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  1. Mrs Avro is trying to skip out. Not sure about the second loop, I will figure out both with trail guides tonight. But there looks to be some nice trails around Bear Mtn. Hey Squealy, You're the one with the Harriman book!!!
  2. Congras Kar and Brian, you guys are the best!
  3. Not true. Since I never made the trip but worked on the cache in a group from my computer. Bu that is also the same as caching with others and just signing the log once one person has found it. The cacher never actually 'found' the cache.
  4. I know this thread has been around, but people have been caching alot recently and there are alot of newer cachers who have only been out 3-4 months. They can be tricky, physically difficult or mentally tough. List them, who placed them and why they were tough. Three of the toughest caches I have found: 1. Christmas Cache 2002 by Outdoorslady This was hard because it was up a mountain and I had already hiked 9 miles. 2. Passaic Hideaway By the Artful Dodger and Brian Snat. Just read the logs. 3. Not Far from a Tree By HartClimbs I had to keep going back cause I had to use my brains 4. No Moths Here By Natureboy44 It's a Natureboy44 cache what more do I need to say? (and cops will meet you at the final stage!) 5. JMB 61: Mayan Adventure By JMBella Cache page says it all: You're gonna get wet! BONUS: Blood and Guts Virginia (aka Iron and Stone) By Team Ekitt10 and Old Dominion But it doesn't count since I was only a group member. If you haven't tried any other these, they are well worth the visit!
  5. Ergo46 you are the most fortuitious and patient cacher I have ever met. Carrying your 7 year old on your shoulders for 3 miles along the trail. Hats off to ya. I would probaby leave him at home for the Lake Welch hike, it terrain won't be any better!
  6. Yeah, the cops ran away after I said "Frisk me again for the 5th time" Works like a charm Can't wait to try Power Trip 1 and 2 to see who will be waiting for me there. You guys post WAY to quickly in the forums, ain't ya got anything better todo? I don't want to meet any of you!!!! HartClimbs - cause he makes me go and find his finds twice Natureboy - cause his caches are guarded by cops BrianSnat - because he places caches faster than I'm finding them --- and he now is hallucinating about Fluffy Pink Bunnies! JMBella - cause he causes bar fights! Squealy - cause he's a friggin' LIer MacAtac - cause after we finish a Harriman group hike, he goes off and finds 10 more! Skully and Mulder - cause if I had a little army to search an area I could find cache quicker! TBB and BM2 - cause they are not good role models for my wife who barely lets me cache as it is!
  7. Seems some people have no respect for others or themselves and have to resort to stupid pranks to keep their lives meaningful. One way to beat them just ignore them and replace the cache.
  8. The Welch Lake area is definately easier than the last one at Silvermine. We could hit the two below then meet at one to do the others. There will be no rush, since this isn't as far.
  9. Which cache was it? I never find caches quickly: This Cache!!!
  10. Would people prefer it in a park for a nominal fee or pay for a rented place? WHICH WOULD BE BETTER? LMK
  11. Lake Welch Hiking Loop - Eight caches total, in no particular order Saturday - September 11th. 1. brokedown palace 2. freedom fighters 3. Beech trail 4. Mac-28 Irish Mountain 5. Nickel Mine Cache 6. Tiorati Brook Road 7. Shelters of Harriman: Big Hill 8. The Mystery Cache 1 Or a hike at Bear mountian where there are 18-20 caches, the terrain is ruggard. More info tk. Hey Pete, is there a parking lot nearby?
  12. There is now a fence guarding the cache spot. Maybe not a good idea until the cache owner can confirm it is okay.
  13. Great job Agent Tarzan! Keep on caching! Cache Mission HQ
  14. I was doing a group hike in Harriman, Silvermine area yesterday and today my wife found a deer tick on me.
  15. Wife found a very small deer tick on me today. Guess they do have them at Harriman. It hadn't burrowed in yet.
  16. The police were not so concerned about parking across from the school. They were more concerned that I had the GPS and was looking for a container. All three were actually very polite and cordial in an aggressive sort of way.
  17. Hey! I didn't find it! Someone told me about it!
  18. Wow great day. We started at 9:20 a.m. and finished the first loop by noon. Then onto the second loop and then a bushwhack and the last cache (Lurker) was amazing! All told we got back to our cars again at 5:20 p.m. Just over 10 miles. And I am beat!
  19. Not sure Joe, but you can wait in the parking lot and call us on the radio. Probably 2 hours.
  20. Can people post character personality ideas? Such as: Name: George Launders Experience: newbie Cache Type: WG trading post Personal: Collects as many WG$ as he can Name: Rocky Crevice Experience: pro Cache Type: hiking ammo can Personal: Likes hiking and placing caches among boulders Name: Loopy Jack Experience: veteran Cache Type: mulit loop Personal: Enjoys loop trails
  21. We followed your advice: Copper Mine I Whachung Walk - DNF (probably gone) Dead Center CU 2 Snuffies Gulch CU 3 Back to the cars parked at pond beginning with 'S', western spur Reservation 2: Lookout! Steeps over Greenbrook Went and parked back on the road: Reservation one White Hot cache Then got Thirst Quencher nearby on way home. Track log said 8.9 miles.
  22. I merely parked across from the school. The cache was .15 miles away, over by some power lines Nah, just get him to sign the logbook!
  23. Sounds like another travel bug idea... quick distract him Joe!
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