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  1. I have a bunch of pics to post. I have two events today so I won't be able to get to it quickly. Does anyone else have time to post them?


    Edit to add, I am looking through them (a tease I know!) and looks like I am going to have to try and get every one of them! They are fabulous!

  2. Is that the geoswag version? If so I still hlike the event version the best and of course I can't go :(


    The event version is antique silver. If I have any left over after the event email me. I will also be bringing what's leftover to Geocoinfest next weekend.

  3. Price is $18 per coin with shipping of $3.50 in continentel US.


    Nice coin. I hadn't realized there was a 100 years Titanic coin. I was working on one for next April. I am curious why you are debuting it now rather than next April?


    Are you accepting trades?

  4. Just an update. Two bids were received from Las Vegas and Denver. They are currently being discussed, studied and researched by the committee. The winning bid will be announced at Geocoinfest in South Carolina.

  5. What's the ruling on events that share a coin? Are they added or not? :)


    We will (hopefully) soon be listing our 11-11-11 event in Samoa (we'll be flying there after the event we host in Auckland). Will we be the only hosts putting on 2 events in 2 different countries? Since Auckland is the largest Pacific Islander community in the world, we think it's ok to share the Auckland coin with an event in Samoa. ;)


    Don't see why they wouldn't be added, they're a separate event. :) And technically don't all New Zealanders live on a Pacific Island? :P

  6. dangit avoir, I need you to move near me. You keep having these really neat events.


    I already moved across country!

    Thanks to those who ordered, still have a few left.


    Here's some event pics:

    We had a pirate ferry, taking attendees to two 5-star caches in the middle of the lake:



    Young crew members strolling in a ship!



    Coins, tags and bears... and a message in a bottle craft travel bug.

    Event page


    Next year we are working on having the event a true 5 star terrain --- on board two battling pirate ships (the ones they used in Pirates movie)! Maybe during the Groundspeak block party weekend or near then.

  7. Had a great event! I have some extra Pirate Spinner event coins (about a handful), if anyone is interested, I am doing something slightly different and selling them with a trackable pirate bear (trackable coin + trackable bear) for $25.00 shipped. :) The proceeds will help pay the remainder of the costs for my event.


    The coin:



    The trackable pirate bear and tag:



    The whole crew:



    If interested email me:




    Bear color choices 1st, 2nd, 3rd (if I don't have enough of a color then I will provide you with the second or third choice), if you don't care then state that.

    Colors available: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple


    First come, first served.

  8. WHY? This portion of a post in another thread (http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=282534) made me wonder why.


    Because some people really really hate proxies. REALLY HATE them. There have been a few tirades here on the forums and many have come out and posted their ferocious disfavour of them. Are they right or wrong? doesn't matter, they are there and should be looked out for .... kinda like malware.


    +1 agreed. it's extreme (and disrespectful) to thow one in the trash... but it happens, so why not mitigate that concern from the start.

  9. I have been trading a lot more lately and this is just a friendly reminder to everyone trading to check and make sure a coin isn't activated (unless you intended it to be) when you receive a coin. I made a recent trade only to one of the coins I got was not only activated but was traveling and lost. There are so many ways a person could have traded a coin (picked one up in a cache and moved it to their traders by mistake etc)... Just good to check so that you're not put in an awkward position. :)

  10. I am very new to Geocaching and would be interested in purchasing a few U.S. State-Themed Geocoins, too.








    Also, I only want to buy round coins...does that make me weird?




    Whereas none of these are on the immediate list, Geoswag is coming out with state shaped benchmark spinner coins (they've done Washington, S. Carolina and N. Carolina so far). They feature a spinning benchmark within the coin of a state landmark. They also feature the oldest active cache and it's general location on the coin.

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