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  1. damm sorry to ear that I am also be possible interested in the coins, can we see them?
  2. damm i missed the pictures! but willing to make a (one more) 10-10-10 event in Portugal
  3. GRRRRRRRRRRRR I am really not Portuguese.. I am just passing by nice cointest, with very good wining gift and good luck to all of you!
  4. yeap by nature they are expensive ones starting from 14€ and were completely sold out on the site http://www.geocoinshop.de/Geocoins-New Even those resell-ed here in Portugal are all over also. But they are still over there.. somewhere
  5. If you happen to find an Antique Bronze and/or a Portugal gold in your attic, I would love to acquire them. They are the only versions I still need to complete my set of all 38 versions of the beautiful Tranquility geocoin. ~Karen Nope, none of those. Ohh the Portuguese one (s).. so many after it I only have these ones: Tranquility Geocoin Antique Nickel Tranquility Geocoin Black Nickel and Gold
  6. That will be a 10 - 10 - 10 coin. The 36th version is the Mardi Gras. It is a thank you coin to all the event hosts, as well as a gift to people who join the GC & PC club (existing members of the club will also get one). It was mentioned in the Geoswag newsletter. Mark Avroair PS--- It's polished gold with purple, green and yellow coloring. DAHH my mistake here!! sorry!
  7. I so miss the Portuguese stat site yeap please implement a stat generator...
  8. There are 36 total versions. Hi Mark, I'm sorry but i know 35 versions, no more. I haven't Ontario, Kitchener only on my Collection. I would like to get all of course. Borek aka Bo.T.L. As far as I know there is still a version to be release in the Mega event in spain
  9. LOL good question the think is that the process to choose a national coin here in portugal takes too long But we are changing the times and we are currently working already in 2010 version Regarding the coin, there is no reall important aspect for this coin be considered 2009 (as far as I know..)
  10. sim completamente fora da realidade.. é incrivel como aceitam este tipo de artigos aqui...
  11. Just to let you know that here in Portugal our 10years event was a great success For the first time in Portugal we had a MEGA event and guess what it was the first also in the all Iberia the lovely coin: the mega: the photo:
  12. heheh lucky me! thanks for the cointest!
  13. If in the end you find you have more coins to sell give us a ring
  14. Aja carimbos para tanta cache :X
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