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  1. Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!! Look at the clipping below! READ THE LATEST HERE: Murder Mystery Event Tourne Park November 14th 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. - Auction and Murder Mystery at the Pavillion!
  2. Another of the falls...
  3. Just got back this weekend from the Letchworth Fall Gathering in upstate New York, near Rochester. Awesome fall foliage!!!
  4. Those of you bringing dishes to the Tourne Event, please bring them in ammo cans... there are also no restroom facilities so please bring ammo cans for that use too...
  5. Congrats on the milestone! 100 caches places is more impressive than 1000 caches found! Thanks for all the great ones (the others got archived!)
  6. Jonboy eats terrain 4's for breakfast! Congrats!
  7. Should be no problem at that time in the morning... if you want to skip Manhatten, take 87 to the 287 then 23 N. Good luck!
  8. Sounds good to me! I have the calendar marked... now I just have to get the directions to the pub right!
  9. Sweet. We can meet at 9 a.m. in the FIRST Mahlon Dickinson parking lot (9:10 for me since I always seem to be late!). On your right. Parking Lot... 1. Driving Boulders 2. Highest Point in Morris County 3. David's Rock Collection 4. TRL Highlands Hike 5. Broken back in the Woods 6. TRL for the Love of the Highlands 7. Recycled Cache Then Backtrack part of the way 8. Rooster's Potato Head Cache Back to Parking Lot Then 9 Needful Things VI 10 Remembering Gerima Drive a couple of miles South for 11 Autumn at Saffins Pond Then, a short drive or a bit of a hike to 12 Uncle Tom's Treerock Cache Then, Drive back North - get 13 Ski Bowl and finally 14 Creative Cache II - Saving the easy one for last! So, who is with me?
  10. No, that's a travel bug dogtag! Try reading the number and you can log the travel bug!!! Edison might be right next to Dickerson, but we only have ONE day. The edison caches will take all day by themselves, besides I am saving those for another loopy day!
  11. We ain't doing Edison, we are doing Dickerson! Saturday should be fine. 14 caches. Probably start around 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. depending. Hey Helmut are you in?
  12. Yeah! There are two things I can't stand in this world: 1. intolerance towards other cultures 2. and the Belgiums! If we have a Passiac forum does that mean we also need a Passiac admin?
  13. So when are you guiding us on the loop?
  14. When I set out a new cache I place "you're completed it buttons" usually about 25... On my Africa loop series of caches, after a cacher finishes the loop they can pick up a button in the last cache. Alot of local geocachers collect the various buttons from the various caches.
  15. If this cache is a commercial cache then so is any cache that has a 911 or memorial theme to it. I have visited several of those, but people don't seem to mind them? Should the rule be applied by the approver as being 'overtly' commercial like the TONY cache (Time Out New York)... I am looking at this from a philosophical pov, not flaming any of the above examples. Also, caches that fall under a 'grandfather' rule? What is that? Mind you , it took me more than a quarter to bag the Son of New York cache!!!
  16. Yeah, but there is a Maryland event on the Saturday! AND the wife wants to go caching in Rhode Island...
  17. It has been both a priviledge and a pleasure hiking with you Edit: (I was talking to Elizabeth, not you Dave )
  18. I actually found out about the graveyard BEFORE I even knew about travel bugs. My geocaching mentor lost a t-bug and showed me the cache you put them in. I had never even seen a t-bug by then!!!
  19. Sweet, I should be in, when is the cache page going up?
  20. Congrats! Great to meet you guys! Hope to see you on the trails soon.
  21. Yes this is an event: Murder Mystery: Tourne Asunder
  22. It may be silly, yet necessary to do the murder mystery event!!!
  23. As a NJ resident, what i want to know is why someone from Pennslyvania is posting to a thread in OUR forum!?! The nerve of somepeople!!! Edit: (this was posted from NYC)
  24. Sweet Thanks - anymore. Mr. Reeman Sets up puzzle caches No one has ever met him Miles Tone Veteran cache Loves finding caches and reaching new benchmarks
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