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  1. damm didnt saw this one... will be any bag left?
  2. t@ndre


    congratz to the winner and thanks for the owner
  3. I think I can work out a deal with ya. CF30 Today I received the LE - Shiny Gold + Green, with a extra pathtag. Crowesfeat30 thank you very much for the deal. With these two versions I have now, I'm verry happy You are most welcome. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get my hands on one of those Antique Silver/Blue ones. That is my favorite version. If anyone has one available for trade or sale I would be very grateful. CF30 probably I will have, I will keep you updated
  4. is it this one? Don't know the actual name. New Zealand 2007? I just love this one!!
  5. it calls (in uk version) The Rooster from Barcelos The symbol has its genesis in the history of Barcelos. The city of Barcelos is located just east of Braga. Even though it is not on a major highway, it still is a good sized city. The legend of the Rooster is so old that no one knows for sure its real source. There are serveral versions of the legend. The version below came from post cards found in a tourist shop on the Ribeira in Porto. you can read more here http://www.portomission.com/Reference/Cult...DeBarcelos.html
  6. t@ndre, should you be interested in a trade when you'll get your order, I would be very happy to get one of these really cute coins sure, send me PM with trade list
  7. I will be applying for a lot, let me know afterwards if you are interested regarding the price.. i guess the problem is with the € is rising compared to $
  8. segue uma pergunta: imaginem que queria organizar um evento que decorresse um fim de semana todo, qual a solução? criar mini eventos do tipo manha sabado, tarde sabado, manha domingo, tarde domingo. Ou fará mais sentido criar um único evento e ter todos a logarem o mesmo mesmo aparecendo apenas um dia? PS: assim seria mais fácil chegar ao mega
  9. t@ndre


    FTF no desejo de umas felizes 5000 founds ao Prodrive já se vê a luz ao fundo
  10. I will see if I missed it..... Sorry I did miss it..... Netherlands I just love this one!
  11. thanks for bump this post.... how I know what I received!!! thanks for the sender
  12. depends if you have nice tengwars for me
  13. Wow tsun loved your words! Whenever you need courage emails I can be the first to send.. keep your awesome work!
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