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  1. Hi I am looking for the activation codes of the following two coins thanks!
  2. yeap if you go for reservation count on me too! lovely coin! congratzs!!
  3. damm I missed the tengwar selling today (shiny nickel finished 2.125" tengwars). Let me know if you order more then one. thanks
  4. Portugal here in case you want to distribute it in europe also!
  5. That was what i was thinking
  6. another one for just remove the leaves
  7. no comments from my side.. its just sad
  8. The black turtle is very nice! where did you get it? the turtle is a mystery turtle that was donated to the MWGB for their silent auction. Thanks, it really is lovely congratz
  9. nice. we will keep waiting!
  10. The black turtle is very nice! where did you get it?
  11. Thank You for your vote for: Monkey Jungle
  12. This is what I receive long time ago (sorry the delay I was on vacations) from Jackalgirl for her cointest that I won It was quite a surprise, from expecting a single coin price I receive a set of gifs a big thanks to Kat!
  13. damm as it states seems I cant do my version
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