loops so we can do one loop then see who wants to continue on. Perfect!
  15. avroair

    A Wager???

    Sweet! And I still have a wife!
  16. Okay back to the original post: 20 nearby caches, nearest is 5.2 miles furthest is 12.1 miles * 3 are in a state park you have to pay money to enter, will save those for when relatives are here * 3 are high on to do list but isolated and require planning * 1 is in a cool spot, but the Republican National Convention is in town next week * 3 I post DNF for and haven't gone back yet * 6 are new caches I haven't got around to scooping up * 1 is in totally the opposite direction than I ever go! * 2 are stupid and a waste of my time * 1 is a traveling photographers cache If my math is correct, then that is twenty.
  17. avroair

    A Wager???

    Ha, at least I have more benchmark finds than floopy!
  18. Hey there, I am planning a group hike for Harriman - Silvermine area. Friday September 3rd or Saturday September 4th. 12 caches in all not too strenuous. 1 - silver mine - GC50EE 2 - SKI TRAIL TO SILVERMINE - GC7405 3 - fl_4Xe - GCB866 4 - Shelters of Harriman: William Brien Memorial - GCHVWH 5 - Ski Lift - GC992E 6 - What's This - GC9CEE 7 - Yellow Trail Cache - GC4F60 8 - Hippo Rock - GCJWNJ 9 - Shelters of Harriman: Stockbridge - GCHVWM 10 - The Cave - GC9C5A 11 - Silvermine Overlook - GCFB9B 12 - The Lurker at the Threshold - GCHBNF But will take most of the day. Anybody in? Chime in about the date too?
  19. Thanks RickIII, these have been on my todo list for a while now. Haven't had time to go South and grab them.
  20. Can you give me a cache link as a reference?
  21. I stopped by my MI Mission caches today to find that someone had muggled the first stage to part one, (only a cacher would do this since it was altered with thought and the note replaced by a different printout). Inspecting each mission I found all the keytags were taken out of each cache. So either someone got really lucky and muggled the lot, a cacher completed the series with out logging it and took all the keytags or someone who had done them went back and muggled them. Please refrain from this. I will have to replace them all now and will have to archive them all if it happens again. I prefer not to spend my evenings replacing cache stages.
  22. avroair

    A Wager???

    30th - that's 4.2 a day It's official! I have more posts than finds!
  23. Congrats Pete! You truly are the master cache grabber! Are there any left in Harriman for you to go and get?
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