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  1. only 12 more Summer Solstice Masks! But they certainly didn't sell out quick like the others have!


    We also didn't allow distributors or individuals to buy more than 10 this go around. So more people could get them. As soon as they sell out a :( will appear with someone missing one.

  2. Hmm.. slightly newbie question.. do events have to be outdoors? Since we're in an area where it will likely be under snow on 11-11-11 can event caches and what not be placed indoors if I were to find a venue that we could use? With some outdoors for die hard cachers in the area, and some indoors for folks who are not winter cachers but would enjoy an event in november.. Just the start of an idea...


    The event format, location, venue is totally up to you. See post #105 for a FAQ.


    Only thing I'm worried about is that it's really close to the 11-11-11 suncatcher with respect to the large poppy side.


    Not much I can do about a poppy, I took a quick look at the sun catcher and the middle is similar, I may tweak it a bit. But the rest of the coin is totally different.

  3. I like this version. Can the hands be set at 11O'clock?

    Eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month..signing of WWI treaty


    Thanks for reconsidering.


    I tried both hands at 11 and it looks strange to the eye. Kinda lopsided If it were Midnight then people are used to seeing that. 11th minute, 11th hour, 11th day...


    I can post one to show what I mean. After I get more feedback. The minute and hour hands are currently backwards.

  4. Ok, so I was playing around with the clock idea, as well as smaller poppies, and here is a preliminary design I came up with, the 'color-by-number' is easier than it looks on here. I also shaded a section on the clock face where the adventurous types could alternate enamels.


    The Wording: "11-11-11 Multievent" would go around the outside of the clock with other verbiage. It crashed my new illustrator twice when I tried to put it in. And I forgot to add 11 to the middle of the poppy on the front.





  5. GCF EU from Sepp & Berta. I believe it's pink and white.

    Do you know if these will be available for purchase online or only at the event?


    Not sure what the deal is, Claudia at Sepp and Berta will be able to tell you.


    No other versions have been designed yet. But the autumn equinox is Sept 21st... just kidding!

  6. Thanks for the update, Mark. I feel much better now :rolleyes:


    Any idea, when those two new versions will be showing up?


    The orders were filled and mailed yesterday. The leftovers will go onto Geoswag when the numbers have been counted and a safety stock is set back.

  7. Ok, to clear up the coinfusion. The royal mercy was reminted. Both the original run and 2nd run were in antique gold. The purple makes them look copper under bad light or at quick glance. There was no order put in for antique silver and purple.


    So currently there are 5 versions:

    Crimson Dawn: red AS

    Twilight Revenge: blue AS

    Royal Mercy: purple AG


    Nights Watch: black AS (not available yet)

    King's Own: red and black AS (not available yet)


    Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

  8. Avroair, any idea when these will go on sale? Looking forward to seeing them.


    Mid August. Sorry for such a long wait. I felt there were too many email blasts and too many coins coming out on top of one another, so better to delay a bit.

  9. I received an email from geoswag and as usual, excellent service by a great company.


    Cool. I am having an event at Panda Express, will have Pandamonium coins there!

  10. All the lists look good so far, except for one minor tweak on a couple of people. Please remember to put your name in parenthesis before each coin


    I don't ever remember doing that before. So of course I didn't.


    I got yelled at for not doing that last time! Making my list today or tomorrow. Fingers crossed! :D

  11. Hello There,


    for tribute River Cacher was made Wooden Nickel called in Czech as Czech Wood Geocoin with Mike's Avatar (beech and spruce wood).





    It isn't for sell of course. It is a gift for Mike's memory


    Bo.T.L. Czech Geocacher and Geocoins Collector


    He would have liked these very much.


    Those look really cool!

  12. Clubs definitely have a trade off...


    Pros: The designs are usually outstanding. These clubs take great pride in their coins and their reputation so you end up getting some really wild stuff over time. If you join, then you're privy to coins that are much harder to get later. Indeed, I see club coins go up on ebay almost immediately after release for three times their original price and the best designs sell out very quickly very early so you have an in to get some of the most desired coins before the rest of the community. Some of the most inventive designs, newest concepts and groundbreaking techniques are usually club coins.


    Cons: You're committed at least for a short term to purcase coins. Some people don't like not knowing exactly what's coming.


    Observations both from inside and outside of coin clubs: When a hot new club coin comes up, everybody is trying to get it, but they can sell out quickly and never be available again. Members who bought in know early what's coming and can reserve buy ahead of time, stockpile and have hot traders that the rest of the community wants. I have often been the one scrambling to secure a trade for a club coin that came out with a club I'm not in. I've also been the one hoarding and trading for premium coins later from clubs I have gotten coins from. When a club coin comes out that seems less than desirable a lot of "I told you so"s start getting batted around, but ironically these "less successful" coins also end up having a high collecting value later just because less of them end up being produced and so they are harder to get as well in the long run as more and more people start collecting coins.


    So if you're brave of heart, can handle anticipation and like surprises and an exclusive chance to get great coins early then clubs may be for you. If you're a more prudent collector and a stick-to-your-guns type and have a lot of patience you'll probably get the coins you're seeking eventually anyway, but usually at a higher cost over the long haul. Do I like clubs? Yes and No. I like all the advantages, but don't like not knowing. We all have to figure it out for ourselves I guess :) Just another element of fun and excitement with geocoins! B)


    +1 If you like getting a 'surprise' package in the mail every month...

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