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  1. This is me after game 4: I am not sure what happened but the Bolts went through the Pens, now they OOOHHHHHHH Thank you for the cointest. Good luck to those who remain.....
  2. Well my Pens are out I had the Rangers and I am out of the cointest But I am still rooting for the Capitals... If anyone can get it done it will be: ROCK THE RED Good luck to all who are still in the cointest.
  3. If the The Warrior or Vader comes to a cache near me I would like to meet up and duel for a chance to own this coin.
  4. Happy Birthday Brady!!! Here is what I got you OK well SORT OF HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM FREDHEAD
  5. I would like to help PM Sent Fredhead
  6. A few weeks ago we took a quick trip for a few days, our neighbor got our mail while we were gone. So today he come down and said that he forgot to give us some mail that came he said SORRY. When Dad came back in I wanted to tackle him cause he had a bubbler and not any bubbler but a gold bubbler and not one but TWO bubblers.... Well there are thee cachers in the house so who was going to be mad ? I can tell you it it was not me I now have #58 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS COOL COIN Sorry about the pictures had to scan to get them in. P.S. I won't tell you who got the second Gold Bubbler but SHE is HAPPY
  7. Well it is mid-May and no sign of the mission I will give it a bit longer to arrive then I may need to contact my Superiors to see what to do next. Agent Fredhead Out
  8. Hello Fredhead here..... Love to get one of these for my Dad. Thanks
  9. Happy April Fools Day Agents...... Wish I had some good news but I do not the mission is still AWOL I will let you know when I hear something new.
  10. I wanted to say CONGRATS to all of the Winners, and a big THANK YOU to kini_ont for the Cointests It was fun and I learned alot.
  11. Ok I have heard back from the sender and the newest agent The mission has been set (mailed) but the orders to the new agent have not been received I checked the distance and I am holding out hope that the mission will still arrive so the next agent can complete the mission and send it to the next agent. Lets all keep our hopes up as the agents on different soils have been able to complete their parts It looks like we might just be waiting for other agencies to help the orders along I will keep all agents posted FREDHEAD OUT
  12. E-mail has been sent. Thank you for the cointest
  13. MMMMM starting to worry a bit now looks as if it was sent off Feb 13, 2010 I hope the mail is just a bit slow
  14. Sorry Fredhead they have not yet begun the Paralympics as yet, The first sledge game is March 13 Canada vs Italy and yes there still maybe a cointest or two for total goals But keep waving the flag it just might be a clean sweep though I do have you down for Norway and they meet Team Canada on the 16th SORRY that was the Torino results I still have a chance
  15. I went back to check and again I must say Congratulations Team Canada Team Canada has also taken GOLD in the Sledge Olympics too.
  16. Congrats to Team CANADA and "Sid the Kid" Now I have to live with my sister and OHHHHH Sid..... THANK YOU TEAM USA WE ARE PROUD OF YOU
  17. OK it is almost time I want to wish both teams good luck. I think that we will be seeing a GREAT game. Thank you for all of the cointests.
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