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  1. Down to 3 cointestants as Chicago wins game 5 by a score of 7-4.


    Chicago can win it all in game 6 or 7.

    Philadelphia can win it all by winning game 6 and 7.


    8-tommytrojan360 - Chicago Blackhawks - Home

    12-Howlingmoon - Philadelphia Flyers - Away

    24-t@ndre - Philadelphia Flyers - Home

    25-Odyssey Voyager - Chicago Blackhawks - Away


    ups :blink:


    good luck to all of the others!

  2. I have one extra for trade...if any one want´s one off this coin please send me want o you have to trade






    what do you think about this one?

    I think I like it! :blink: What is it and where can it be purchased? :mad:




    Email sent & fingers crossed. Thanks.


    I am still looking for someone to exchange with me this lovely coin with one Tengwar, that I dont have :P

  3. It is an amazing coin for sure! So delicate!!! Excellent job! :-)


    It is like porcelain or... like the beautiful mosaics of the area.... ;)


    Hmm... only 80 were made... and the coin has its own icon!!! So... there is only this BN version and... it is LE! :)


    My friend T@ndre!!! you did good and got 2 coins! :)


    Oh... I hope you saw that I used your info about the coin to update my posts in the Plnauta thread... :laughing: I hope that is ok! :laughing:


    no problem on that!


    let me know if you need any more relevant information :laughing:


    BTW if you win the cointest I guess you will receive one of this :)


    good luck!

  4. Order placed. I need to keep an eye on this thread. If there were 1.75" black nickel/gold TTs in this most recent presale and I missed it, I'll be kicking myself for weeks!


    As far as I know only 2'' sized coins are re-minted

  5. today!




    what do you think about this one?

    I love the elegant simplicity of the drawings and overall coin design.... beautiful.


    looks like something you would find on porcelin...wonderful coin!




    From the owner I got the information that the coin is sold out, all the 80 units were sold


    I got 2 ;)

  6. today!




    what do you think about this one?

    I think I like it! :) What is it and where can it be purchased? :(




    As far as I know they are sold out, only by the Portuguese community, since only 80 units were made


    but I am contacting the owner to see if he have more.. I will keep you update

  7. 1219_0.jpg




    Cool. But I would rather make something I can sell at my event. I think the appeal of 10 - 10 -10 outwieghs the appeal of caching icons.

    I think the caching icons would've been more suited to the 10 years event...since that celebrated the 10th anniversary of geocaching. This event is celebrating 10/10/10. I am not saying that it should not be geocaching related, but I think that the underlying theme should be 10/10/10. Also, it shouldn't the design reflect 10/10/10 (3 tens), not just 10 (a sigular 10)?


    I have to agree on that!

  8. And the Prince of Wales Trophy goes to the Philadelphia Flyers.


    Finals start Saturday May 29th.


    8-tommytrojan360 - Chicago Blackhawks - Home

    12-Howlingmoon - Philadelphia Flyers - Away

    13-ghettomedic - Montreal Canadiens - Away

    15-SDewer - San Jose Sharks - Away

    20-nggrfan - Montreal Canadiens - Home

    21-YemonYime - San Jose Sharks - Home

    24-t@ndre - Philadelphia Flyers - Home

    25-Odyssey Voyager - Chicago Blackhawks - Away


    tommytrojan360 and Odyssey Voyager move on to the Stanley Cup Finals with the Chicago Blackhawks

    Howlingmoon and t@ndre advance to the finals with the Philadelphia Flyers


    LOL amazing!!

  9. I had a glimpse at the proposed design earlier today, & I really liked the front, but now it seems to have gone away... ;) .....I know I'm new here, but I do have an idea for the back, that might go along better with the originally proposed front. What about a design incorporating the 10 types of caches: Trad, Multi, Unknown, Earth, LB Hybrid, Event, Webcam, Virtual, Wherigo, & Project APE? Wouldn't that complement the front which was offered earlier, which (if I remember correctly) had 10 guidelines or ideals for geocachers, such as respect the environment, etc? As in, remember these correct actions (front) while pursuing these type caches (back)? What do y'all think? Let's not throw out the baby with the bath water! :)


    I do like this idea very much. I think we have lost the front of the coin that was shown, but I do like the idea of showing the individual cache types.


