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  1. I'd like to disabuse people of the idea that the county park police are in some way Yeah, what Brian said. They are trained professionals since they seem to spot me transgressing from a mile off. To Hoopy Frood, Look on the bright side you can log your ticket HERE as a geocache find.
  2. Wow! What a cool day of hiking and caching. I think we did about 8.5 miles all told, one DNF and one hard one Thanks to Allez Comp for organizing and great meeting Tag-Team Cornell and Marty621 Had a blast... forward to Silvermine!
  3. I was going to post a silly pic but I realized that you guys were all going sentimental so I will have to go thru my cache pages to find a good landscape
  4. This coming week with Ken. My wife already has my bags packed.
  5. Don't worry, there will be 20 people standing there waiting for you
  6. Nice? You mean the caches or the officers? Both were.
  7. DNF - Deportation Next Friday! I think my wife tipped off the municipal police, she is always trying to move back to London. "Now, now... you can go caching in England too... and make some new geocaching buddies over there!" (She can be so patronizing!) (pronounced pat-ron-ny-zing)
  8. Gather ye rose-buds while ye may And this same flower that smiles today. (Errr... actually she does occasionally )
  9. Nah, I enunciated every sylable, word, adverb and gerund. Gets me out of a spot of bother quite often. Parlour games, old boy, parlour games. Spiffing wot! Tally ho! Now if I can just find that crumpet I was eating while typing...
  10. You can name if after my Great, Great Grand-daddy's book: Tom Sawyer's Fence
  11. NERD! THey don't have pop-up books for Hariman!
  12. Well, it happened again. I was at a cache today, crouching at some bushes when I heard" Can I help you" I didn't turn around and just said nah, I am looking for something. I then thought I should turn and there were 3 police cruisers and 3 cop cars. " What are you doing in there?" Since I had a GPS and cache page in my hand I told them the truth... Nuthin' Well... I then told them I was part of a scavenger hunt. And showed them my stuff, they checked my pockets, In guess in case I had a M16 hidden in there and asked me some questions. I answersed truthfully and they had asked if I had done any other caches. They had been tailing me since my last cache. I said yes, but hadn't found it (didn't want to let them know it was an ammo can). An officer took my license number down while another went to look for the cache (it was Power Trip 3, so I knew he was going to log a DNF!). He came back handed back my GPS and said I was stupid to park at a school (I was actually parked across the street). Anyhoo... after I explained the WG$ in my pocket they began to lose interest in me, myself and the geek that I am. They asked if there were any other caches... Yup, in 200 countries. That impressed them. He then asked if I wanted to finish my hunt. 'No thanks' My adrendaline is running a little too high and I think I crapped my pants. Barnes and Noble for the rest of the day will be fine by me. I wish I had a logbook for them to sign Well, they were about to leave and I realized that my car was .17 miles away so I ventured to ask for a ride. One officer complied, but asked if I was carrying a knife. No officer. (Phew! Glad I left the cutlass in the trunk!). He drove me back to my car and dropped me off just as all the kids were coming out of school. Many people just gawked at me, I said thanks and said "I'm undercover" to one of the moms. With that I stopped my afternoon suburban cache romp and went to Scourland Reservation for some quiet aone-time hiking in the woods.
  13. Hey Squealy, Didn't Joe jump down when the two of you did the cache? Other caches we are going to hit after: 13- Star Flag Brood X Hidden Valley Chimney Rock (2003) Western Stream View Friends and Heroes 10-Mile Canal Lock
  14. Or even just M Written on the logbook cover!
  15. Okay the route is not set in stone, but here is a list of the caches: 1 Copper Mine 3 (CU-3) 2 Copper Mine 2 (CU-2) 3 Go Copper Mining (CU-1) 4 Watchung Walk 5 Snuffy's Gulch by snuffy9999 (GC386D) 6 Dead Center 7 Reservation One by Davideo (GC301) 8 White Hot Cache 9 Steeps over Greenbrook 10 Reservation Two - Look Out! A couple are a little out of the way but I am sure the 2nd stages to the multis will fall in line. Nik has given us a good path to talk, he outlined it earlier in this thread. See ya Friday.
  16. Floopy's PLACING a cache? Cool. Meeting in the Silvermine parking lot at 9:00 a.m.
  17. I thought we were listing cachers we had MET and didn't want to meet again! Blast! Hey Ekitt10, At least at MY events everybody doesn't have to pick up trash to get a meal!!!
  18. They can't be, I heard that he has archived ALL of his caches and won't be placing anymore ever!
  19. I already met you! I only listed people I haven't met
  20. Thanks to everyone who has attended one of my events or found one of my caches. It's the reason I hide them.
  21. Well, more caching I guess. Unless we have a Beer and Wings night close by as an event
  22. I have been 'watching' this cache since May when I was made aware at the Washington CITO event. Many of the older New Jersey cachers have made the pilgrimage to find this cache. Are YOU game for a crusade! Where to Go, Vertigo! I am planning to grab the cache Saturday, September 11th
  23. I would like to meet from New Jersey: Mr Magoo Natureboy44 Team Ekitt10 (both of them) Harrald HartClimbs Kber Team Shibby (both of them) Brian Snat JMBella (I am talking about he dog) Squealy StayFloopy Skully & Mulder et al Gwho Jonboy PerfectTommy Planet Mopar and GeoHo TeePee And... any other geocacher either at an event or on the trails...
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