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  1. Went out to check on all the cache missions. All cache mission are up and running again. Stage 1 for Mission 6 is operational. Congrats to the following agents who have preservered through the ordeal or double agents, spies, faulty equipment and CMHQ bungles. * * * Cache Mission Roll of Honor * * * Kber dhenning25 BassoonPilot SplicingDan Crouching Hiker, Hidden Cache Team Shibby BMSquared If any of you know the new combo 'deactivation code' to the lock box at mission 5 please LMK.
  2. Can't help you with the wife thing... I have problems with that too. You can actually log Balderdash straight from your computer. J/K I finished this marvelous cache last weekend and there were alot of bikers out. There is in fact a couple other geocaches along the Patriots trail. Sierra Bravo Foster Fields Patriots Path And a couple others I can't remember. Another geocache (multi) along bike paths is: Bergen County Parks You can also do my cache missions with a bike (if you can find the first stage that is! )
  3. In case you don't know who Floopy is, he is the guy on the far right, here with some other cachers. He only had 643 finds back then!!! My favourite Floopy cache: HERE!
  4. Best of friends, but where is the Pavillion?!?
  5. I was MORE afraid of falling in the water like Joe than the spider!!!
  6. Hey Hart, sorry I can't reach Morristown from my computer. J/K - My wife works there so I am over there quite often. Yes, this would be for the murder mystery. I love Tourne park, however, don't remember seeing a pavillion. Now that I have received a whole bunch of answers (thanks!) can people name a favorite? I am looking for something that can house 40-50 with food and people can then mingle.
  7. Hey guys, I am looking for a park to host an event that has a pavillion area in case of inclement weather. Know any?
  8. Well, we all parked at the wrong lot, but we managed a decent 8.3 miles and 7 caches today... (I am talking about me and Dave!). Thanks for attending! Next weeks group hike will be in Rome.
  9. Why be average?!? Come on lucky answers, come to papa...
  10. I am trying to figure out a location does anyone know of a park which has a large pavillion with benches etc. (In case weather is not so good!). The Rev. Green
  11. The Lake Welch would be a morning hike meeting at 9 a.m. in the Parking area at Tiorati Brook Road. (The more northerly parking lot). I just threw the other out as an afternoon option.
  12. If we are at the event and DON'T congratulate Floopy on his milestone should we log a DNF?
  13. MALE 35-44 $60 - 100K California Oregon Washington
  14. Congrats Dave, great caching with you
  15. Afternoon Hike. Parking at: N 41 17.318 W 074 01.404 * Hike down bike trail to Appalachian trail 1. Bike Trail number 2 2. Anthony Wayne Trails no. 2 3. Beechy Bottom Road 4. Cat's Elbow * Take Ramapo Dunderberg (red blaze) 5. Lost in the Ozone 6. Trepidation * Continue on Ramapo Dunderberg (red blaze) 7. The Pavement Ends 8. Break dem Bones - this is going to suck! * Come back down to pleasant valley road 9. Herbert Mine 10. Shelters of Harriman: West Mountain * Backtrack and take Timp Tourne to White blaze back to the car.
  16. Hey dboggny, When are you planning your "Central Park by Night" cache or event?
  17. Ain't you guys got anything better to do than dream about being frisked! Anyways, I could archive my cache, but then my account would be suspended for setting up a temporary cache. I can work with you on this TBB if you would like since I know the area fairly well.
  18. I am in for a hunt but might I humbly suggest you time it with the tides. I recently spoke to the cache owner who informed me that it is best to attempt: a. during the last fall b. during low tide I have been to stage one and the muck, horse flies, mosquitoes and general filth are very bad at this time of year. Otherwise good luck
  19. Great gesture! I for one, am glad all the dirty laundry has been aired. People learn from mistakes, not from success. It has certainly peaked my interest for next year.
  20. Generally within 1-5 days. The caches depend on a couple of factors and tips: 1. If it is a mystery/puzzle cache or a multicache then the reviewer needs to verify each leg of the multi or puzzle so it may take longer. You should supply coordinates for each stage and explain where they are located. Make sure you follow the 528 feet guideline, unless you have a really, really, really good reason why it has to be closer to another cache. 2. Make sure the reviewer knows that cache is all set up and that there is a pen and log in the cache. These components are essential. 3. Give detailed information about any potential things that may need clarification, this will reduce the questions the reviewer has to ask and will limit the e-mail back-and-forth which delays the approval process. 4. If something feels like it could potentially break the guidelines, make sure to remedy it to conform before sending your cache for approval. 5. Be patient! 5. If that all fails: Send $50 to BrianSnat, HartClimbs or Mopar in hopes one of them can speed along the process. Just my 2 cents, hope these help.
  21. Okay, I have mapped out a route with little bushwhacking for the morning loop. Afternoon loop tk. Parking at Tiorati Brook Road * Red cross (Red blaze) trail, north 1. cassidy * Continue along Red Cross trail to Beech (Blue blaze) 2. Tiorati Brook Road * Continue down Ranger road to Nickel Mine 3. Nickel Mine * Backtrack along ranger road, take Beech southwest (Blue blaze) 4. Beech Trail 5. brokedown palace 6. freedom fighters * Continue along Rockhouse Mtn ranger road to an unmarked ranger road * Pick up the Red Cross trail, past Hasenclever Mine and back to the lot To do: 1. Mac-28 Irish Mountain 2. Shelters of Harriman: Big Hill 3. The Mystery Cache 1 We will have to park at alternate lots. * Total trip should be about: 4.5 miles, if we start at 9 a.m. grab the other 3 then head up to Bear Mountain for afternoon trek by 12:30 - 1 p.m.
  22. There is now another group forming, I believe.
  23. Me too! That's why you get a group. So some can do the physical, some can do the mental and some can do the psychological. All three are needed. The cache is unlike any other I have been a part of. It is physically, mentally and pshycologically more chalenging than 99.9% of the other caches out there and its very nature is more intimidating than most others. It trully is a quest with a variety of skill sets needed.
  24. HA HA HA!!! I got "Flood control is enabled on this board" when I tried to click a response, fitting since it is raining sheets here!!! Avroair (99.9% chance) and hopefully wife (63% chance) will be attending. We are new to this area so please be kind to us.
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