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  1. We just had an article in our city magazine about geocaching. Good for the game but the author was kinda of biased and printed a few untruths about the game. Like caches are "buried".
  2. My idea is to hide a cache that is handicap acessible and or kid friendly. The attributes must be selected in order to count. There is never enough for these two groups. One twist is that the GSA choses the required attributes and the first to have a cache placed with his attributes activated wins. In a way we will hide the GSA's dream cache.
  3. What will your prefered method of contact be? PM, Forum Post, smoke signal(LOL)?
  4. True, Karma can get you. But congrats on your find!
  5. Amazing!! Great Job releasing that many coins. If I had the coins I would have too. I understand not wanting to release coins. (since the only one I have is a GSAv2) but hey if you can then why the heck not.
  6. Maybe the justice league can hook up with the GSA agents for a co-op mission.
  7. WOW! This coin is amazing! Imagine if the world really could be at peace. It really goes to show you that there are still good people in this world. Thanks all Mystery coiners for the happiness you bring to the world of geocaching.
  8. AWESOME idea!! What fun that would be to watch some one look for it amist all the look alikes. BTW great idea to add to a real key ring
  9. AWESOME idea!! What fun that would be to watch some one look for it amist all the look alikes.
  10. Koolbrez


    Anyone that has one to spare I would be interested in obtaining one. I really think they are neat. I have no coins for trade. The only coin I have is a GSAv2 and it is way too special to part with. I can't even talk myself into releasing it. Afraid it my end up missing. Thanks if anyone can help
  11. You have to visit "America's Hometown" in Hannibal, MO. This is the home of renowned American writer Mark Twain. Known for the classics "The adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "Huck Finn". While here stop at a cache on Lovers Leap (GC141TY) for a majestic view of the Mississippi and stop in a beatiful city park called Riverview. Many caches to seek in this park and in town. This place is a nice place to just slow down for a day.
  12. Since I have just recently been infected with coin fever and actually have gotten to post 1 coin, I want to say thanks to all who post their new coins. There are really some neat coins out there. So keep post'n. I enjoy looking at all of them.
  13. a few minutes too late. I still like the idea of a Dr. Evil Coin.
  14. Maybe that could be the next mission.? Solve the mystery of V2 vs. V3. We all have seen the V2. Maybe the V3 might be the Dr.Evil coin. muh-hahaha!
  15. First and foremost congrats to all the new agents. Second I too want to know the mystery between V2 and V3. I bet the Boss is having margaritas with the senoritas. (shaken, not stirred of course!)
  16. Seems like the mailperson was very kind to a few of us today. Congrats!
  17. Definately, I recieved one of larry739 coins in a cache week ago. It was marked as a unactivated coin. But it was not. So I will get it on the move again. I never had a coin to call my own and it was a let down knowing it was activated, but knowing i could get a coin moving again that lay dormant for nearly a year was more satisfaction than that. I have recently won a GSA V2 and now have a coin of my own. Maybe it was Karma on my side. But I will not let this coin go since it means so much to me. Keep trying to contact them and I hope they will set your coin free.
  18. Ahhhh.....the address book. Of course! *whacks palm on forehead* Doh! Since I recently joined the book is the only reason I thought of this. Getting the e-mail was almost like getting a mystery coin in the mail (though I have never recieved one out of the blue). I am glad people use the book for notifications like this. As long as no one abuses it.
  19. Is everyone in the list also on the address book. I recieved an e-mail and I am in the address book. It don't bother me much if that is where they got it from. That's why I am in there.
  20. Ohhhhhhhh! Congrats to this great Coin. I agree with your wife, you need some professional help. I can, noooo i will help you! Send it to me, you will feel mucht better, when this Coin leave your house Having the coin is help enough. Can I send you the wife instead. LOL!!!!
  21. The wait is over. It arrived. OH YEAH I'M HAPPY. Ask my wife. She thinks I need proffesional help. "Tisk, Tisk" Oh, well happy travels GSA and thanks for the V2.
  22. Thats the first I haver seen, NIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!
  23. This was in my mailbox after picking up a new cache in town. The GSA V2
  24. New and old Agents we have definately got to get out there and do what we can. The GSA needs us all from what it sounds like in Mission #10. Got my camera ready!!
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