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  1. Ok I have 12 grab bags ready to go. I have designed a bunch of coins in the last years, and have many extras of my designs. These are all recent coins. There are no duplicates. Add to your collection or get some great traders! I'll also throw in a my micro coin as a freebie!


    You get:

    at least 2 limited edition or artist edition coins

    at least 1 future coin

    at least 1 coin and matching pin


    Price is $44.00 shipped (with tracking and insurance). Overseas I will have to send two packages for ($8.00) shipped.


    Email me through my profile for payment options. First come, first served.

    I have already made up the grab bags so I can't pick and choose coins for you (that's what trading is for!)




  2. I've been working on an Arabian Nights coin for quite some time. Wanted to do the 1001 caches theme, as well as geocaching stories told. Well here it is:


    Size: 1.75"

    Thickness: 3mm

    Trackable: Yes

    Unique Icon: Yes

    Gem: Yes, in the middle of the back

    Versions:Aladdin (antique gold) with yellow, purple and turquoise

    Ali Baba (antique copper) with purple, red and green

    Scheherazade (antique silver) with orange, blue and turquoise

    Artist Edition (antique silver) blue, turquoise and red

    They all come in a light blue velvet drawstring bag


    Scheherazade version shown below:



    And the back:



    Available in late August or early September.

  3. Lovely coin! Ordered a silver and can't wait for it.


    Now if only I could get my hands on a silver from the first version! <_<


    That's the hardest one to get. This year's gold version will be in a limited quantity at MEGA Wales.

  4. That's a fair point... what do ya think, something more elegant?




    Yeah kinda. Something with Serifs and a bit cursive with some flair.


    Serifs AND Cursive?


    I presume you're talking about something with non-traditional serifs, such as something with extra loops or extravagant embellishments?


    Or just something along the likes of Vladimir Script


    Yep something script, like the s*** Happens font or Billy Argel

  5. Whats the easiest way to check a distance from where your hosting an event and the next closest event?


    I just use mapquest to give me an estimate. I put in the address that I know (usually my house but could be a city) and then ask for directions to the city I want to go to. Gives me a time and distance estimate that way.


    So the 100 mile rule is based on a driving route or a straight line distance?


    My guess would be that it is a straight line distance but you need to talk to Mark if it is that close that a straight line versus driving distance makes or breaks it for you.


    It's a bit arbitrary but is enacted to stop two events cannibalizing each others attendees and coin sales. Doesn't make too much sense to have two rival cachers post events at the same time and each have their own version of a coin...

  6. Hello There,

    - I found one text issue. Czech word JEDENACT has incorrect letter A.

    - I can't to add Comment on Google share web for Geocoin participants. :blink:



    Czech Geocacher and Geocoins Collector


    Fixing it!

  7. Saying there is no value in anything less than the original coin is akin to someone offering you a chance to take part in an incredible roadtrip of a lifetime and having you say, "Sorry, I wouldn't be caught dead in that junkheap because it's just not up to my personal standards of what is a good car". :laughing: If anything, all the copies, replacements and various fixes to missing coins should only make finding an original coin an even greater experience. B)


    I somewhat agree. Using your analogy, there is a disappointment when you expect to go on said road trip in your dream car only to find you have to sit on a donkey all the way instead, some get over the disappointment faster than others... I have seen some cool proxies, which I am happy to move along. If it's laminated paper I usually pass for fear I will lose it! Then again, I don't jump to caches with coins in them specifically.

  8. Is there a yahoo group or something like that where participants can ask questions and converse without using this thread? I seem to remember that for one of the previous group coins we did that. Maybe my mind isn't working right right now. That could be the case too....


    Emma is open to questions, I think you are talking about the geojellies? The googledocs page has a comments section at the bottom that could suffice.

