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  1. Shouldn't we be respectful of eachother's property. Permission is not an issue here, it is courtesy. Each time we act hot-headed and entitled about our sport another location will become off-limits. Personally, I would contact the LB and see if there is a resolution both can adhere to. Otherwise, find another spot, I am sure there is at least one other spot in the whole park!
  2. In my short caching experience caches are frequented more often when: 1. They are close to other caches - thus saturating the area with a bunch people can do in an afternoon 2. They are easy 3. They are well executed (such as a neat idea or cache container) and develop word-of-mouth I prefer #3 to the first two, but if your goal is to have as many people as possible find it I would try and incorporate all three.
  3. Hey there, I am not sure if this is posted in the right spot. But here goes... I am curious if it could be possible to incorporate two pages for 'my caches' the first being active, the second being archived Currently they are all on the same page. I understand that they eventually filter down to the bottom after find logs are added, but when I post an event. It will go unfound for a couple of months until the actual day of. how do other people feel?
  4. No no no, not subscribers only. I just need to get a count and to give people their character sheets in advance.
  5. The Old Tourne dead! Police suspect foul play All geocachers are cordially invited to take part in a murder mystery called “The Old Tourne’s Auction”. Following the tragic death of the Northern New Jersey’s oldest geocacher, his famous artifacts are being sold to the highest bidder. We would welcome your presence at this auction and to the reading of his will. This will take place on November 14th, 10 a.m.-11 a.m. registration. If you plan on attending please make a note on the event page so we know the numbers. Yours faithfully, Robin DeNiro (Avroair) The Event
  6. avroair

    The Basics

    Oh you are so caught! JMbella, I saw you wearing that 'man-bag' it was so dainty and purse-like, you couldn't fit the cache you were carrying in it!!! Want me to pick you up another in Italy?
  7. That's awesome Neil! Make it a two stage multi - first stage near you, second stage at the other cacher's place!!!!
  8. I heard virtuals don't count! Guess you couldn't wait to for someone to start a milestone thread for you!
  9. Probably a hungry geocacher...! They have been known to do strange things
  10. Do event caches apply to the 528 foot rule? Cause the cache is right there!!!
  11. Okay, the Tourne park pavillion is looking good. i need help with someone from Morris County booking the reservation. In Morris county $75 + $25 (beer and wine fee) Out of Morris county $150 + $25 (beer and wine fee) I will pay, just need a reservation from someone in this county. Also, need coordinates for the pavillion. Got any?!?
  12. Any people interested in helping out with logistics let me know. I shall be recruiting you at Floopy's 3000 bash so beware!
  13. I am really sad I will be missing this one. Hi to Rusty, Mrs Rusty and Marc. Avroair and Mrs Avroair will be in Italy.
  14. avroair

    The Basics

    This was in the main forums, but I am bringing it here for a Northeast perspective. I have a backpack just about ready to go with all my geocaching stuff in. BESIDES the GPSr, here are my 7 essential goecaching items, what are yours? 1. DEET 33% - back you fearless little pests! 2. Powerbars and trail mix - humming like a dutch oven! 3. Orange 'Life is Good' T-shirt and backpack - tried bareback, not good 4. Digital Camera - to take pictures of locationless caches on the way 5. 4 32 oz bottles of H2O - dehydration is your worst enemy! 6. cellphone - to use the 'call a friend' lifeline 7. sunglasses - so I can see in the dark Close but not necessary: cache pages & spare batteries
  15. Yeah cause you're gonna be at Disneyland on the 13th!
  16. I shall call the reservations again tomorrow. I called at 4:20 today and they were already done for the day! Tough life!!! What about the weather in November (13th or 14ht)? It should hold right?
  17. What time does the park close? (is it open during the winter?) and is the pavillion available during the fall and winter? Do we need a permit or to reserve it? This one looks the most promising.
  18. Hey guys, This is a thread about Floopy's accomplishments. Not about BP, AD or S&M. So talk about Floopy 'kay. He is the one on the right, although, he made a quick switch to his BrianSnat suit! Proof they are the same person!!!
  19. By the snake do you mean that little toy you were playing with?
  20. Look over at the Floopy event photo.
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