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  1. I am having a Murder Mystery event and could use some creative character personality ideas? I have listed 4 below can you come up with others? Such as: Name: George Launders Experience: newbie Cache Type: WG trading post Personal: Collects as many WG$ as he can Name: Reed Cashpage Experience: newbie Cache type: hasn't placed one yet Personal: can't follow cache directions Name: Rob Trinkets Experience: newbie Cache Type: Tupperware Personal: always removes items from caches without trading Name: Rocky Cravass Experience: veteran placer Personal: Likes hiking and placing caches among boulders Name: Dee Eneff Experience: mixed Personal: someone who regularly can't find caches Name: Smile Ohyeh Experience: pro Personal: always logs a cache as a find Can you think of anymore?
  2. There are also region forums led by local groups that I believe people post to.
  3. As usual... Brian was the last to leave another Beer and Wings night event. Rumor has it he almost posted a DNF, but then remembered that he DID actually turn up! I would have been right there with him, only the wife peeled me away to go home. Thanks for the pint, Kevin, Kar, Hart and whoever else bought me one, I owe ya! (sweet! they have a ninja frog!)
  4. My wife and I and a friend are going up the weekend of the 15th-17th. Is anyone else from New Jersey or NYC area going up? Just curious.
  5. "I Know what you did Last Group Hike" Group Hike... Saturday, October 23rd. Mahlon Dickerson Reservation (in no particular order): 1 SESE 0.2mi Multi-cache (3/3) Size: Other 3 May 04 Driving Boulders in the Woods by Treequest (GCJC7V) New Jersey 19 Sep 04 2 EE 1mi Traditional Cache (2/2) Size: Regular 27 Jun 04 Roosters Potato Head Cache by yeolwoodsman (GCJV27) New Jersey 26 Sep 04 3 NENE 0.5mi Traditional Cache (2.5/3) Size: Regular 26 Jul 04 David’s Rock Collection Cache by treequest (GCK3F7) New Jersey 3 days ago* 4 SESE 0.9mi Traditional Cache (1.5/1.5) Size: Regular 16 Mar 02 Needful Things VI by Skully Mulder et al. (GC42EA) New Jersey 29 Aug 04 5 Here Traditional Cache (1.5/2) Size: Regular 1 Dec 02 Highest Point in Morris County by Skully & Mulder et al. (GCB099) New Jersey 03 Sep 04 6 NENE 0.7mi Traditional Cache (2/2) Size: Micro 19 Sep 04 TRL Highlands Hike by Team Rampant Lion (GCKKEB) New Jersey 3 days ago* 7 SESE 0.9mi Traditional Cache (2/1.5) Size: Regular 21 Sep 03 Remembering Gerima by lakelady & Joisey Girl (GCGVGY) New Jersey 24 Sep 04 8 EE 1.4mi Traditional Cache (3/1.5) Size: Micro 28 Nov 03 Creative Cache II by Skully & Mulder et al. (GCH9KT) New Jersey 19 Sep 04 9 SESE 1.5mi Traditional Cache (2/2) Size: Regular 26 Sep 03 Ski Bowl by Skully & Mulder et al. (GCGZ2G) New Jersey 26 Sep 04 10 NENE 1.1mi Traditional Cache (2/2.5) Size: Regular 12 Sep 04 Broken back in the woods! by Tick Magnets (GCKHNB) New Jersey 3 days ago* 11 SWSW 1.3mi Traditional Cache (1.5/1.5) Size: Regular 30 Oct 02 Autumn at Saffin Pond by Skully & Mulder et al. (GCA2B8) New Jersey 25 Sep 04 12 NENE 1.5mi Traditional Cache (2/3.5) Size: Regular 12 Sep 04 TRL For Love of The Highlands by Team Rampant Lion (GCKHN2) New Jersey 3 days ago* 13 NENE 1.8mi Traditional Cache (2/3) Size: Regular 5 Jun 03 Recycled Cache by Skully Mulder et al. (GCG7ZB) New Jersey 7 days ago* 14 SWSW 1.4mi Traditional Cache (2/2) Size: Regular 14 Jun 04 Uncle Toms Treerock Cache by treequest (GCJPW7) New Jersey
  6. Congrats again Floopy, I am sure you are well on your way to your next milestone!
  7. She's warming up to the idea of me caching... I think. I believe it was a baby back ribs night
  8. Congrats to Floopy! The event was a blast... At the end there was Skully and Mulder, BrianSnat, Kar of Team Shibby and Hartclimbs... all still standing! I felt like such a newcomer!
  9. The Blue Grotto, Capri. Cost 12 euros to take a boat over to it - you then wait 45 minutes for a smaller rowing boat to take you to another boat where you pay another 8.8 euros for the priviledge of floating around in the grotto for 2 minutes. 1 euro = about $1.25
  10. Perhaps, just maybe we are placing too many caches out there too quickly. I just did a pocket query for around the Floopy event and came back with 60 caches within 5 miles!!! I'll be at the event maybe by next Thurday...
  11. Silas Conduit Sounds like some shady character from my Murder Mystery! ! !
  12. Brian is already going to be at the event tomorrow.
  13. Wow David, Thanks for the tender hearted reminder, I almost forgot.
  14. That's why we are congratulating Floopy on his 3000th find tomorrow and Brian is still sitting on 277. But Brian has been to more Beer and Wings events than Floopy!
  15. There is no electrical outlet at Tourne. Anyone have a generator?
  16. As in all matters, the situation is not black and white and the situation stated above falls into a gray area and merits the decision made. I did that once and I won't be doing it again. I got into too much trouble with them (my own fault). I choose to follow a model of another caching event but I planned poorly for the outcome. I will be adopting a better way of placing event caches, ones that are less permanent Thank you for the clarification. You have set my mind at ease, I was looking at this from the perspective of the finder, not an approver.
  17. Power lines are no good though, I have had two incidents with local law enforcement about that. They are not keen about ammo cans placed over gas pipelines either.
  18. So please let me get this straight: If you post an easy drive-and-dump cache you get to jump the line over a more rewarding multi or creative cache? Isn't that sending the wrong message to geocachers who place caches? Or is this the direction the GC.com people have decided to take in? I enjoy tougher caches. (Still my humble opinion) I don't pretend to understand the intricacies of cache approving and all the history attached to how things are done and what works best, but I believe that each cache should be reviewed in the order that it was recieved. I understand it 'clogs' the system, however caches are taking 5-7 days for approval anyway. EDIT: I am not trying to rant here, I am just worried by the above quote and its implications to cache placement.
  19. He's a maniac, maniac On the Tear... and he's looking like he on a caching tear! Congrats Pete. When do you actually work, according to the logs it would seem between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. Congrats!
  20. We have had this conversation before: Queens and Brooklyn are both on LI!!!! Last time resulted in a cache challenge!
  21. Avroair cylinder permits cost $50 I believe.
  22. Basically, I am looking for 2-3 coffee carriers that hold coffee and decaf for about 50 people (50-100 cups?). I would also like to have something with hot chocolate for those who don't drink coffee. I have to call the Tourne people again and see if they have an electrical outlet.
  23. Containers for keeping coffee I guess, I don't know what there is out there.
  24. Hello, I am looking for a couple of large coffee containers to have at the murder mystery event November 14th. Does anyone have access (without stealing) to one or two?
  25. This kind of got off topic, however, we could continue the thread with people posting the ideas for group hikes, seems October will be a very busy month non-caching for people. I am out 2nd/3rd 9th/10th 16th/17th Which leaves 23/24 - I am also free the 25th I would like to venture out to LI sometime soon...
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