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  1. I think I like it! What is it and where can it be purchased? CF30 Email sent & fingers crossed. Thanks. I am still looking for someone to exchange with me this lovely coin with one Tengwar, that I dont have
  2. no problem on that! let me know if you need any more relevant information BTW if you win the cointest I guess you will receive one of this good luck!
  3. As far as I know only 2'' sized coins are re-minted
  4. I love the elegant simplicity of the drawings and overall coin design.... beautiful. looks like something you would find on porcelin...wonderful coin! From the owner I got the information that the coin is sold out, all the 80 units were sold I got 2
  5. I think I like it! What is it and where can it be purchased? CF30 As far as I know they are sold out, only by the Portuguese community, since only 80 units were made but I am contacting the owner to see if he have more.. I will keep you update
  6. I think this is my most favorite version of all of the 10 Years coins. CF30 it is in fact lovely... and I dont have it
  7. today! what do you think about this one?
  8. Thanks for sharing it! they are just lovely, I am also pursuing the same collection but far behind on the numbers you have! congratz, and hope you find those last two
  9. Well done Rui, nice end design! I just order a couple
  10. Cool. But I would rather make something I can sell at my event. I think the appeal of 10 - 10 -10 outwieghs the appeal of caching icons. I think the caching icons would've been more suited to the 10 years event...since that celebrated the 10th anniversary of geocaching. This event is celebrating 10/10/10. I am not saying that it should not be geocaching related, but I think that the underlying theme should be 10/10/10. Also, it shouldn't the design reflect 10/10/10 (3 tens), not just 10 (a sigular 10)? I have to agree on that!
  11. I do like this idea very much. I think we have lost the front of the coin that was shown, but I do like the idea of showing the individual cache types. I like the 10 cache types idea... problem is at GW8 this year you can get 12 icons! What would we drop? trad multi cito event mega puzzle earth lost and found letterbox A.P.E. Wherigo webcam maybe APE and Lost and found
  12. humm some of those were never minted
  13. Been there I would say it was just great! and imagine I had in my hand the two versions of the tranquility Portuguese geocoin
  14. still waiting here on the other side of the atlantic
  15. philadelphia and montreal play on monday (in about 24 hours)... lol thanks! if only I could understand this game
  16. omg you are killing me with that tengwar collection! my fav too can we have a closer look to them? please
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