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  1. One team left to make the quarterfinals


    2- Los Muertos - Mexico (Group A)

    3- turlutortue - South Korea (Group B )

    4- t4e - Paraguay (Group F)

    12- Howlingmoon - Uruguay (Group A)

    14- gardengorilla - Argentina (Group B )

    19- Dark Elf - Germany (Group D)

    20- Rokito87 - Netherlands (Group E)

    23- Where'sMyMarbles - Ghana (Group D)

    24- T@ndre - Portugal (Group G)

    26- goosefraba1 - Chile (Group H)

    27- Trracer - United States (Group C)

    28- Harwell5 - Brazil (Group G)

    29- Carbon Hunter - Japan (Group E)

    30- kini_ont - Slovakia (Group F)

    31- EdDakota - Spain (Group H)

    32- ruidealmeida - England (Group C)


    well iam out too!


    good luck to all the others!


    and thanks for the cointest!

  2. Received a package the other day. Wow, I thought....I hadn't ordered anything lately or bought off ebay. Could it be??? MY VERY FIRST EVER RANDOM COIN?!! :lol: And it arrived just in time for my birthday! I was so excited to tear open the package and find the lovely peace/dove coin. Thank you, thank you to the mystery sender (LOVE the mailing label from Ima Gine Peace....)




    really lovely.



  3. The titanic of France ended! Yes! they crached on the iceberg and sunked....


    Greece said goodbye but I believe that she left with the head up!


    Until the 77th minute we were 0-0 with Agrentina and we had chances!

    But... we didn't have luck! 3 of our best players were injured in 7 minutes of the second half and we had to change them! So.. we couldn't put an other striker in when we needed.....


    Anyway... we left happy and with a small bitter laugh because we could evn go to the next round! We scored 2 goals, we won a game, we stoped Argentina for 77 minutes, and argentina is one of the best teams in this turnament, and... we stoped Messi! That's quite good... if you count that many great teams with history in Mundials are out or about to say goodbye too soon! :D



    Nigeria was too weak to win


    No sorry(ies) for Greece, after they took our European cup away!! (ok I know we lost fairly)


    but no pity now :D


    let us win something... PLZZZZZZZZZZZ :P

  4. woooohooo! even i scored a goal against north korea today! :laughing:




    the next game between north korea and the ivory coast should be very interesting. for the ivory coast to advance, they need portugal to lose against brazil, and then they need to make up a 9 goal differential! the north korea team will have their work cut out for them just to keep the scores low and respectable! i can't wait for that game! i like to see goals scored! :yikes:



  5. I like the idea, I am just not sure there are enough coin producers to fill both locations. That is really what helps pay for the venue and make the event more of a success.


    There are a lot of coin producers... :D


    I think there are plenty of coin producers to fill both locations, how many europe producers to you usually have in G.E.O.C.O.I.N.F.E.S.T?

    Don't think we have had any but how many have shown up to MEGA events in Europe or the UK. If fact I don't think I have even seen a nonNorth American vendor at GeoWoodstock. I would like it better if we picked a location in Europe and it gave me a reason to go there. :)


    agree with that!

    ups.. I already live here :laughing:

    btw you would love to enjoy our summer :(

  6. 6-18f.jpg

    Still lusting after the bottom coin - the black & white Portuguese coin. If anyone can help me out I'd be ever grateful! :)



    I did try to arrange the trade, but the tengwar you have I already had,


    but nevertheless if you are really interested we can talk again and I will became a tengwar repeater :lol:


    let me know ;)

  7. Congratulations to Odyssey Voyager to win with the Chicago Blackhawks away. Now to check the e-mails and figure out who won the second coin.


    OV - Please e-mail us your address.

    AWESOME! congrats to the blackhawks on a great season. condolences to the flyers, they were a tough team and refused to quit!


    thanks for the awesome cointest. i watched more hockey during these playoffs than i had in my whole life! i'm a new NHL hockey fan! :blink:


    congratz OV!!!

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