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  1. Hi All,


    We'd like to make our Auckland event coin available to all the collectors, but we're unfortunately not in a position to trade - basically we can't afford to add that many coins to our collection right now. While we are sure all the other coins will look great, we're just not in a position to collect them all, but we're happy to help anyone who wants to do that.


    We've come into this whole multi-event coin deal so that we can add another level of interest and fun to our 11-11-11 event, which we're already pouring a lot of our time and money into (see our event last year with 110 people, http://coord.info/GC29A3T, and we're going much bigger this year).


    Is there any way the pre-arranged trading system, being set up with Oakcoins, can accomodate people purchasing one of our coins so it goes direct to them instead of us?


    The alternative, if we get them all shipped to us and then others want to buy them, is that obviously there will be additional shipping costs for all the coins to come to New Zealand and then get posted off elsewhere.





    If anyone would like to make 25 or 50 more coins available to Oakcoins, I believe they will trade on your behalf. More information to come.

  2. There are some wonderful descriptions and photos. Like the book "On the Day You were Born", there is something awesome, cosmic and almost humbling about natures great mysteries such as migration. Kinda helps us reflect on our place on this Earth. Thanks for sharing.


    Cointest Winner: post #88


    Hope you enjoy the coin. :)

  3. Since these seem popular I made up another 10 grab bags, they are slightly different. The coins offered are similar (such as a different astro clock, a couple are the same, but no pins). Since I shipped all the last packages with insurance, the price is $45.00 shipped (with insurance) for a total of 5 coins. One of these is my personal avroair micro which is an added gift. I prefer a check or paypal. Shipping to a foreign country is an additional $4.00


    The grab bag packages contain 4 coins:

    all 4 coins are trackable

    all 4 coins have unique icons

    at least 1 Artist Edition version coin

    at least 1 limited edition

    no duplicates

    no requests, the bags are already made up


    The coins available to make the bags from:

    astronomical clocks

    assassin's respite

    diving helmet

    Atlantis lost continent

    4 musketeers

    crop circle

    venetian mask

    Arabian nights

    Cache of the Titans Medusa

    Cougar Mountain Macaw

    Chess: check mate

  4. Could I get a little help identifying them please?


    Grab Bag 1



    Arabian Nights AE

    Celtic Circle of Life: blue (soul)

    Egyptian Anhk club may

    atlantis lost continent

    macaw patu black nickel LE


    Grab Bag 2



    Arabian Nights AE

    Celtic Circle of Life: purple (body)

    june club coin with pin

    atlantis lost continent AE

    macaw marvin black nickel LE

  5. a047bdb9-1889-4dd4-b3cd-4edaef709b7f.jpg


    Diving helmet LE --- didn't design but gave the idea for.

    Medusa tempest --- 2009 design

    Avroair personal --- 2009 (antique copper), this is a micro and not the aviator

    Macaw BN --- event version

    Crop Circle (with pin) --- May Geoswag Club

  6. 1) Monarch Butterfly

    2) Coho Salmon (local to me)

    3) Grey Whale

    4) Canada Goose

    5) Green sea turtle

    6) Arctic Tern

    7) North american Caribou


    Here are the 7 animals...


    Now you guys just need to keep submitting this list A with something from B.

  7. ever the reason, I've about had it with people who now pick up Travelers and then put them in other caches without logging them at all. It's happening more and more; at least three that we dropped of last week are apparently in this boat.


    Cup half full, bright side... your coins are moving and not being taken outright. I understand the misery though. We have a travel bug \ coin hoarder (thief) in our area who has by best estimates over 4,000 bugs and coins in his possession... kinda a big, dark, black hole... there is just no reasoning with some people.

  8. WOW WOW WOW - that is one beautiful geocoin!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Great job Mark!!


    Thank you. As I mentioned in my email my inspiration for the coin comes from the children's book: On the

    Day you Were Born (Debra Fraiser), one of my favorites. I read it to my daughter all the time.


    On one of the pages the news of a newborn's birth is passed from animal to animal (migration). I wanted to design a coin that celebrated the wonderful and mysterious idea of migration. With the animals migrating from North to South on the coin.


    It will be the September geoswag club coin as well as a geoswag store version.

  9. Ok an entry before I leave for the Bash. (Are you going this year Mark?)


    Animals on coin

    1. Bottlenose Dolphin

    2 Robin

    3 Monarch Butterfly

    4 Tsun Turtle (so ok it is a sea turtle probably green sea turtle but I do like tsun's turtles!)

    5 Elk -- male version

    6 Coho Salmon

    7 Canada Geese



    The Canada Geese is what I would like to discuss...


    Now here are some pretty interesting stuff about this stupid goose. Around here they no longer migrate. Yes they are pretty, at least I used to think so and of course the goslings are still cute but....they spread diarrheal parasitic diseases like Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium parvum in their feces, and frequently nibble grass and shrubs on people’s lawns and landscapes. They can also transport ticks across the country. Of course probably not here because they don't go anywhere they have it too good...


