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  1. Geoswag and Pin club I have a few event versions left over if anyone would like to buy 1, they are $10 each or $19.00 for two + shipping. They are trackable with a unique icon. Shipping international will be expensive but we can work something out. Email me: avroair@sbcglobal.net
  2. Geocoinfest was conceived in 2006 and went to Temecula, CA in 2007. 2008 saw it travel to Steel City: GCF Pittsburgh 2008. The following year it traveled to the Crossroads of the West and Salt Lake City. The Event moved north to the Twin Cities 2010 (Minneapolis). Then east to Charlotte, GCF 2011. Last year it hopped up a Mile High to: Denver and this coming fall what happens at Coinfest Las Vegas stays at Coinfest Las Vegas! And it is time to start thinking about where the event should move to in 2014 and beyond? If you want to host it, put together a team, a plan and a vision and then a bid. Some things people need to think about: * this event(s) take time to pull together, at least 7 months * the Geocoinfest is held in the fall typically on Columbus day weekend * the city needs to have a major airport that is generally accessible * city needs to have nearby attractions rather than just the coins and caches * there needs to be ample hotels in the area * geocoinfest is typically an indoor event; the actual event site needs to hold a mega-sized crowd * there needs to be 2 (preferably 3) local coin coordinators, we need coin people, not just general cachers * vendors are not allowed to bid, this is a conflict of interest * need to work within a team environment Bids are due June 1st, 2013: Previous organizers of Geocoinfests will receive each bid and vote on their merits under 10 criteria. There will be two finalists. This will be finished by August 1st. The winning bid will be announced at Geocoinfest 2013 in Las Vegas. I have a sheet of what to expect if anyone is interested, I also have the bid proposals that can help. If you know your city would be good to host a mega event, post it here! And see if other cachers in your area concur!
  3. I never realized Africa looked that shape on it's side. Cool! At first glance i thought it was Australia.
  4. I design coins for fun. So no, it's not stressful. The process of design is different for every coin I have done. Some I have an idea, sketch it and it's done in 30 minutes others percolate for years, others I join forces with another designer... all depends on the coin. Minting a coin is easy but can be stressful: it all comes down to communicating clearly what you want and how you want it. Coins can be fun and profitable, don't need to break the bank.
  5. Found a 2003 USA geocoin in a cache: 2003 USA Geocoin Loved the icon, then went looking for more icons, which led to me making a personal coin in April of 2004 and trading with Moun10bike. Moun10bike 285 (please don't virtually log it)
  6. Just wanted to give people a sneak peak for the May club coin and my annual King Tut Pyramid Event. Worked with an artist on this one for a long time and it finally came to fruition. I'll post the samples pic later. This will be the last one I am doing in a while.
  7. The events went berry, berry well! I have been asked multiple times what versions\editions are out there. Sadly there is no b0tl database but here are the versions, I don't have the minting numbers for the event versions, nor do I plan to post them here. Mountain berry pie (Colorado) Peach pie (Georiga) Plum pie (Washington) Blueberry pie (South Carolina) Green Apple pie (Utah) Mulberry pie (Minnesota) Apple pie (New Jersey) Key Lime pie (Missouri) Cherry pie (Michigan) Strawberry pie (Texas) Pecan pie (Florida) Pear Pie (Indiana) Radioactive Neon Pie (Cache Addict) 42 made Pumpkin Pie, XLE 12 made Mud Pie (Artist Edition) 25 made
  8. My event went really well, although my participation was cut short due to work schedule. I sold all the coins I had in hand for the event. I set aside a few for trades so if anyone is interested in the Plum version let me know.
  9. They have been sold out for over a year.
  10. Here are some pics: Artiste Edition Verde Azure Rosetta Viola Soleil + pin
  11. Verde is available on Geoswag. I also have a couple of each to trade if anyone is interested.
  12. So I did a Pi event for March 14th, (3.14) The front consists of a Greek and Math design based on the antique origins of the Pi Math number. The back is a Pie Washington's version is a purple and gold, Plum pie: There are Minnesota = mulberry pie Georgia = peach pie South Carolina = blue berry pie Texas = strawberry pie Michigan = cherry pie Utah = pear pie Indiana's = lemon meringue Missouri's = key lime pie New Jersey = apple pie Florida = pecan pie Colorado = currant pie There will be some available on cacheaddict's website in mid-March Cache Addict = black berry pie (radio active glow) Cache Addict = pumpkin pie AE = mud pie
  13. That looks about right for the coin of the month. It's all coming back to me now! Viola (purple edition) - shiny gold Azure (blue edition) - nickel Rosetta (red edition) - shiny gold Verde (green edition) - shiny gold Soliel (yellow) - shiny gold (club edition) Artist Edition - satin gold
  14. Here's a bad mint pic. I'll post the other versions when I get pictures. Club coin: Soliel (orange and yellow): There are: Azure (blue) Viola (purple) shown below Rossetta (red)
  15. maybe they should quit sponsoring bike races to the tune of millions of dollars a year. what do they get on that return? lance armstrong. It's not really all the post office's fault, it's hamstrung by Congress. And a couple million dollars is nothing compared to the $5.5 billion default on loans and lost of $12 billion since 2007. Stamps should be $1.00 --- not the annual 3 cent raises. And they should phase out operations that nobody uses, such email replacing regular mail (20% down and 12% loss in revenue), but the USPS costs have not adjusted accordingly... it's still cheaper than UPS or FED EX on most packages.
  16. I messed up on a couple of coins and used the wrong column. No biggie. Just getting a couple of coins I wasn't looking for. Edit to add: Thanks for setting this up Chuck! Overall happy to get some different stuff!
  17. For a small coin the rates are now flat to Europe at $6.55, over 1 oz (most coins) $9.55 for 2 oz $12.55 --- which is usually 2 coins... Huge increases!
  18. I think one of the samples came out looking like that! The black nickel on black nickel with a touch of black added.
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