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  1. Why couldn't GS just track profiles to each cache and make a map of each showing distance from cache to cache? You could have it come up on your profile and look like a TB or coin map but just list each cache a person has found in order and show you your mileage. Of course it would be avaliable to premium membership holders so they could cover the cost of set up. It should not be to difficult to do since they can mirror a TB travel map.
  2. We will have some available at MOGA. CF30 Yeah! Save one for me!
  3. May if I can get my hands on one of these I could give it to my wife and get her addicted to coins as well. She is a Leo and loves lions. Maybe it is a bad thing to try to addict others but it would help me be able to get more coins. Hmmmm. Help me out Dutch Lion. Koolbrez
  4. Maybe I can pick one up at MOGA in March if there are any left.
  5. Sweet coin! Always a joy to see new ideas! keep up the great work!!!!!!!
  6. Always love to see something other than round. Great job on a great looking coin.
  7. I may be a bit late but Happy Birthday Geo.Error!!!! Just a small way to repay you for the smile you gave me on your post that got closed during the holidays.
  8. How to say any more than anyone else has said about this great looking coin. Congrats on recieving such a neat new mystery coin. You are King of the Jungle!
  9. Sure wish the GeoSaquatch would come by the Midwest for Christmas. Congrats to all the finders This sure is a real mystery coin.
  10. Always room for more. Currently I am on assignment in Northern Europe and will be active again soon. Sooooooo.....Exactly how does one sign up to be a Wannabe GSA??? CF30 Welllll I'd say that posting here inquiring about becoming a wannabe agent is the first step in the process!!!! ME: Hello. My name is RifleMan81 and I've secretly wished to be a wannabe agent for a little over a year now. GROUP: Hello RifleMan81. AHHH! but you are a wannabe agemt. As long as you wanna be an agent and don't have a coin you are a bonified wannabe agent.
  11. Well, it is my day off and for once went out to meet the mailman so I could wish him a Happy Holidays. Much to my surprise He handed me a black mailer along with my mail. Just thought it was something I recently ordered. I looked, double looked and much to my surprise there was the Geo-Bandit's return address and a Geo-Bandit stamp (How Kool) . I let out a loud WOOO HOOO! I new what was inside. Ran in the house and nearly feel fell on the ice. I opened it up once inside and there it was. An amazing coin to say the least. Geo-Bandit you really do send smiles. Thank you so much! Have yourself a Happy Holidays where ever you are. BTW I recieved #104 for those keeping track.
  12. Definately count me in. This is a great new idea. Hope one makes it to Americas Hometown soon.
  13. Happy Holidays GSA! Thanks for giving all year long. AS Koolbrez.
  14. Well it is yours to keep. You are now an agent of the GSA. Congratulations. Please read through past posts to uncover the world of the GSA. Please be sure that you traded fairly for it though. You can put something of fair trade in the next cache you find if you were unaware when you picked it up. Happy Holidays AS Koolbrez
  15. I agree there is little or no harm in sending them out as a set or grinding the number off and using as swag. The US Mint has a way of doing errors that could help with this. If a bill is defective after a serial number has been issued to it, it is remade and has the same number as the original bill but has a red star next to it designating it as a remake. There may be room to stamp a symbol next to the tracking number showing that it is a blemished coin with remake. Hope this can help.
  16. I agree with everyone it is great! But how will you have time to place with all the coins you make and sell!! Just pass them to the rest of us and we can distribute them. Thanks for doing it old school.
  17. How about a coin made from Uranium? It would have the radiation symbol stamped. I guess the longer you hang on to it the more threat to your well being. I bet it would get passed around quickly and no one would want to steal it.
  18. Glad to here from you GSA. Good luck in Europe.
  19. Happy belated Birthday!!! You are definately not where I am. Maybe you are in Missouri though?
  20. What about a Pre-sale Geocoin. It's like the Osama Bin Laden coin you don't know if it will show up. Of course there would be a pre sale for this coin.
  21. This is a neat coin! Congrats to all finders and hopefully the reaper can come my way also. Just vist the caches and not me though.
  22. This is a Christmas desire list and sure everyone for the most part are happy with any unactivated coin. Gee, I am thrilled with anything I get. Let's just keep it simple. But I believe if anyone wants to put up a coin that they would love to have for Christmas then great. Let them do it. Didn't we all as kids send letters to Santa and wish for things? And sometimes you got what was on the list and were even more happy but still happy with what you got that wasn't on the list?This I think is what this thread is about.
  23. Thanks for the simply simple coin test! CHEESE!! It ain't easy being cheesy.
  24. Got a ThirstyMick Sig item as well on Saturday. Definately a keepsake. Wish the ole digital would work. But it doesn't. Thanks ThirstyMick! OOPS!Double post.
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