  9. Hope this works...


    Sort of, we still need to do it as a color by number. Which should get posted or emailed to people today.


    avroair \ Seattle, Washington

    Bo.T.L. \ Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic

    Luecitka \ Praha, Czech Republic

    micaudi \ Munich, Germany

    longtomsilver \ Cologne, Germany

    kini_ont \ ELTADA Ontario

    AlliedOz \ Western Australia

    Team kizb \ Speicher, Germany

    WebXXI \ Lisboa - Portugal

    manu luq \ Spain

    Funkymunkyzone \ Auckland, New Zealand

    Keewee \ Canterbury, New Zealand

    Guwapo's Papa \ Dunedin, New Zealand

    ruud4 \ Netherlands

    lizzardman \ Manchester, UK

    mar-elendili \ Switzerland

    amagrud \ Mississippi

    Dressel Dragons \ Pittsburgh

    pastor_b \ iowa

    Three Bottles \ Northwest Washington

    Atwell Family \ Denver, Colorado

    AtlantaGal \ South Carolina

    StealthRT \ Kansas city

    kayakerinme \ New England \ Maine

    anne.and.eli \ Santa Cruz, CA

    LadyBee4T and TeamEccs21 \ SE Michigan

    sillygirl & jrr \ Oahu, Hawaii

    LadyCache \ Nebraska

    Crowesfeat30 \ St. Louis, MO

    fatkidsotwunite \ Georgia (Savannah)

    joensue \ New Jersey

    NOSNOW \ Minnesota

    gorfner \ Fayetteville NC

    Cache_Kitty \ Indiana, USA

    E&Cplus3 \ Nova Scotia, Canada

    Team Luvbass \ Napa, CA

    djds clan \ Sacramento, Calif

    Johnny Rango \ Boise, ID

    Vanelle \ New York

    scificollector \ Emerald Coast Florida

    noto45 \ Illinois

    Dale n Barb \ Space Coast of Florida

    mmacgown \ long island new york

    Team A.I. \ Mesa, Arizona

    LionsLair \ Panama City, Florida

  10. Heh! Got my version of the coin today! Me like! So we went with three metals:

    Nickel = GCF europe debut. If they sell out there, cool... if not they are being put on Geoswag

    Copper = Geoswag version. Available late August

    Gold = Mine. 25 of each minted


    I have a couple of golds available for trade and will be bringing a few with me to events.

  11. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls... it's that time again! To bid for the city for Geocoinfest 2012. If you have never attended a Geocoinfest, then there's one in the Charlotte you can try it out! If you would like to host Geocoinfest 2011 then you have come to the right thread!


    Past Geocoinfests:

    Twin Cities 2010

    Salt Lake City 2009

    Pittsburgh 2008

    Temecula California 2007


    It is now time to submit bids for Geocoinfest 2012, this is not a nominating or voting thread, this is for hosting the event, if you wanna host it, put together a team, a plan and a vision and then a bid. Pittsburgh put together a video showing off all the features of Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City did an interactive presentation... bids don't have to be that fancy, but they do have to be in by August 31st.


    Some things people need to think about:

    * these things take time to pull together, probably at least 7 months

    * the Geocoinfest would be held in the fall, usually close to Columbus Day weekend

    * the city needs to have an airport that is generally accessible

    * the city needs to have nearby attractions rather than just the coins

    * there needs to be ample hotels in the area, 3 coinfests have been hosted at hotels, but that isn't a requirement.

    * the city should not be near other MEGA events locations

    * we generally expect over 500-700 people (MEGA) so the actual site needs to hold at least that many

    * there needs to be 2 (preferably 3) local coin coordinators, we need coin people, not just general cachers, due to conflict of interest issues any geocoin vendor is not permitted to be part of the bids or the committees

    * need to work within a team environment

    And the toughest requirement of all:

    * you gonna have to work with me (avroair) so if you are fragile person then suck it up and deal with it! :P


    Previous event organizers will receive each bid and vote on their merits under 10 criteria. Then re-vote for the two finalists. This will be done September 6. The winning bid will be announced at Geocoinfest 2011 Charlotte.

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