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  1. PSU - I found one of these darlings yesterday in a cache in Detroit. The copper you chose looks much better than the black nickel you originally picked, and the glitter for the tail is a perfect choice. Excellent work. Thank you for sharing her. She'll be a big hit down in her new stomping grounds down in Pensacola.


    Any plans on going to Kissamee with her?

  2. SCB Auctions


    I have added another round of trackable coins on ebay.

    I have listed another 25 coins please take a look and feel free to shoot me an e-mail with any questions on the coins listed.


    Between 2-4 hours left on the auctions....I will package them up this evening and they will be in the mail tomorrow morning, if you pay promptly.


    Thanks for looking!


    When I clicked nothing came up.

  3. I'd like know the names of the different finishes


    Me too.

    Alchemist's Magnus Opus coagulatio (purple)

    Alchemist's Magnus Opus Rubedo (red)

    Alchemist's Magnus Opus Cinco de Mayo

    Alchemist's Magnus Opus Multiplicatio (red/green)

    Alchemist's Magnus Opus Sublimatio (purple/green)


    Alchemist's Magnus Opus (red/green) error (areas are painted white)

    Alchemist's Magnus Opus purple/green)error (areas are painted white)

  4. Versions:

    Crimson Dawn (red and antique silver, shown below)

    Twilight Vengence (blue and antique silver)

    Royal Mercy (purple and antique gold


    I get that Royal Mercy in antique copper is a LE.

    The confusing part however is that there will be a re-mint of Royal Mercy in antique silver. So far I only knew about a Royal Mercy in antique gold.


    Did I miss the initial antique silver version?


    The mint reminted the Royal Mercy in Antique Copper instead of Antique Gold. Not sure why since AG was submitted. Emma at Oakcoins thought it was supposed to be Antique silver. Currently there is no AS version. V1 is AG. V2 is AC. The AG will be reminted, the AC is now a limited edition that will be on sale soon, as well as 50 will be saved for GCF EU.


    Confusing... sorry.

  5. Just curious...do 11-11-11 events have to be held at 11:00?

    I imagine yes, but as it falls on a friday...folks will either still be at work at 11 am, or maybe not as many folks would be willing to attend an event starting at 11pm (cachers with kids, etc)




    Typically yes. At 11:11 am or 11:11 pm --- depends how adventurous the host is.

  6. I would make six coin designs: king, queen bishop, knight, rook, and pawn.


    I am making black and white pins for: King, Queen, Rook and Knight --- they will come with the coins, and be sold separately, I suppose those could go into 4 caches to make a set. Would be much cheaper.




  7. Good looking coin!


    Love chess. Is there a reason why the pieces aren't facing each



    I thought that too...

    But, thinking about it, as it is now, the coin can't be upside down. Good idea. :laughing:


    It's a coin so you can rotate it. And the Q and K alignment was fixed on the production coin, I noticed that when the sample arrived.

  8. So I have been working on a Chess related coin for about 4 years now. Finished it up just in time for the Geoswag August coin and pin of the month. Sample is below.


    Thanks to Waymarking I found a bunch of Giant Chess Boards (they have a category), and found one in Seattle at a local mall: Waymarking Chess Sets I am holding an event there in August


    Below is a sample, the chess table and icons are gold two-tone:





    A different version will also be available on Geoswag.com in August and at Geocoinfest Europe.

  9. Perhaps multiple poppies instead of just 1? Like...maybe 11 of them! :) Anyway, I know whatever you design will be awesome, so I won't design by committee on you and just trust I'll like it. :)


    Good idea! like an onion! you keep peeling back the layers, or you mean like 11 little ones?

  10. It'd be nice to have a break from the compass rose style design. On the other hand, the greek one doesn't have nearly enough areas to color for it to get confusing and angst-ridden. Please advise. ;)


    I agree. I think we need a break from the compass rose inspired designs. The Greek coin also has me confused and wondering how it could be personalized for many different events. With a font change is looks great for an individual event. How about a poppy theme on one side?

    I agree about the poppies.

    To have an event on Vetern's Day with out some sort of aknowledgement just wouldn't be right.


    I looked at poppies, they would look like CW88's suncatcher 11-11-11 coin. I can re-look.

  11. Title updated at OP's request.


    Two ideas I am kickin around:


    Left: Greek, since they held the number 11 in high esteem.

    Right: A double layered 11 pointed compass




    Anything resonate?

  12. Rhino,

    It is never me when it comes to cointest winners. I don't enter them. This one goes to Gatoulis, and the posts are numbered.


    You are always a winner in my book Eartha! You're the best mod on the Planet! :cute::anitongue::laughing:


    Edit: please close the thread, cointest is over.

  13. The cointest is over? I have the post 23... but am I the winner? :unsure:


    I will send you mark an email right away! :D Thank you for the cointest my friend! :)


    oh... an other bright side.... I think... I have made a new local geocacher! :D a friend of mine.... he is still new.. with no finds... but I will teach him... :D


    Ναι, είστε ο νικητής. Χρειάζομαι τη διεύθυνσή σας του Δία της Κρήτης!

  14. And no, I seriously doubt Moun10bike will archive this listing due to someone muggling it
    If the cache container is taken, it should be archived.
    If it turns out to be an Ape original box is the key, Then I will gracefully give up my Ape Cacahe in Brazil to either to Jon or Groundspeak if it can be done, its a very big peace of history for our sport. This will bring more pleasure to folks in the sport if there has to be a last one it should be in WA
    I would take issue with this if it were done.


    While it is no skin off my back one way or another I would think that treating this differently than the the other ones would be unfair.


    I disagree with the whole "if the container is missing, then archive it policy," many caches have been replaced and continue. Hiding behind a policy doesn't make the policy right.

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