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  1. Two questions please:

    1. the black and white of the artwork is that the color-me we are supposed to be working with?

    2. Why no antique nickel?



    I will be making the artwork available color by numbers artwork available tomorrow. Haven't had a chance to set it up yet.


    I think antique nickel was an oversight. I will check.

  2. 1. avroair \ Seattle, Washington

    2. Three Bottles \ Northwest Washington

    3. Bo.T.L. \ Jihocesky kraj/Czech Republic

    4. amagrud \ Mississippi

    5. manu luq \ Spain

    6. noto45 \ Illinois

    7. Dale n Barb \ Space Coast of Florida

    8. mmacgown \ long island new york

    9. Funkymunkyzone \ Auckland, New Zealand

    10. Keewee \ Canterbury, New Zealand

    11. Dressel Dragons \ Pittsburgh

    12. lizzardman \ Manchester, UK

    13. mar-elendili \ Switzerland

    14. pastor_b \ iowa

    15. Lucecitka \ prague

    16. ruud4 \ Netherlands

    17. Atwell Family \ Denver, Colorado

    18. AtlantaGal \ South Carolina

    19. StealthRT \ Kansas city

    20. kayakerinme \ New England \ Maine

    21. micaudi \ Munich, Germany

    22. longtomsilver \ Cologne, Germany

    23. kini_ont \ ELTADA Ontario

    24. AlliedOz \ Western Australia

    25. Vanelle \ New York

    26. scificollector \ Emerald Coast Florida

    27. Team kizb \ Speicher, Germany

    28. WebXXI \ Lisboa – Portugal

    29. anne.and.eli \ Santa Cruz, CA

    30. LadyBee4T and TeamEccs21 \ SE Michigan

    31. sillygirl & jrr \ Oahu, Hawaii

    32. LadyCache \ Nebraska

    33. Crowesfeat30 \ St. Louis, MO

    34. Guwapo's Papa \ Dunedin, New Zealand

    35. fatkidsotwunite \ Georgia (Savannah)

    36. joensue \ South New Jersey

    37. NOSNOW \ Minnesota

    38. gorfner \ Fayetteville NC

    39. Cache_Kitty \ Indiana, USA

    40. E&Cplus3 \ Nova Scotia, Canada

    41. Team Luvbass \ Napa, CA

    42. djds clan \ Sacramento, Calif


    Let me know if I am missing anyone.

  3. Got a Marvin and a Rio yesterday and they are REALLY COOL!!!

    THANKS, Mark!!! I always look forward to your "projects"!!!


    Hope these coins bring lots of help for the Cougar Mountain Zoological Park.


    Well, with the coins sales in the forums and tag and coin sales at the zoo I was able to donate to them collectively just under $2000! :DB):DB) Of which $180 of that were cups of apple slices for the zoo animals! :lol: Thank you to every one who bought and donated directly to the zoo. On top of that we had 265 people attend! :o


    You guys and gals are awesome! I also have a few left if anyone is interested, I am covering the shipping.




  4. Avroair, Mrs Avroair and Lil Miss Avroair will be there... new coins... there will be a bunch at Oakcoins booth. For me... I have a few surprises I am bringing... and maybe a new Avroair Aviator...

  5. 2 packages with great coins from scificollector and Nikon_Ing today:


    all Packages sent 30/06 :

    - E&CPLUS3




    - MOOZER

    - KINI_ONT X2


    - WILG X2





    Packages Received:

    - MAMOREB 02/07

    - DRNEAL 02/07

    - MPILCHFAMILY 05/07

    - MOOZER 05/07

    - STEBEN6 05/07




    - NIKON-ING 08/07





    That sucks I mailed mine before everyone here and it's taking longer.


    Yes I have mamoreb's package then.

  6. Haven't received anything yet, hope to get some today!

    Is your mail person holding your mail hostage? I mailed packages on the 27th and they have made them to the east coast by now. One certainly should have made it to you!


    Okay, I checked tracking and it said it was delivered on June 29th. Did your daughter swipe it?


    No that would have been the wife who absently put it on the printer for me to "find"

  7. In 2008 I did a Celtic Peacock design. I was asked to do another one for MEGA Wales so here it is.


    The Gilded Celtic Peacock:

    Trackable with a unique feather icon

    1.75" and 3 mm thick





  8. Working on getting an 11 11 11 Googledocs spreadsheet started. It should be ready by the end of the week. In the meantime if you have interest and would like an invitation to the private docs. Email me:




    Event Location: (state country etc)

    Email (for invitation):

  9. I am hosting a Geocaching event at my local zoo July 9th (Link to event), where they care for sick or abandoned animals and carry out conservation and education awareness for endangered species. I am offering the Limited Edition event version of the coin here, all the money will be donated to the zoo.


    Zoo website: Cougar Mtn Zoological Park


    Macaw Geocoin

    Trackable: trackable with unique icon

    Finishes: black nickel (front shown below) and nickel finishes

    Size: 1.75"

    Versions: three different macaws

    Thickness: 3 mm

    Cost: $12 including shipping.




    At this time it's just a reservation system. Please Post if you are interested in a set (for $33) or a single coin. I will contact you with order information later. No commitment, but a great way to get a coin and donate to a worthy cause. Also, post if you own a Macaw or Parrot!



    Rio (red macaw)

    Patu (yellow macaw)

    Marvin(green macaw)

    If you want all three just say a set, there's a one $ discount per coin.

  10. Wasn't expecting to return home with much but that all changed. I broke up what I came home with because it was easier to keep track.


    First the GW Dove trades :)




    Then the personal trades :)




    Followed by purchases :)




    Then the GW Poker second place winnings :D


    I'm just glad customs did ask what was in the heavy bag :P



    Coingrats on your poker finish!

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