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  1. There are three versions up on geoswag. Antique silver \ board gold two tone event version Limited edition Antique silver club version (just the overstock) Antique bronze \ nickel board two tone geoswag version Geoswag Presales page
  2. Got my 2 grab bags today! Thanks! This buying grab bag thing is addictive!
  3. ALL BLACK - in celebration of the All Blacks winning the Webb Ellis Cup? (Rubgy World Cup) You mean from 1987? There are two other versions slated and that's it for a while: Halloween Christmas
  4. Ok, haven't been in the trade thread a for while, lots of cool things! I have the following for trade: Idylwood Pirate spinner Migrations Event coin Backside: Or might event part with my artist edition: Sepp and Berta pink Venetian mask Looking for: personal coins Delft Tulip or Trap Gavel Project Ape ticket silver UFO 3d one 11-11-11 suncatcher mystery turtle (don't have that one yet) space gate LE (nickel or black nickel) any tranquility Trader lists, since I don't know all the new coins out there.
  5. I have one of these (and the other version) for trade if interested. Email me.
  6. I should have a few available for trade if anyone is interested shoot me an email with a trader list.
  7. Event edition: And the backside: If I remember rightly the Geoswag club version is more dark blue like the samples.
  8. Front of the Artist Edition. Hoping to get sun tomorrow so I can take a better photo: And the backside:
  9. I'm not positive and only taking a guess here, but it looks like the ships wheel spins behind the pirate image... or vice versa... Yep. The skeletal pirate spins on the wheel.... or vice versa.
  10. I'm still very curious about the color/finish combinations! Emma is away on vacation, I will post photos when I get them from her. The nerve to actually want a vacation!
  11. Nope. It's not a monthly club coin. But there should be a few for sale at Geocoinfest and I think there is a version for geoswag nearer Halloween.
  12. They will be available for general sale. A different version.
  13. Where did you get those little fellas from!
  14. Here's coin #2 that myself and Chris Mackey (Fox and the Hound) worked on together for a Casino themed event I am having in December. Dead Man's PartyI've Got the Aces! You Bring the Eights! Trackable: Yes Unique Icon: Yes Gems: Of course Badass: Totally! I forgot to photograph the back which is also really cool. Will try to remember to take the shot.
  15. So I have been working on two coins with Chris Mackey (Fox and the Hound) for a little under a year. The first is for an event, with an extra version being sold on geoswag. Presentin, the Idylwood Pirate Spinner! Trackable: Yes Unique Icon: Yes Spins: Heck Yes! The coin is based on two dies with a ship's wheel forming the base and the skeletal pirate providing the spinning component! Deatailing only Mackey can provide!
  16. The coin club Sept coin version is shipping this week. I don't have any of these in hand right now. But my event and artist editions arrived today and I will try and take some good pictures tomorrow morning. They turned out great! A couple of changes were made to the details. The turtles now have ridged plates on their backs rather than just flat metal and the geese on the back now have wing feathers rather than just blank metal. I thought these details would add a little to the coin.
  17. Is there any news on these? Yes, they are arriving soon. Sorry I was in Europe and missed this post. My event and artist versions have arrived.
  18. The coins arrived today! It will go into the mail tomorrow!
  19. There will be a dark blue and satin silver one available at GeoWoodstock. The left overs of the dark blue Atlantis are in the store: Dark Blue Atlantis
  20. The Strasbourg Cathedral clock is up on Geoswag's presale page: Presale Available in copper and nickel
  21. +1 For me the design needs to be intricate and have levels and appeal to me. Will you be selling them? Also, what plans do you have for the colors, I had a kinda similar idea with a gecko on a leaf (it's shadow).
  22. ROTFLMAO... Poor Canada, EH? Canada or New Zealand... same, same! I believe the Kiwi's have been waiting 24 years for a championship! Swing low, sweet chariot! Coming for to carry me home!
  23. The silver version is sold in the store, the gold version is only available in person from a lackey.
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