    I like the 10 cache types idea... problem is at GW8 this year you can get 12 icons! :rolleyes: What would we drop?








    lost and found








    maybe APE and Lost and found

  10. I have found some info, although I'm pretty sure there must be much more! Anyway, it seems like I'm not allowed to put more images in a post...


    Figueira da Foz 2009




    designer caixeiro_viajante


    Portucale, the first Geocoin dedicated to the city of Porto (Portugal). The city used to be called Cale and later Portucale.

    The coin represents its history, its exlibris - the bridge over the Douro River and the famous Port wine. Idea and design by Koin Alchemy.

    Size: 42 mm diameter, 3 mm thick in 3 finishes: Antique gold (limited to 30 coins), Black Nickel (limited to 50 coins) and Antique silver

    This coin is trackable at Geocaching.com and has its own icon

    (quote woejam)



    produced by Geocoinstore

    designer Geopate


    This geocoin has problems with too thin lines being covered with white enamel


    Vamos reconstruir a Madeira

    designer Kelux


    Part of the profits of the coin sale go to help rebuild Madeira after the floods


    Geocoin Portugal 2009

    produced by DirectMint



    10 Years Geocoin - Versão Portuguesa (if that counts...)

    minted by Oakcoins

    design by Avroair

    colours by Fraldinhas



    9-9-9 Multi event, Portuguese edition

    minted by Oakcoins

    design by JackalGirl

    (image won't show, link is http://gc-plzen.net/_images/BoTL/12EV999.gif)


    Novos Descobridores

    design by webxxi & PLnauta

    Geocoin in conception



    Geocaching in Portugal since 2001

    PLnauta held a cointest about this coin in August 2009



    Pre-historic Log Book of Coa Valley

    minted by Landsharkz

    concept by PLnauta & Landsharkz


    This geocoin showns some pre-historic drawings that covers a specific rock at Canada do Inferno in Northern Portugal at the Coa Valley (quote PLnauta)


    Portuguese Geocoin - Torre de Belém

    design by Touperdido (Rui Duque) and Mr.Tupper (Marco Ignace)

    Only 100 pieces minted



    Geocoin Portugal 2010 (in conception)


    That's all for now, thanks for the cointest!


    humm some of those were never minted ;)

  11. So how was the "Geocoin Festival?"


    Portugal always has really nice looking coins :(




    Been there ;)


    I would say it was just great! ;)


    and imagine I had in my hand the two versions of the tranquility Portuguese geocoin :huh:

  12. 1c545979-96b5-4f48-9b3b-f2cc387b87eb.jpg



    here is how i keep mine, i did alot of reaserch to find out whats out there, and did alot of work to figure out what would be best for my idea of display.. if you look to the far right of the top picture you can see one of my old ideas witch was hot glueing the flips to a display board....but that quickly became very hard to move coins around when i got more of an edition,, so now (the main pics).. i buy a shadow box, and some baseboard and cut the base, to fit the box.. i found out the long way fits more coins.. and i staple thru the edge to the box to make shelfs,, and my latest thing is i got some plastic stands off e-bay very very cheap.... and hot glue them on the shelfs so the coins dont fall over when hanging or moving the display boxes ive made ,, over all cost is about 30- 40 bucks a box, and love being able to look at them every day with out having to pull out a bunch of coins and handle them alot. mind you i did all this before we hit rock bottom on our money situation, but if you have the time and effort they come out great and i would even consider making them to sell if i could afford it!!


    omg you are killing me with that tengwar collection!

    my fav too ;)


    can we have a closer look to them? please ;)

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