    But the next fact is what I really have learned about them. They POOP all over the place!! In my yard, on the paved walking paths and anywhere I want to walk or bike. Their poop is larger than my dogs and is more slimy too. In fact just 50 Canada geese can generate more than two tons of manure in one year! That is a LOT of poop! The birds' waste can cause poor water quality where they live. That fact came from kid's National Geographic. LOL


    They seems to be territorial and attack my dogs if they get too close. They also can be loud. If we want to shake the eggs in the nests around the ponds we need a permit to do so otherwise it is illegal. Of course when these flocks cross the road we have to stop and they take their sweet time. I almost got rear ended last month because of that. :mad:


    Ok so that isn't really about their migratory patterns but I had to say that and would really like the Canadians to take them back!! :laughing:


    Now on the the required stuff


    Have you ever seen birds flying in a V formation? If so it was probably Canada Geese. The front position is rotated since flying in front consumes the most energy. Canada Geese leave the winter grounds more quickly than the summer grounds. Canada geese are known for their seasonal migrations. Most Canada Geese have staging or resting areas where they join up with others. Their autumn migration can be seen from September to the beginning of November. The early migrants have a tendency to spend less time at rest stops and go through the migration a lot faster. The later birds usually spend more time at rest stops.


    Elevated thyroid hormones, such as T3 and T4, have been measured in geese just after a big migration. This is believed because of the long days of flying in migration the thyroid gland sends out more T4 which will help the body cope with the longer journey. The increased T4 levels are also associated with increased muscle mass (hypertrophy) of the breast muscle, also because of the longer time spent flying. It is believed that the body sends out more T4 to help the goose's body with this long task by speeding up the metabolism and temperature at which the body works. Also, other studies done show corticosterone levels to rise dramatically in these birds after and during a migration. Corticosterone is known a stress hormone, so it only makes sense that when these birds are stressed by flying long distances everyday, that more corticosterone is released into their system. It is believed that a higher level of corticosterone will help the birds better manage this task. (Bet you didn't know that tidbit!)


    The number of geese that are migrating to the United States is shrinking because of lost habitats and changing weather and agricultural practices. Some Canada geese are migrating shorter distances or really not migrating at all.



    Submitted by Roland Hulme on Mon, 2011-05-02 15:57



    Royalty free stock image used


    You got 3, 4 (I like em too, but you did name green), 6 and 7 correct.

  10. one quick question...


    while they were alive, my parents used to fly to florida fo the winter...does that count :rolleyes: ?




    Was wondering who the first person to bring that up would be! To answer, depends... were they geocachers or just migrating! Geocaching is migrating with a purpose!

  11. Ok so I have to name 7 distinct animals and get the correct species that you have on the coin. Done

    Name an amimal and discuss the migratory patterns. Can it be one of the animals on the coin? I have one there that I would like to discuss maybe in more detail that anyone wants to know......;)


    Yes. The species I don't need a scientific name... just Grizzly bear rather than Bear. :) As well as guessing all of the seven animals.

  12. Quick cointest that features my new Migrations geocoin design. Photo below.

    Winner will be picked randomly out of people who answer both 1A and post correctly for 1B


    Cointest rules:

    1. there are two stipulations to enter:

    A. as part of the answer name the seven animals featured.

    names need to be specific: eg instead of bear say Grizzly Bear

    B. Add an animal (and photo if possible) of an animal that migrates (doesn't have to be on the coin) give a few facts about the migration


    2. one entry per day (if you edit your entry you lose)

    3. if you pick an animal B. from above that has already been picked you lose

    4. if you pick an animal that doesn't migrate you lose

    5. please be careful about photo permissions and giving credit or you lose

    6. have fun! do some research! or you will lose

    7. cointest lasts 7 days (after that we'll migrate to something else)



  13. I live in the Pacific Northwest which is famous for it's annual Salmon Runs. My city happens to have a Salmon Hatchery as well as a regional Festival called Salmon Days that runs the first week of October.


    Thought it would be fun to design a migrations themed coin since travel bugs and geocoins migrate to their destinations through traveling from cache to cache.


    The coin features a number of animals that migrate. Seven are featured on the coin, spreading the word of geocaching.


    Trackable: YES

    Unique Icon: YES

    Size: 2"

    Thickness: 3 mm

    Versions: This will be the Geoswag club coin for September, there will also be an event version in different colors and well as a version for the geoswag website. Might also do a spring edition.


    Here is a really bad sample photo since it's hard to see the turtles and other details under the enamel.




    So here's the bare metal mint submitted artwork:



  14. re: Avroair's post above (#229):

    Can a pastor L[H]AO???

    I just did! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


    If you have an a** then, sure you can laugh it off!


    Forgot to mention I found one of these coins in the travel bug bin at one of my events! How did it get in there? :ph34r: Awesome coin!

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