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  1. Schedule:

    Colors sumbitted by: August 18th

    Artwork approved by: August 29th

    Payment by: September 2nd

    Coins ship by: October 14th (includes international)


    What is a multi-event?

    A multi-event is a group of event locations that share the same theme and geocoin (with the same icon).

    Who can host an 11-11-11 Multi-event?

    Anyone! An individual, geoaching organization or group.


    Are there any restrictions on where I can host my event?

    The event format is totally up to you. The only rule is that events that don't share the same color combination be more than 100 miles apart. Two events with the same color/metal combination have no distance restrictions.


    What if two people would like to do an event but they live within 100 miles?

    Avroair stays out of regional disputes. I would suggest the two hosts work together on the same coin or find some other solution amicably. Preference will be given to a veteran event host over new host if parties can't agree. Options such as sharing a coin, moving events further apart or dropping one event have worked in the past.


    Who designs the coins?

    Avroair, although the design is posted in the forums and critiqued by the other hosts. The design is meant to be versatile so that many color and metal combinations are available. The coins are trackable at GC.com and have a custom icon shared by all the versions. Avroair is open to other people's designs.


    What can I customize (what will make my coin unique)?

    There are two main options:

    1. Choice of metal finish (antiquing adds to the cost)

    2. Choice of color enamel fills. The color options include sub-options like glitter, glow, translucent and pearl enamels. Some of these options add to the costs to the coin.


    What's the minimum order size?

    Minimum order is 50 coins. But there is a price break for ordering 100 coins. There is also a 25 coin buy back program if you don't sell at least half.

    How much do the coins cost?

    Depends on what options you use. But typically starts at $5.00 per coin. The hosts decide on the retail price as a group.


    How do I pick colors, metal and enamels?

    Avroair will provide a 'color by numbers' outline of the coin artwork used for picking colors and enamels.


    Where can I look at the artwork and what colors other event hosts have chosen?

    There is a googledocs spreadsheet being set up that will show all the events and the colors picked. It is not for public use and is by host invite only.


    What happens if two hosts submit exact or similar colors?

    The host who handed in their colors second will be asked to alter their colors.


    Will we see mint artwork?

    Yes, you will have a chance to approve mint artwork to make sure colors are correctly chosen. But there is no opportunity to change your colors at that stage, just confirm they are correct.


    Will we get a sample?

    Only if time permits and we only do samples of the first 2-6 coins submitted.

    When will the coins be delivered?

    Two weeks before your event. You will get a shipping notice when this happens.

    For past multi event designs and colors see: B0TL's list

  2. Avroair, have you moved on the design any? When do we have to have our color choice in by? Looking forward to your ideas. :D :D


    Yes, I moved it to the left, then moved it to the right... :D Working on a schedule this week that will be posted to the 11 11 11 site.


    And I'm sure that the geocachers in Canterbury will do an 11-11-11 event also. So that's at least 4 events for New Zealand - we might need a South Island and North Island version of the geocoin for that!!


    And you said that NZlanders didn't like coins!


    I should have a schedule and revised artwork posted this week. Going to show 3-4 different variations of the current design for people to pick.

  3. Walters art Museum in Baltimore, US.

    See u there, Avroair! :D


    Yep, I have been there and seen that one. There are actually quite a few examples. Some inlayed with gems, others of just precious metals. Some were found in Spain, France, Russia and all around Europe. This one isn't any in particular but draws from 3-4 designs.

  4. I thought you gave up collecting. I can't imagine having that many


    I have 215 not including traders. I was lucky enough to have some of the rarest including Moun10bike ver 1, 2 and 3


    I did gave up collecting. But I still buy a few club coins, memorial coins and trade personals with people. And accept gifts! Most of my newer coins are my own designs. That's why I have 1/20th of what I did have.

  5. I love ancient artwork and jewelery and did a minor studies in it during my college days. Anyways, I have always been facinated with the Germanic migration period which started the Celtic and Saxon people in Great Britain and all around Northern Europe. They produced incredibly detailed gold figurines (especially of Eagles) inlaid with gemstones... voila! Geocoin idea. And what better place to debut it than Geocoinfest EU:


    Eagle Fibula (brooch):


    trackable with an icon

    2" big, 3 mm thick

    2 versions in gold and nickel finishes

    lots of translucent inlay and gemstones

    even though the colors are the same, the nickel and gold plating make them look quite different




    Detail of one:



    And an example of an original Gothic circa 400 A.D.


  6. I am hosting a Geocaching event at my local zoo July 9th (Link to event), where they carry out conservation and education awareness of animals and protect species. They are working on a new Cheetah habitat as well as an International Macaw house. There will be a trackable geocoin available at the event. And I am donating all the money I raise from the event to the zoo, and I know I will probably have left over coins.


    Macaw Geocoin

    Trackable: trackable with unique icon

    Finishes: black nickel (front shown below) and nickel finishes

    Size: 1.75"

    Versions: three different macaws

    Thickness: 3 mm

    Cost: $12 including shipping.





    At this time it's just a reservation system. Please Post if you are interested (and if you own a parrot or macaw!) and what versions, and how many. I will contact you with order information later. No commitment, but a great way to get a coin and donate to a worthy cause.



    Rio (red macaw) in black nickel

    Patu (red macaw) in black nickel

    Marvin (green macaw) in black nickel


    If you want all three just say a set.

  7. And they're gone....I have two Summer Solstice coins for trade or sale if anyone missed out on getting it.


    So, now we wait for the pink one from Netherlands.




    You might have better luck using the trading thread for offers. I did. :)

  8. What makes a mystery coin a mystery coin?

    I've always wondere, but never really thought about it till now.


    Usually, they are paid for by an individual and minted in secrecy. Distributed into caches or mailboxes as gifts (rather than being sold or traded). And typically, they aren't advertised by the mystery giver. So it's a total secret.


    Edit to add: And all the mystery coiners meet once a year a hidden location to meet, greet and be merry!

  9. I have one sample coin too, it is a pandamonium sample with real tracking number and icon from the oakcoin sample...


    Yes about 4 years ago Oakcoins started putting OS codes on their sample to make the trackable. The sample is a different icon than the regular coin.


    I think Cache Addict and GCC do it too.

  10. Frankly, those that live in the Pacific Northwest are already getting benefits from Groundspeak that are just not realistically obtainable for most geocachers


    And what would those benefits be? As far as I can tell Groundspeak treats us the same way as anyone else. So if you are not liking special treatment for one, bring them all back... there's a new movie out. :D

  11. Dear Glitter People, The Summer Solstice Mask has white glitter.

    I am not a glitter person and I even like it... (They are still for sale)




    That was either Vanelle or Anne with that color choice. Your photo is lovely, wish my photos looked that cool.

  12. Looking good Avroair, but I do wonder if you use the poppy style, surely the poppy has to stay red on


    The red poppy is a symbol used in the commonwealth so a NZ, UK or Canadian event would probably use them, but here in the US when I ask people most people would say Orange for the California poppy, white for peace or pink for breast cancer etc. I am still tweaking the design, but I think there are a number of color combos that can go around the poppy.

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